On August 4, 1961 Stanley Anne Dunham and Barack Hussein Obama Senior her husband were accompanied by Obama’s mother Sarah Obama at a week-long Muslim festival in Mombasa in the British Protectorate of East Africa which became part of a new nation of Kenya in 1963. It was a hot summer day so they decided to go to the Mombasa Beach where Anne Dunham triggered labor pains by swimming in the ocean. Anne was rushed to Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa where her baby was born at 7:24pm delivered by Doctor James O.W. Ang’awa. The Supervisor of Obstetrics was Doctor John Kwame Odongo. The hospital Muslim prayer leader named the baby Hussein. The baby was 7 pounds, 1 ounce, 18 inches in length and 6 inches width between the shoulders. On August 5, 1961 the father Barack Senior registered the birth with E.F. Lavender, a British registrar for Mombasa. The baby was named Barack Hussein Obama II or Barack Obama Junior or Barack Obama the second so current mass media is not reporting Junior’s proper name. Mother had been refused entry to airplanes because of her pregnancy so stayed longer than she anticipated.

On August 8, 1961, Anne Dunham drove 240 miles to Nairobi airport with Barack Junior and flew on a BOAC British Airways plane to Honolulu, Hawaii. Picture of Barack, his mother Ann Dunham and grandmother Sarah Obama at Obama compound east of Nairobi on their way to the airport August 8, 1961.

On August 12, 1961, Anne Dunham completed a Certificate of Birth in Honolulu listing her parents address on the certificate. No hospital listed. IN USA all births are registered by hospitals and not by mothers. Anne Dunham was an atheist so her lying about Barack’s place of birth did not bother her. The registrar placed notices of the birth in some local newspapers. She then left Barack with her parents and started college in Seattle, Washington which lasted only a semester. Certificates of birth in Hawaii are not birth certificates. Anyone who was born outside Hawaii may be registered on a Certificate of Birth to make easier obtaining driver's licenses, school entry and other situations where birth records are needed. Many Hawaiians were born in Japan with a different alphabet so the Certificate of Birth made easier Japanese obtaining drivers licenses and school entry. 

Eventually Barack Senior won a scholarship to Harvard University and left his wife and Junior in Honolulu but he married another woman. Anne met a Mr. Soetoro and eventually married him and they all moved to Indonesia with Barack Junior who was enrolled in a Catholic school but took Muslim instruction as Indonesia does not allow Muslims to be taught religion by non-Muslims. Anne worked for Tim Geithner’s father in Jakarta for the Ford Foundation and Barack Jr. transferred to a diplomat's school in Jakarta. At age 10 Barack Jr. was sent back to Hawaii and was enrolled in an exclusive private academy while living with his white grandparents. Barack’s father visited him once but Junior did not enjoy the visit. At age 18 in 1979, Barack Junior was enrolled in Occidental University in Los Angeles ten miles NE of downtown Los Angeles and became a CIA agent in 1980 as he spoke Arabic and was a Muslim. He felt uncomfortable there and took many drugs. At some point he discovered he was gay which revealed itself later in Chicago’s Trinity Church of Rev. Jeremiah Wright where the gay boyfriend choirmaster and two other gay boyfriends were shot to death in late 2007 and early 2008. One boyfriend, Larry Sinclair, is alive and testifies that in 1999 Barack Obama and he were sex and drug partners. Barack on occasion was summoned by the Trinity Church to meet visitors flying in to Chicago. Obama would pick them up and arrange any sex or drug favors the visitors requested.

Barack Jr. in 1981 was summoned by the former Secretary of State under President Carter, Zbiegniew Brzezinski now a CIA agent and professor of communist studies at Columbia University in New York City. Since Barack had very low marks at Occidental University by his own admission, he could not be admitted to Columbia University, an Ivy League School so was placed in their foreign student program and shipped off to Moscow, Russia via Karachi, Pakistan change of planes. Barack attended Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow 1981-1983 which is a college for third world potential communist leaders. In 1992, the Russian Academy of Sciences boasted that they had trained Barack Obama Jr to be a communist and atheist and that America would fall in love with him and make easier the triumph of communism. Barack graduated in 1983 with a bachelor degree in Marxism and a minor in Atheism.

