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Traditional Priest Has Frightening Dream of Total Destruction in a 4 million population  city with Mexican architecture. San Francisco?

Warning of Chastisements
as given to a Traditional Catholic priest April - May, 2005

This is an expansion, in more detail, of the report of a conversation with a Traditional Catholic priest, who has been disturbed with dream - visions for a month about nuclear catastrophes and naturally occurring disasters, which he believes will be world-wide, as well as possible punishment for the United States. He says he comprehends the mystical voice of a young German-speaking child. She has told him " to privately reserve the Blessed Sacrament on the feast of Our Lady of Fatima" (May 13). [Note: St. Joseph was told by an angel in a dream to protect and take the Blessed Virgin as his wife. Matt. 1, 20.]

"Achtung ! Achtung ! " (Attention). Father saw a bright flash displaying the numbers 13 - 5 - 05 (European method of dating) as announced by the voice, "dreizehn, funf, null funf". Father said it could mean a disaster (earthquake, tsunami, etc.) some place in the world on the feast day of Our Lady of Fatima.

[Note: Our Lady’s appearance on May 13, 1917 to the three children of Fatima, Portugal, warned the world of God’s punishments for the 21st Century for the sins of man, if mankind does not amend its ways. These visits continued on the 13th of each month through October 13. The October date is extremely significant.]

Father stated he has never received supernatural visions or dreams and reported these occurrences to be extremely frightening and terrifying. Father humbly submitted he cannot prove these messages come from God. He has, moreover, been severely afflicted with much physical pain, suffering and torment for many years.

Beginning of nuclear catastrophes — final warnings
[ no specific dates given — up to and beyond October ]

The child spoke in her native German language which Father understood.
She said," Wir haben klein Zeit" (Time is short).

A series of four strategic nuclear fission bombings will occur as follows:

The first two will be of grassy areas which are uninhabited and desolate — places of wooded and green forestry. No location defined.

The third will be of farming areas similar to plains — flat lands containing no mountainous formations. No identification of a geographic location.

[God is allowing the above destruction as prelude to the next punishment if not mitigated by a change in man’s sinful actions and behavior. ]


The fourth will be a major chastisement of a large, populated and EVIL city with sky-scrapers and modern high-rise buildings. This city is in a warm climate, containing palm trees and side streets with buildings of modern, adobe Mexican architecture. [Note: This is not to place the city in Mexico, specifically.]

Father was shown a large, populated city, as above, then a flash of light brighter than the sun followed by a huge mushroom cloud. The city was completely destroyed in what he ascertained as approximately 3 seconds. Hundreds upon hundreds of miles were destroyed leaving nothing as far as the eye could see except for smoke, rubble and five or six dazed survivors walking about. An inner voice told him it was once a city of "vier millionen " (4 million) people. Everything was gone ! [Note: He said God would remove the most evil, sinful city in the world first. California was not named, but is suspect as it is the home of the ‘capital city’ and author of pornography, abortion and homosexuality.]

Father experienced extensive body - heat radiation pain from head-to-toe. His flesh felt as though he was on fire with his skin burning away. At this point, being extremely frightened and terrified by this outrageous dream - vision, he awoke and began screaming loudly. His neighbor came to his assistance. The hour of this intense vision was 3:00 A.M., also the hour of the Divine Mercy. He immediately consumed holy water and, due to the severe dehydration effect, hurriedly drank five glasses of water for relief. Father felt as though he would be the victim of stroke or heart attack and die.

It should be noted Father was not given names of countries, states, locales or cities. Because he is an American, it would certainly seem God alerted Father our country may be punished for the grave sins of abortion, homosexuality, euthanasia and pornography which all occur in staggering numbers daily and offend Him most grievously. God, however, PROTECTS His elect and those who listen under His grace.

[Note: Sister Lucia dos Santos, last seer of Fatima. Her death (2 / 13 / 05) may signal the time of God’s punishments.]

Watch and pray — Pray the Rosary daily
Pray to God for mitigation

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