Barack was then assigned in 1983 by the CIA to be the lead CIA liaison for arms supply and money with the Taliban in Karachi, Pakistan as they were fighting the Soviets in Afghanistan. Obama is fluent in Arabic and can say the Muslim prayer at sunset in Arabic which made it easier for Barack to deal with the Taliban. By the time the Soviets began leaving Kabul on May 15, 1988 Barack had returned to the United States. He held a few jobs with CIA front companies in New York which involved contact with foreign sources. In 1988 the CIA arranged for Barack Obama to attend Harvard Law School where he supposedly excelled and supposedly was elected president of the celebrated Harvard Law School. Obama paid $2 million to lawyers to seal all his school records so we have no proof he ever did any of his supposed exploits at Harvard. After Harvard, Obama was hired as a community organizer in a poor section of Chicago and had an office in a Catholic Church there. He met his wife, Michele at a law firm there as she was assigned to train Barack. She was his first girl friend. They have had two girls. The second child is named Natasha which is the most popular girl’s name in Russia where he attended college 1981-83. Natasha’s nickname is Sasha and her sister is Malia and they were born in Chicago, Illinois so are citizens unlike their father who is an illegal alien as he never bothered to become naturalized after his Mombasa, Kenyan birth.

Barack Hussein Obama II is a very dangerous man. He states he wants a total transformation of the USA. He states that the US Constitution only gives negative rights but no positive rights such as the equal distribution of all US incomes and property which is communism or socialism. Obama has raised the national Debt to over $16.5 trillion which is a trillion more than our entire nation’s Gross Domestic Product or GDP. His Democrat Congress has not passed a budget in over 4 years. The Government is run by continuing resolutions giving them power to spend for a few months at a time on a budget prepared in 2009 with a $1.6 trillion deficit yearly. Now that he has been re-elected there is a strong likelihood that the dollar will collapse which is planned by CFR of David Rockefeller. The dollar will be replaced by the Amero which has been minted at the Denver Mint. This new money will be used by a new national government consisting of Mexico, Canada and the USA similar to the Euro serving the European Union. A new Constitution will be prepared for the NAFTA new nation, all borders will be erased. Russia is building a railroad to Alaska which has reached Yakutsk, Siberia and now on to Magadan, Anadyr and Uelen within a few years where a tunnel will be built over the two Diomede Islands in two 40km and one 25 km segments. In Alaska a rail line will be built 500 miles to connect to Canadian rail lines which will enable trade and travel from Scotland to Argentina. Oil and natural gas lines will be adjacent to the rail lines so that USA can have enough energy as Democrats have stopped all drilling on public lands for gas and oil in USA as they demand electric cars and windmills to make electricity.

There is a possibility elections will be abolished in the new NAFTA constitution and Obama will be appointed by the Council of Foreign Relations Politburo as president to serve for life similar to the popes and royals who serve for life. Churches will be controlled by the Federal government who will appoint all bishops and senior clergy as is done in England. Beliefs will be controlled by a Czar of Religious Affairs as in China which has its patriotic church competing with the Catholic Church loyal to Rome. Dissenters will be sent to FEMA prison camps. Income tax for wealthy will return to 70% as it was beginning with President Franklin Roosevelt in 1933 until President Reagan in 1981. The economy will come to a halt as very few will be working, crime will be rampant, bartering for your food will be necessary, corruption in the government will reach third world levels, abortions will be common as will promiscuity in the population and in the mass media. Working under the table to avoid taxes will become the norm. Immigration will sky rocket from poor nations all over the globe to create new voters for the Democrat party which will control the new Congress. A minority will become very religious but most of population will have no religion. The new Super Hero will be the president who will be praised by all. He is our Entertainer-In-Chief as Americans have a lust for entertainment. Those who dissent from praising the president will be arrested and thrown in the FEMA camps for re-education classes for 2 years. Russia will invade USA utilizing the manpower of China and conquer most of the nation except for the Northeast from Washington to Boston as that is where most leftists live. Eventually, George Washington saw in a vision the people rose up and drove out the Chinese and Russians and the USA Constitution was restored, new elections held and Obama arrested and put on trial for treason and perjury in a military trial as he was the commander-in-chief. As of now Obama is imitating Stalin who in 1937 arrested all his generals. So far Obama has ruined 5 generals on various charges such as sex, using planes for personal travel and other charges. Potential new generals are asked if they would be willing to order his troops to shoot Americans. If they say no, they are not chosen to be a general so note any new generals as they may have said yes to shooting Americans.

THE OBAMA BODY COUNT is 3 gay lovers and 2 politicians in Chicago & 1 State Dept. employee.

A black State Dept. employee was murdered after he revealed he had cleansed all passport and other files on Barack Obama of his Kenyan birth and CIA agent work and college studies in Russia and Pakistan. Published in American Free Press and  Barack H. Obama, The Unauthorized Biography by Webster G. Tarpley. There were other mysterious deaths of Obama's gay lovers related to Trinity United Church and the surrounding area. Two other young black men who attended the same church---Larry Bland and Nate Spencer---also died within 40 days of each other, beginning in September 2007. Nate Spencer was a member of the TUCC Sanctuary Choir; his funeral was Monday Jan. 7, 2008. All three were openly homosexual. Larry Sinclair stated in sworn affidavits  that Obama is a closet bisexual with whom he had several sexual and drug-related encounters in November 1999. Sinclair also claimed that Obama was personally acquainted with Donald Young who contacted Sinclair shortly before being murdered by multiple gunshot wounds on Dec. 23, 2007. Young and Nate Spencer were murdered within a few days of each other which indicates a hit man had been hired by the men behind Obama to protect his reputation. Donald Young revealed to Sinclair that he and Obama were intimate with each other. Thus, the Trinity Church body count was three, Larry Bland, Nate Spencer and Donald Young all homosexuals. More deaths were John Stroger and his godson Orlando Jones, a partner of Tony Rezko who died Jan. 18, 2008 and Sept. 2007 after Obama pointedly drove Stroger off the Cook County Board election ballot to reelect him as Board president. Larry Sinclair gave a press conference June 18, 2008 at the National Press Club detailing Obama's gay sex and drug habits but was arrested similar to a Russian KGB operation. Bill Ayers is another gay friend of Obama and said he wrote Dreams From My Father for Obama who gets royalties for the book and helped him get started in politics from his living room.

President Obama's birth record issued in 1964 on next page. Kenya Starts Life As Nation Today .
The Deseret News - Dec 11, 1963


Obama told George Stephanopoulos & Egyptian Foreign Minister that he is a Muslim (Sunni).

Nairobi Standard, Kenya newspaper above states that Obama is Kenyan born.



  The Kenyan Parliament 11/05/2008 celebrates election of a Kenyan as US president. Minutes of Kenyan Parliament show that the Obama celebration prevented proper conduct of Kenyan Parliament business. Proceedings of Parliament displayed next.


Letter from the Archbishop of Miami refers to the HHS MANDATE by Obama that he does not believe in the first amendment of our

Constitution that states: "Congress shall make no law respecting an establishment of religion, or prohibiting  the free exercise thereof;"

 Obama has directed that a religious body is defined as a church building that only serves its own members. If it serves other religions

it is not a religion. Thus, Obama has ordered that all Christians including Catholic Hospitals and Colleges are not covered by the

religious liberty clause and must provide their workers and students  with insurance that covers free sterilizations, free abortion inducing pills

and free contraceptives. Courts may strike down the mandate but it is still law as of now. The Archbishop said that we cannot nor will

we obey Obama who has issued a totally incorrect decree. US Senator Rand Paul said it best: "We fought and conquered the English

because we do not want to obey a King." Obama thinks he is a King and can order anything he wishes. He does not attend regularly

any church or mosque so religion does not matter to him as he plays golf on Sundays.

Obama was caught whispering to Russian President Medvedev that he will have more flexibility after the election to agree to Russian demands.

President Medvedev said he will tell Vladimir (President Putin). The video is on if you want to view it. Russians demanded in 2009

that Obama destroy the US anti-missile shield in the Czech Republic so Obama had it dismantled. Now Russia wants the anti-missile shield in

Romania destroyed but Obama may not dare to do so since he was caught whispering to President Medvedev. A member of the Russian Academy

of Sciences in 1992 boasted they they had trained Obama to be a communist and atheist and that he was a true Soviet, one of us and that America

will fall in love with him and make easier the triumph of communism.  We have Comrade Obama in the White House, a Russian plant.

Arizona Sheriff Joe Arpaio says Barack Obama's birth certificate is a forgery. Arpaio says numeric codes on parts of the birth certificate indicate that those parts weren't filled out originally, but now have been completed.

Maricopa County Sheriff Joe Arpaio held a press conference in Phoenix to say that President Obama's birth certificate, as presented by the White House in April 2011, is a forgery based on an investigation by the Sheriff's office. Obama campaign declined to comment on Arpaio's allegations. Fake birth record below, a forgery.

There are mistakes on this certificate. Father is listed as African instead of Negro. His father is listed as being born in Kenya, East Africa which did not exist at that time. It was called British Protectorate of East Africa in 1961. Kenya came into being in 1963.  Obama was really born at Coast Province General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya August 4, 1961. Obama's father was born in Kanyadhiang Village, Nyanza not Kenya, East Africa which did not exist in 1961. Lies always catch up with liars as Obama has pulled off the biggest con job in US History fooling 70 million clueless low information voters into voting for a Kenyan Communist for president. Russians are delirious with laughter knowing they have taken over US White House without firing a shot just as Nikita Kruchshev had predicted. "We will take over the United States without firing a shot". Russians are smarter than Americans as chess games reveal.


In this radio interview about his thirty year old memory, Bancroft recounts Obama’s admission. Bancroft was a member of the U.S. Marine Corps at the time and met Obama in the vicinity of Kalakaua Blvd., one evening in early August of 1980.

Bancroft has published the account of his personal meeting with the then Barry Soetero online at the Gathering of the Eagles Blog.

Bancroft writes in his essay:

He also told me something that I never forgot, for it caused me to do some other things in an effort to be nice to him and possibly a favor. We spoke of where I had been and the world as I saw it. I told him I had been to Africa , Mombassa specifically, and he said to me abruptly, “I was born there.” I told him he is not eligible to be president if that was true, but I remembered he said his mom was an American, so, maybe it was okay. But it was what I did after that makes this a true memory: I went back to the barracks and told others of this guy and suggested we all grab our photo albums and visit him again and show him pictures of Mombassa so he could see where he was from.

No one wanted to go, and at that time, my camera had failed me weeks before we hit Mombassa and it was late August or early September until I had borrowed someone else’s pictures to develop myself so I had copies of where I was. But I never forgot meeting that man for those reasons. I was going to do him a favor and show him his home country of birth. And I never went back for some reason, most likely I forgot to or just felt that a one time chance encounter would be meaningless to both of us and didn’t mean we were friends.

While I cannot swear it was Barak Obama, all the details I do remember of that chance encounter fit the profile of the man who some people claim is born in Kenya and others claim he was born in Hawaii . The man I met was about 18, thin, Mulatto, told me he was born in Mombassa, raised overseas, was living in Hawaii and hadn’t yet been to many places in the world outside of those places, mostly, hadn’t been to the mainland of America for any long time period if at all. And he openly told me he wanted to be President.

And I remember that face, the face of a young man who sat on a table to my right front, his hands resting on the edge of the table, him leaning forward, his smile, all teeth. It was Barak Obama. I don’t know if I’d bet my life on it, but I am willing to tell people openly at the risk of my ridicule. I was there, and saw him, spoke to him, and he openly told me he was born in Mombassa, Kenya, not Hawaii .

Brief Biography; Barack Hussein Obama II,

Sunni Muslim, Born in Mombasa, British Protectorate of East Africa August 4, 1961. Now is Kenya as of Dec. 1963.

Raised in Hawaii 1961-1967, Jakarta, Indonesia 1967-1971. Attended Occidental Univ, Los Angeles 1979-81. C student.

Became CIA agent 1980. 1981 entered foreign student program of Columbia Univ run by CIA professor Zbiegniew Brzezinski former Sec. of State under Carter. Sent to study in Moscow, USSR 1981-83 and received a BA degree in Marxism. Minor in Atheism from Patrice Lumumba University run by the Russian Academy of Sciences.

1983 became CIA liaison in Karachi and Kabul dealing with Taliban fighting USSR. 1988-91. attended Harvard Law in Cambridge, MA.

Languages spoken fluently: Russian, Indonesian, Arabic, English with a teleprompter. Daughters Malia and Natasha (Russian name). Nickname is Sasha..

Jan.20, 2009 to present.  USA president.

President Obama is a Sunni Muslim which is why he is trying to install Sunni Muslims in power in Middle Eastern nations. He has succeeded in Egypt, Libya, Tunisia, Yemen and now is trying to overthrow Alawite Muslim Bashar-al-Assad, president of Syria who protects the 10% Christians in Syria. Americans are clueless as usual.


A recent ballot challenge hearing in New Jersey exposes a desperate strategy by Obama to distance himself from his forged certificate and induce the contrived value of his transient political popularity as the only “legitimate qualification” needed to hold the office of the presidency.

By Dan Crosby of THE DAILY PEN
Editor: Penbrook Johannson

Thursday, April 12, 2012

NEW YORK, NY – After a Maricopa County law enforcement agency conducted a six-month forensic examination which determined that the image of Obama’s alleged 1961 Certificate of Live Birth posted to a government website in April, 2011 is a digital fabrication and that it did not originate from a genuine paper document, arguments from an Obama eligibility lawyer during a recent New Jersey ballot challenge hearing reveals the image was not only a fabrication, but that it was likely part of a contrived plot by counterfeiters to endow Obama with mere political support while simultaneously making the image intentionally appear absurd and, therefore, invalid as evidence toward proving Obama’s ineligibility in a court of law.

Taking an audacious and shocking angle against the constitutional eligibility mandate, Obama’s lawyer, Alexandra Hill, admitted that the image of Obama’s birth certificate was a forgery and made the absurd claim that, therefore, it cannot be used as evidence to confirm his lack of natural born citizenship status. Therefore, she argued, it is “irrelevant to his placement on the ballot”.

Hill went on to contort reasoning by implying that Obama needs only invoke his political popularity, not legal qualifications, in order to be a candidate.

At the hearing, attorney for the plaintiffs, Mario Apuzzo, correctly argued that Obama, under the Constitution, has to be a “natural born Citizen” and that he has not met his burden of showing that he is eligible to be on the New Jersey primary ballot by showing that he is indeed a “natural born Citizen.” He argued that Obama has shown no authenticate evidence to the New Jersey Secretary of State demonstrating who he is and that he was born in the United States. Apuzzo also argued that as a matter of law, Obama is not a “natural born Citizen” because he was born to a father who was not a U.S. citizen.

As Obama’s legal argument becomes more contorted, he is being forced to avoid an ever shrinking legal space, and an increasing weight, of his failure to meet constitutional eligibility requirements. 

Hill, of Genova, Burn & Giantomasi Attorneys in Newark, made a desperate motion to dismiss the ballot objection arguing that Obama’s lack of natural-born citizenship status was not relevant to being placed on the New Jersey presidential ballot because no law exists in New Jersey which says that a candidate’s appearance on the ballot must be supported by evidence of natural born citizenship status. Only the U.S. constitution restricts eligibility to hold the office of president to natural born citizens.

Judge Masin denied the motion to dismiss and the case proceeded to trial.

“Sadly, regardless of her moral deficiency, Hill is legally justified,” says TDP Editor, Penbrook Johannson, “Obama’s eligibility is a separate matter than the charges of forgery and fraud. Of course, we have evidence that he is not eligible. But, evidence of forgery by as yet unidentified counterfeiters working on behalf of Obama is not what legally excludes Obama from appearing on a ballot, by itself, until some authority is willing to consider this as evidence of forgery on its merit as an indication of actual ineligibility in a court of legal authority. Until some court of competent jurisdiction is willing to hear evidence of forgery and fraud, you can’t legally punish a political candidate for that crime which has not been proven that they committed. However, since Obama is not eligible because of a lack of authenticated evidence to the contrary, he could be held off the ballot for that reason.”

According to Johannson, there is an overwhelming level of moral certainty that Obama is a usurper, but until a court with jurisdiction considers this case, Obama’s status as a legitimate president is in limbo.

“He does not exist as a president except in the imagination of those who blindly support him. Whereas he is politically desired by a transient consensus, his legality is unresolved until a responsible court makes a determination. This is the essence of our crisis. Our nation exists in a state of non-authorized identity. Obama is just some guy calling himself a president and living in the White House without the confirmative authority to do so.”

Obama’s document forgery and fraudulent presidency have now forced him to flee to a “strange twilight zone” between political popularity and legal legitimacy where poorly counterfeited records are apparently allowed to be published by Obama using government media resources for political purposes, yet those same records are held by the courts as irrelevant for determining Obama’s legal eligibility status because they are, according to judges, “so poorly forged” they are obviously meant to be satirical and not to be taken seriously as evidence.

Shockingly, parting from widespread public ignorance, Hill actually acknowledged two of the three necessary components of determining natural born citizenship as being place of birth and citizenship status of both parents. However, she argued that, “No law in New Jersey obligated him (Obama) to produce any such evidence in order to get on the primary ballot.”

The third component of natural born eligibility is maintenance of natural born citizenship status from birth to election without interruption, involuntarily or voluntarily, due to expatriation, extradition, renouncement or foreign adoption.

“Obama is mocking our constitution,” says Johannson, “His position is that he never claimed the image was an indication of his natural born status, just that it was information about his birth. Whether it is forged or authentic is irrelevant to Obama because plausible deniability affords him the security in knowing that no legal authority is willing to hang him with it.”

Of course, Johannson adds that it makes Obama look like a willing accomplice and a liar, but, he says, “…show me a politician who cares about being seen as a liar by the public. If people who support him want to vote for a person like that, it reveals more about the reprobate character of Obama supporters than competency of any legal determination about his lack of constitutional eligibility. Degenerates will vote for a degenerate while patriots will exhaust all civil means to remove him…until those civil means are exhausted. Then things get ugly for government.”

“However, Hill is also essentially admitting that Obama is not a legitimate president and that Obama believes that his illegitimacy does not matter to his legal ability to hold the office. Obama holds to a political tenet, not a legal one with respect to his views on his eligibility. That’s what corrupt, criminal politicians do. When the law convicts them, they run to public favorability for shelter with the hope that their supporters will apply pressure to disregard law in their case.”

Obama is now arguing that because he is politically popular, as he points to as being indicated by his so-called ‘election’, despite accusations of eligibility fraud and election fraud, the constitutional eligibility mandate is not relevant, in his view. Until a courageous authority is willing to disagree and hold Obama to an equally weighted legal standard, civil remedies for the Obama problem are limited.

Johannson adds that Obama is making the same argument on behalf of Obamacare.

“If he had the gall to actually tell the Supreme Court that they have no authority to determine the unconstitutionality of his illegitimate policies, what makes anyone think he believes they have the authority to disqualify him due to his lack of constitutional eligibility? Obama believes he holds preeminent power over all branches of government because of his delusions of political grandeur.”

He correctly points to a lifetime pattern of behavior and testimony by Obama which indicates a complete lack of regard for the U.S. Constitution when it restricts Obama’s political agenda and lust for power.

“This is a guy who illegally defaced public property when he scribed his aspirations to be ‘king’ in a concrete sidewalk at the age of ten, for God’s sake. Now, his ‘majesty’ wants to put his illegal ‘graffiti’ into American law books. However, his problem is that he has to face the fact that he is an abject failure in his capacity to meet any standard required by the 250-year-old U.S. Constitution, in everything he tries to do. The Constitution owns him and he can’t stand it. He hates it. Therefore, instead of admitting his lack of constitutionality, he simply breaks the rules and proceeds to illegally scribe his fake authority on everything until someone is willing to physically stop him. Obama is not just an illegitimate politician, he is a rogue outlaw without regard for the divine providence of American law.”

Apuzzo submitted that New Jersey law requires Obama to show evidence that he is qualified for the office he wishes to occupy and that includes showing that he is a “natural born Citizen,” which includes presenting evidence of who he is, where he was born, and that he was born to two U.S. citizen parents. Apuzzo added that the Secretary of State has a constitutional obligation not to place any ineligible candidates on the election ballot.

The account of the trial can be read at:

http://www.teapartytribune. com/2012/04/11/nj-ballot- access-challenge-hearing- update/

What is it about twin girls born day after Obama?

Posted: April 27, 2011
9:58 pm Eastern

© 2011 WorldNetDaily


Today, Barack Obama blinked – releasing birth records he has hired lawyers to prevent the public from seeing, even at the expense of allowing U.S. Army Lt. Col. Terrence Lakin to be court-martialed and sent to prison for having dared ask questions the White House until now has resolutely dismissed with ridicule and disdain.

A key problem for Obama is that birth certificates issued to twin girls born one

day later at Kapi'olani hospital, the Nordykes, are the Rosetta Stone of deciphering both Obama's previously released short-form Certification of Live Birth and the newly released purported copy of his long-form birth certificate.

The problem since the short-form certificate was released during the 2008 presidential campaign has always been this:

In 1961, the birth certificate numbers were not assigned by the hospitals.

Instead, the numbers were stamped to the birth record by the Hawaii Department of Health at the main office in Honolulu.

This is the only place birth certificate numbers were assigned.

At the last step of the process, the documents were accepted by the registrar general, with the date of registration inserted in box No. 22 on the lower right hand corner of the long-form birth certificate.

The date the birth document was accepted by the registrar general was the date the birth certificate number was stamped on the birth record.

The birth certificate number was stamped on the form by a rubber stamp that automatically increased by one each time a birth certificate was stamped.

The question, therefore, is how was it possible that the Nordyke twins had their birth certificates accepted by the registrar general in Hawaii three days later than the registrar general accepted Obama's birth certificate, when the twins' numbers are lower than Obama's number?

Eleanor Nordyke has speculated that her twins received an earlier birth certificate number because, although she gave birth later than Ann Dunham, she entered Kapi'olani earlier.

Yet, in 1961, birth certificate numbers were not assigned by the hospital, and the date the mother checked into the medical facility was irrelevant to how birth certificate numbers were assigned.

Moreover, no records for Dunham having been a patient at Kapi'olani in 1961, or of Obama having been born at the hospital on Aug. 4, 1961, have been released by the hospital.

Now that President Obama has personally vouched for the authenticity of the birth certificate the White House released today, he can reasonably be asked to authorize Kapi'olani Medical Center to release any and all medical records the hospital may hold for his mother and Barack Obama Sr., his listed father.

The debate over Obama's eligibility to be president has truly only just begun, with Obama's status having changed overnight from a bemused observer to a full-contact participant.

Two weeks before the publication of my book "Where's the Birth Certificate?" the effort to document Obama's past has begun in earnest.

Fundamentally, the world changed for Barack Obama this morning, not just in increasing pressure for the release of the many hidden documents about his past, but in the inescapable reality that the White House must defend this newly released birth certificate as authentic.

Before today, Obama may have attempted to explain away problems with the short-form Certification of Live Birth as the work of his supporters.

Before today, the president largely remained above the fray. Now, he has fully engaged in the presentation and defense of his birth records and his status as a "natural born citizen" under Article 2, Section 1 of the Constitution.

Obama's presidency now depends upon the White House being able to support the veracity of all the information contained in the birth document released yesterday morning.

In the final analysis, proof that the document is an authentic Obama birth record will await forensic examination.

Jerome R. Corsi, a Harvard Ph.D., has authored many books, including No. 1 N.Y. Times best-sellers "The Obama Nation"  "Unfit for Command." and "Where's The Birth Certificate?" Along with serving as WND's senior staff reporter, Corsi is a senior managing director at Gilford Securities.

Gilford Securities, founded in 1979, is a full-service boutique investment firm headquartered in NYC providing financial services to institutional and retail clients, from investment banking and equity research to retirement planning and wealth management. The views, opinions, positions or strategies of the author are his alone, and do not necessarily reflect those of Gilford Securities. Gilford Securities makes no representations as to accuracy, completeness, currentness, suitability or validity of any information herein and will not be liable for any errors, omissions, or delays in this information or any losses, injuries, or damages arising from its display or use.

Is Obama a socialist?

April 7, 2010 - 15:08 ET

The claim: No proof Barack Obama is a socialist

The response:

Barack Obama Sr. (Dad)

*Communist who saw nothing wrong with government 'taxing 100%' so long as the people got benefits...
  - Obama Sr. on socialism (Link)
  - Overview of the paper (Link)
*Harvard educated economist
*Nairobi bureaucrat who advised government to 'redistribute' income through higher taxes
*Demonized corporations
*Abandoned Barack Obama Jr. when he was 2 years old to continue at Harvard (teaching son that ideology is more important than family)

Stanley Ann Dunham (Mom)

*Communist sympathizer
*Practiced 'critical theory' (aka Marxism)
*Influenced by Nietzsche and Freud
*Left Hawaii for Indonesia, Pakistan
*Attended a leftist church nicknamed the 'little red church' because of its Communist sympathies
*Left Barack Obama Jr.


*Barack's grandparents introduced Barack Obama Jr. to poet and communist Frank Marshall Davis (Link)
*Davis becomes a mentor as young Barack struggled with abandonment by parents

College & Church

*Admittedly sought out 'Marxist' professors (Link)
*Admittedly attended 'socialist conferences' (Link)
*Began attending a Marxist church - led by pastor Jeremiah Wright (attended for 20 years) (Link)


*Tragedy of the Warren Court: No redistributive change (Link)
*Voted for TARP (Link)
*$787 billion stimulus redistribution bill
*Healthcare bill admittedly about 'redistributing the wealth'
*Single Payer Healthcare proponent (Link)
*President Obama now also President of GM & Chrysler
*President Obama seizes control of insurance giant AIG
*President Obama is leading America to single payer healthcare
*President Obama seized control of Student Loan industry in order to 'cut out middle man'
*President Obama seizes control in massive land grabs
*Repeatedly vilifies 'the rich'
*Obama believes race problems can be solved through redistribution of wealth... he said "race is still an enormous factor in our society. But economics can overcome a lot of racial division."
*Trying to regulate the Internet via FCC
*Forces mortgage co's to cover people who aren't paying mortgage (Link)
*Extends unemployment benefits to 99 weeks (Link)
*Told Joe the plumber 'it's better when you spread things around' (Link)

Family, Friends, Advisors & Administration

*Wife Michelle Obama said “The truth is, in order to get things like universal health care and a revamped education system, then someone is going to have to give up a piece of their pie so that someone else can have more.”
*Jim Wallis, Obama's spiritual advisor & forced redistribution of wealth advocate
*Van Jones, disgraced Green Jobs Czar & Communist
*Ron Bloom, Manufacturing Czar & anti-free market
*John Holdren, pro-redistribution of wealth
*Andy Stern, SEIU President & redistribution of wealth fan
*Anita Dunn, fan of Chairman Mao
*Mark Lloyd, FCC 'Diversity Czar'
*Carol Browner, socialist
*Robert Creamer, socialist

Obama Chosen by the Russians 20 Years Ago
Tom Fife, an American physicist and businessman was at a gathering in Moscow in February 1992 when an ethnic comment made about Russians angered a female KGB agent in attendance and caused her to unveil threatening secrets about an upcoming U.S. president. 
As he relayed on Jeff Nyquist in February of this year, he and two others were in Moscow for a joint venture with a leading scientist from a Russian science academy, after which time they were invited to a going away dinner hosted by the scientist and his wife who was an agent for the Russian Communist Party. In the course of their conversation one of the Americans expressed his surprise over the influx of Mongol peoples in Russia reflected in their Mongol features, to which the hostess took offense (seeing their pure breed superiority slighted) and retorted that it is we Americans who have all the ethnic diversity and division, citing our riots and racial history, etc.
She went on to say that the U.S. would soon receive a "black president" who was already chosen, and said that he had been "well groomed" by the Soviets to be "irresistible" to the American people.
One of the guests exclaimed, “It sounds like you know something we don’t know." 

“Yes, it is true,” she replied. “This is not some idle talk. He is already born, and he is educated and being groomed to be president right now. Have no doubt: he is one of us.”
She described him as "a Communist" whose father was a black African and whose mother was white. “It’s all been thought out. His father is not an American black, so he won’t have that social slave stigma. He is intelligent and he is half white and has been raised from the cradle to be an atheist and a communist. He’s gone to the finest schools. He is being guided every step of the way and he will be irresistible to America.”
She rattled off a complete litany on their protege, stating that he was from Hawaii and that he had been schooled in New York and California with his current (1992) residence in Chicago. She called him the "chocolate baby" because of his mixed ethnicity and said that his name was Barack.
Fife responded by saying that he believed the word barack in Arabic meant blessing, to which she emphatically agreed, stating that this black man would be a blessing for  world communism. She explained that the only remaining obstacle for the advance of global communism was the United States and said that he will be the instrument to convert America over to communist ways (change) so that the cause of communism can finally flourish worldwide without further hindrance from capitalism.
Fife was somewhat taken by her discourse which he found convincing and indisputable. What impressed him more than anything else was not so much what she said as the assuredness in which she spoke and described her as an authority on the subject who spoke with command. Though some of the Russians in attendance cleared their throat and made little signs for her to hush they dared not to interrupt her discourse as if she had an air of "power" about her.
Thankfully her vanity got the better of her so that her greatest enemy, America, could know the truth.
It only behooves Americans to capitalize on the truth and spread it around since "The truth will make you free." (John 8:32) The enemy banks on our apathy and remissness to achieve their new order of global enslavement, so why give them their way?
The communists in the Kremlin roar with laughter that Americans have fallen prey to their pacifist fairytale that communism died in the early nineties. This was only a ruse to throw us off in the advent of a coming Red assault. As they finalize their plan for world conquest they don't want the world to suspect what they're about to do, so the bear is simply playing dead in keeping with Lenin's strategy: "When you're strong, feign weakness."
If Russia were less powerful they would not be able to exert such power over the western mind that would have us believe something so utterly ridiculous and unfounded. Their success depends on our fall to their media hypnosis which is why America must wake up and spread the truth while we still have the time to do so. 
David Martin
Our Lady's Workers of Southern California

You're forged! Trump declares Obama's birth certificate fake

'I always said I wanted to know if it was real'

Posted: May 25, 2011
8:25 pm Eastern

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Donald Trump

Billionaire businessman Donald Trump, who staged a weeks-long public campaign questioning Barack Obama's eligibility to be president during March and April – and rose to the top of the pool of potential candidates for the 2012 GOP nomination then as a result – says he believes the "birth certificate" released by the White House is forged.

His comments came yesterday in a telephone call to WND senior reporter Jerome Corsi, Ph.D., who is appearing on wall-to-wall radio programs – between 10 and 20 per day – to respond to questions about his latest best-seller, "Where's the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama is Not Eligible to be President."

Trump asked Corsi about the book, its evidence and what is happening next in the effort to document whether Obama is, in fact, constitutionally qualified for the presidency under Article 2, Section 1's "natural born citizen" requirement.

Get the inside details on what could be the most serious constitutional crisis in modern history, in "Where's the Birth Certificate? The Case That Barack Obama is Not Eligible to be President."

Trump said his period of almost-complete silence on the issue following the release by the White House on April 27 of the image of a "Certificate of Live Birth" from the state of Hawaii was not because he was satisfied with the document

"I always said I wanted to know if it was real," Trump told Corsi.

The image has been challenged by a number of experts in the field, and the original, of course, has yet to be seen, much less analyzed.

The state of Hawaii said it inserted "safety paper" into a copy machine and copied onto the new paper the original image from its state records. However, state officials were unwilling to confirm to WND after the image was released that what was issued by the White House was, in fact, an accurate representation of their original records.

During their conversation, Trump told Corsi his own computer expert told him at the release that it was a computer-generated document.

That opinion has been repeated many times, and WND has reported on a few of the objections that have been raised by various experts: