Long-form pdf link.

Photoshop expert and author of more than 17 books on computer graphics Mara Z. sent this in:
This is so maddening to listen to the media on this recent revelation… it’s such an obvious fake.

(Click on image for larger view)

Look at the attached JPG… (which shows what you will see when opening the PDF in Illustrator and how to get there)… but to recap… if you open the PDF in Illustrator (instead of Photoshop) – Select the entire document and go to the Object menu and choose Clipping Mask > Release. Repeat as necessary until all clipping masks are released. Also open the Layer and turn off the visibility of each clipping group and you can see all the numerous places in which information was added (edited) into the form.

Lastly, look at the attached 1961 sample image found on the Internet of a legitimate 1961 Hawaii Birth Certificate (which someone posted to show what a real certificate would look like from that year in Hawaii)… look at the marks on this Internet version and you can see this was the template for Obama’s BC handiwork. The handwriting is exactly the same between posted Internet image and Obama’s fake version — the placement of boxes and marks are in the exact same position, dates are where the modified clipping masks occur to adjust dates to fit for Obama, but the handwriting of dates match (except for the clipping mask changes). Even the Cert. number is only off by the last two digits (which…you guessed it… happens to be a clipping mask layer).

Finally, also wanted to make the point that regardless of where Obama is born, he’s still not a Natural Born Citizen since both parents were not born on U.S. soil but I won’t hold my breath waiting for the media to educate the public on this fact.

More doubt… Another graphics designer reported it was a fake.

UPDATE: Another expert John G. sent in these comments and this image:
(Click to Enlarge)

I have been using Adobe Illustrator since the original version (Illustrator 88) came out in 1988.
I have attached a few Illustrator files that I believe will provide evidence that I am indeed an illustrator expert. I can send out the original files if you wish.

The comments made by Mara Z are very interesting. The first question is – what was the source of this pdf file? If the pdf file came from Obama’s people, the claims that this document was “doctored” may indeed be of merit. The first question is, why are there any layers on this document at all? It was clearly created in Photoshop, which is always used for image processing.

The second question is, if you look at the file I have sent as Obama Certificate Actions 01, you can see in the actions palette that there were 24 actions performed on this file before it was made into a pdf. Many of the actions are not Illustrator functions, but are Photoshop actions. Thus, this file was created in Photoshop, and exported as Photoshop 5 (why, that’s a very old version?) and it was next saved for the web (a Photoshop action) three times.

Again, first, we need to ascertain where this file came from.



  1. good post… this is maddening isn’t it!
  2. Pamela Geller will be on Fox Business with Eric Bolling at 10:00PM to talk about this.
    Obama Gaslights the American People
  3. Much more to come… including the ultimate “TRUMP CARD” – BHO’s Connecticut SSN… 042-68-4425

    P.I. Susan Daniels predicted 2 weeks ago, that a B.C. would appear soon and it would be a fake – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IZlaIS5o9Vs – today her prediction came true.


  4. If it looks too good to be true…….
  5. So, consider this possibility: Obummer is born (to Dunham and Obama, Sr.) A birth certificate is filed. Obummer is adopted by Soetoro. The birth certificate is modified. Obummer is dumped by Soetoro by divorce. The birth certificate is modified. Obummer takes his first father’s name. The birth certificate is modified. In the meantime, the long-form birth certificate is lost.

    So, Obummer requests a copy of his birth certificate. The only document Hawaiii provides is the COLB, with such requests. The trouble with the first COLB is that it’s been modified numerous times. Perhaps, in order to provide a true and correct copy (today) of Obummer’s birth record, some adjustments needed to be made.

    Just a theory…

  6. Why does the one cert have Honolulu, Oahu and BHO’s have Honolulu, Hawaii in box 7a?
  7. Oh no. Just when Shepard Smith wanted all this to be over. Unfortunately, this is going to haunt zero until his destruction is stopped.
  8. PROOF, BILL AYERS WROTE THE BOOK – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=t6aElR-SR8k


  9. Comparing the Obama and the Nordyke birth certificates, why does the same hospital have different addresses?
  10. Or is that the parents’ address?
  11. It’s clearly a fake. There is no state seal. There is no such race as “African.” In 1960, it would be been “Negro” or “Negroid.”
  12. Face it, when the State Department is considering asking people if they were circumcised at birth, nothing from this regime should be taken at face value.
  13. Oh come on, guys. You’re chasing your tails. You’ve become the 9-11 truther movement of the right. The guy is a disaster, no doubt. Fight him on his actions, not on this silly nonsense. You’re embarassing the rest of us, and you’re making the right look foolish. We’re supposed to be the responsible party – let this go and start acting that way.
  14. Please know that NEITHER parent needs to be a US Citizen for a person to be considered a natural-born citizen. The person just needs to be born in the United States. That’s why so many are angry that illegal citizens from Mexico come here and have babies here, because those babies are automatically American citizens.

    More info here:

  15. I dunno, this is kinda dangerous, because if you don’thave your case down cold, and I mean COLD, you are just going to actually play the role that many say Obama has been trying to set up: that of demented and obsessed gadflys who cannot give it up, like the scummy, insectile “9/11 truthers”.

    I know nothing of photoshop. But I say this, and why I am going to find it hard to believe they would release a forgery–

    If Mara Zebest is right, then she will not be the only photoshop analyst who can confirm it. I assume that more than one crime has been solved by photoshop forensics, and that surely there are many such experts who are not members of the Democratic National Committee.

    If multiple people on multiple fronts start agreeing, then you have something. If not, then it’s time to let this one go, because at this point, without that, it really could start to harm the conservative effort.

    And if it were really in question by multiple experts…… hoo boy…..

  16. If it is fake you aren’t doing a very good job of showing it. Most of what you said is basically “it looks the same”, well duh it is a form. And the # would likely be close because they were born a day apart. Could be fake, but you def wouldn’t be the one to tell.
  17. Why does Obama’s certificate on the 4th have a higher number than the one on the 5th?
  18. In addition, I’d like to add that the President’s people would have to be true idiots to put out a birth certificate that is clearly a fake. If true, then the President doesn’t deserve to be president to have chosen idiots to serve him. My take is that this certificate is true because there are way too many of us Photoshop experts out there that could prove a certificate to be false. As an expert myself, I can vouch that Mara is incorrect here.
  19. Justine:

    Legally the present birth certificate would have to indicate it has been revised if he was adopted by Soetoro, even if he returned to his original name. In fact, a change of name would have to have been done only by court order. People can’t just change their name . . . it can only be done by court order. The birth certificate should show that it was revised by court order. The present legal birth certificate would not necessarily indicate that he was ever adopted if the adopted father gave up his parental rights and Obama was given back his original name. But it could only have been done by court order and would show the revision and date of the revision.

    There is a lot of mystery in all of this.

    You know . . . if Soetoro did adopt him, it would be in the Hawaiian court records unless he was adopted in Indonesia. I would think that it would have made him an Indonesian citizen. However, Indonesia does not allow for dual citizenship and children under 18 are not allowed to give up their citizenship even if requested by his parents. He could have only adopted him if Obama, Sr., had relinquished is parental rights. That must hurt Obama somewhat that his father gave him up so early in his life.

    His life is really messed up.

  20. # 16 Native born citizen does not equate with natural born citizen. They could have said that if they intended it.
  21. Ah, I see that Andrew’s post preceded mine by two minutes and basically said the same thing better. :-)
  22. #22 Sidney – please explain.
  23. Oh, date accepted is later. Never mind.
  24. To clearify I ment the photoshop expert not GP.




    MAKE SURE YOU ALL COPY THIS INFO!!! BECAUSE I EXPECT THEM TO EDIT IT!!!!! http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Negro


    TIME TRAVEL???????????

  26. “Why does Obama’s certificate on the 4th have a higher number than the one on the 5th?”

    They could not have been typed at the hospital in order.

  27. I hate to rain on the birther parade but the “know” authentic version was made/copies/reproduced in 1966. Obama’s copy was from two weeks ago. The differences are wholly in different copy technology. Address this and then we can talk.
  28. The PDF file can be opened with Adobe Illustrator – and the file has layers: open the White House PDF BC in Illustrator – select All – then go to the Object menu > Clipping Masks > Release.
    Releasing the Clipping Masks allows you to see where information was patched in… all the areas of patching. Look at the Layers palette and open the layer to see all the groups… you can turn the visibility on or off for each group to see where information was changed and adjusted.
  29. #21 – That is not exactly right. Things were quite different before 9/11 – looser. As a case in point, I was born here in the USA and my birth certificate shows Giuseppe on it. When I started kindergarten, my teachers convinced my mom and dad, both of whom had come from Italy, that it would be much easier if I went by the name Joseph. From that point on, I was Joseph and every single document I have – passport, driver’s license, marriage license, etc. – all show Joseph. However, my birth certificate was never amended and still shows Giuseppe. Now that security is tighter, I have to go through the process of proving I’m one and the same when they request my birth certificate for any reason.
  30. Duh… Seriously.. Who cares? Is this more important than 5 dollar a gallon gas? gosh… GOP is wasting its time doing these things. Please… this is not going to kick this douchebag out of office in 2012
  31. The file number on both is 151.

    I would think those should be different, too.

    God, this makes me wanna hurl.

  32. I tore up those LEFTISTS at LA Times posts- I am known as JEK108 there. I have not found one argument that “trumps” my posts and my defiance against this blatant attempt to mislead the American public. I stomp on their puny irrational knee jerk responses.

    100% American
    US Army/Disabled American Veteran

  33. #24 The Constitution’s eligibility clause:

    “No person except a natural born Citizen, or a Citizen of the United States, at the time of the Adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the Office of President; neither shall any Person be eligible to that Office who shall not have attained to the Age of thirty-five Years, and been fourteen Years a Resident within the United States.”

    If they had meant native born citizen they could have said that. The only exception were those people who were born BEFORE the United States existed as a nation.

  34. No, the doc presented this morning is NOT a copy of the original long form birth certificate issued and filed in 1961 (assuming it exists). THE HAWAII DEPT OF HEALTH HASN’T CLAIMED IT TO BE ANYTHING BUT A COMPUTER-GENERATED COPY OR “ABSTRACT.”

    The operative phrase at the bottom is that it is a “COPY OR ABSTRACT” (abstract meaning lifted summary information; not necessarily complete information or a reproduction of the entire document.)
    (hat tip to DrCary, commentator at Post & EMail News)

    What’s important to know: Fuddy of the HDOH says this is a “computer-generated certified copy” produced outside their usual policies, which she gave herself authority to waive, just in Obama’s case, because he’s the president. What’s a computer-generated certified copy? That could include and probably does include a photoshopped image like we see here. This in no way is an actual photocopy of the original long-form birth certificate.
    (hat tip to SapphireSunday, commentator at Post & Email News)

    From Fox News: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/04/27/obama-birth-certificate-moved-secure-location-months-ago/#ixzz1Km2BoUni

    “Officials in Hawaii had said state law PROHIBITS THEM FROM RELEASING THE INFORMATION CONTAINED IN THE FULL BIRTH CERTIFICATE FILING – EVEN IF THE PRESIDENT HIMSELF REQUESTED A COPY. But that didn’t stop the president from requesting last week two certified copies of certificate of live birth from Director of Health Loretta J. Fuddy. On Monday, Fuddy complied. ‘As director of health for the state of Hawaii, I have the legal authority TO APPROVE THE PROCESS by which copies of such records are made. Through that authority, in recognition of your status as president of the United States, I am MAKING AN EXCEPTION to the current departmental policy which is TO ISSUE A COMPUTER-GENERATED CERTIFIED COPY,’ she wrote.”

    The exception was to issue a COMPUTER-GENERATED certified copy. So they admit it’s computer generated. That might include all the photoshopping that seems to be in evidence. Another exception might be to not print the late or delayed or amended notification. Another exception might be to make this an abstract containing only the LATEST (most recent) permutation of all the facts contained in the “full birth certificate filing.” Which might mean elimination of the names of the biological parents, if he was adopted, replaced by the adoptive parents. Which might mean elimination of his name at birth, as opposed to what it is now, after being amended in their records. Which might mean elimination of the fact that at birth no father was named, but one was later added, via amendment, but this computer-generated abstract isn’t showing that out of deference to his status as president. You see how it goes?

    Even he can’t get access to the FULL information. So what was embarrassing on the original that is now not evident on this supposed long-form which is NOT a TRUE COPY OF HIS ORIGINAL LONG-FORM BIRTH CERTIFICATE? It’s a computer-generated abstract, created just for him outside their usual policies and procedures. Didn’t a legislator want to pass a law so they could do just this? Create a “something” especially for Obama? Well, looks like it’s been done without a special law.
    (again, thank you to SapphireSunday, commentator at Post & Email News, for the preceding two paragraphs. I could have rewritten them and made them my own, but why mess with perfection?)

    From Fox News: http://www.foxnews.com/politics/2011/04/27/obama-birth-certificate-moved-secure-location-months-ago/#ixzz1Km2BoUni

    [Said Attorney General David Louie,] “Director Fuddy exercised her legal authority in a completely appropriate manner in this unique circumstance.


    Abercrombie issued the following statement on Wednesday:

    “Considering all of the investigations that have been done and the information that has been provided, no rational person can question the President’s citizenship. We have found a way – once again – to confirm what we already knew: the President was born here in Hawai‘i. State officials of both parties have verified that President Obama’s birth records show that he was born in Honolulu.

  35. @ #33
    I would assume that is the forum type in which case it would be expected to be the same. You could find a third example and easily see if thats the case.
  36. @ #34 – Give ‘em hell, Jonathan!
  37. Well Mr. Hoft, I am open to studying the document’s credibility.

    At the same time, I wish to offer some caution.

    This was clearly an issue being exploited by Obama and his Democratic Partisan associates, debasing others as not being credible. This was an easy way for Democrats to stereotype the opposition in a negative light. It worked for many years. Some should study these lessons, before digging even deeper.

    Of course, this all changed with The Donald’s Celebrity push, as the poll data on everything was going against Obama – as many more grew to question Obama’s origins, seeing the utter incompetence, radicalism, hubris which is so detached from the US experience.

    But even as Trump predictably tries to take credit for pushing a sitting President, the politics in this effort are terribly weak – and may just enable the opposite. The political image only enables the Democratic Partisans in the long run – just like the horrible offerings of some typically weak stereotypical candidates like Angle, O’Donnell, etc.

    There are so many more powerful political offerings which can be used to defeat the disastrous Obama and the horrid Democratic Party, which do not unwittingly deflate the good cause. We as conservatives must engage in the best offering. A simple – sound conservative policy push (like Low Taxation – Fiscal Sanity – serious National Defense) will eventually win the political battle and help all Americans. We have the real substance on Our side, and these other grasps off the field end up confusing the real priorities. Christie’s recent successful election victory is a primary example of sticking to the substance, winning over the Public to embrace a sane political approach and reject the disastrous Democratic Party.

    Besides, it wouldn’t matter what Democratic Partisan won the Presidency (they all would have beaten that horrible Maverick Ticket in 2008), any offering from the Democratic Party would have pushed the same destructive agenda. Hillary Clinton’s platform was identical to Obama’s in that Primary.

    Some of those connected to obsessing with the Birth Certificate, are questionable sources as well. Some are the same folks who gave us a disaster in Delaware – vilifying other conservatives in the name of a predictable waste of an opportunity to take a long held Democratic Partisan Seat in the Senate. Some of the same elements have embraced such a delusional offering now, they actually speak in nutty terms of cabals and conspiracies regarding Karl Rove. It is embarrassing. These are the same folks who offered endless hyperbole after 2004, and basically enabled the likes of Pelosi, Reid, Obama, Clinton. Some of them even cried, “lay down” for the Democrats in 2006. It was and remains a form of self destructive insanity. Far from Conservative.

    We have to get serious, play to all of Our strengths, and win the day. Our Nation and the American Public deserve it.

  38. Josh, you’re embarrassed because lefturds think poorly of you? How very sad for you.
  39. We have eighteen months until the election. I think we have some time to see if this thing grows legs. Frankly the people who are protective of this shyster in the White House deserve the discomfort that the whole birth-certificate affair brings them.

    And besides, the bastard tries to bring this to a close by foisting a Photoshop document on us?!!! Hey, maybe the birth certificate is not the best argument you can make to an undecided voter as to why the fake does not deserve to remain President, but damn it, President Slimeball deserves to be hounded and annoyed just on general principles.

  40. The different layers are because you have a (likely) microfiche document printed on “official” paper (anyone who has ever gotten “official” college transcripts has seen something like this). Then it was scanned and made into a pdf. Illustrator tried to be smart and identified part of a scanned document that it thinks are separate and assigns them layer. That is what is seen on this document and even if there were un-closed layers in the original doc. The act of making the pdf would negate them. Get over it people and let’s get on with defeating him in 2012 by kicking his butt on the issues!”
  41. @#32 DUH, do you not seem to understand that we have to attack Obama the upsurper from all angles and keep blasting away to make sure he is not re elected!??
  42. The beurocrats who made 1960s birth certificates had expert training in typewriter skills. Notice in the genuine Aug 11 certificate how all the entries at #9, #12b amd #14 line up neatly with the type beginning a hair space to the right of the vertical printed form line . On Obama’s bogus certificate the typed entries for #9, #12b and #14 have no set order and show random placements . The Aug 11 certificate also shows the data entries along the right side in perfect allignment along the left margin return lock set into the typwriter. On Obama’s bogus certificate only half the entries begin from the left margin return position. The stamped dates Aug 8 1961 in the lower corner boxes have a numerical and letter font that slightly varies from the Aug 11 certificate. The G in AUG does not have a horizontal bar . The U is wider. The 1 is thinner. The 6 has more space between the top tail and the belly o of the 6. There is a wider space between AUG and 1961 for stamping the day numeral.
  43. Well, the second one lookis more authentic. Obama should have sweat all over it and aged it like that. Either way, I’m ready to move on to the passport and college transcripts.
  44. look at the dates on the mothers signature line (8-7-61), compare both forms, clearly both dates were written
    by the same hand. BOs Form is a fake.
  45. AuntieMadder,

    I’m more concerned with the independents who swing the elections back and forth. Harm to our image amongst that group could lead to four more years of Obama. That should be eveyone’s focus.

    If you’re worked up because a PDF has signs of having been scanned by software that does OCR, you’ve jumped the shark. Focus on the debt, focus on the failed policies, focus on the broken promises. These are the things that will animate the centrists and independents.

    What will also animate the independents: a party who looks like they’re filled with birthers. Don’t give the media the fuel they’re after. It’s not worth four more years of O.

  46. What seems odd to me is that Hussein was purportedly born several days before Miss Nordyke, but her certificate number 10637 is lower than the number on his certificate 10641. How could that be when was accepted by the registrar on August 8, 1961, and Miss Nordyke’s was accepted on August 11, 1961.

    This does not add up.

  47. Give it up, morons.
  48. Regardless of where Barack Obama was born, if this ‘official birth certificate’ can be so easily corrupted (with OCR software), then it isn’t worth the PDF it’s printed on.

    An UNVERIFIABLE piece of evidence in not evidence of anything, for or against.

    Maybe they should hit the RESET button again.

  49. People your wrong. I am sorry, but let this go!
  50. are you talking to the forgers who release a fake PDF file “Heap deepa”?? yes, they are morons, aren’t they

    this forgery is easy to prove! Nixon thought he could release a few bits of information to satisfy his critics too


  51. do you mean “people you are wrong” Lock step? or do people own “wrong” as an entity… “your wrong” as apposed to his wrong or her wrong…. how does one own wrong anyway?

    come on leftie trolls, don’t you even try to spell any more?

  52. Anyone who prefers Obama to whatever heaves itself into the GOP slot must be terrified of the work you furious elves are doing.

    Terrified. His days are numbered!

  53. Locke step is right, this is something that Illustrator does. No conspiracy, no forged document. Let it go and leave the crazy to the left.


  54. A simple post which completely ruins the questions about “layering” of the PDF.

    “PDF Layers in Obama’s Birth Certificate”

    Just a little while ago, some jumped a shark – following the delusional Mr. Riehl.

    Some way back, jumped over a cliff with the likes of PoliPundit.

    Conservatism is not this fashionable fan fare, and is all about reality.

    Let’s get back to it, and win the day.

  55. Is that a job application form for the TSA goon squad or is that really a birth certificate?

    It is hard to tell the difference.

  56. I don’t recall ever signing a document where somebody else hand wrote the date of my signature. Clearly the hand written date on the Aug 11 form is the same hand on the Aug 8 form. Different attendants on each form, but the date handwriting for the attendant’s signatures again look to be by the same person, but not the person who signed the mother dates as the numerals are larger and more level.
  57. BHO Aug 4 BC #10641
    Other person Aug 5 #10637
    Things that make me go hmmmmm.
  58. The second one looks like a document that is almost 50 years old, this second one looks like it was cranked out yesterday. Even if it was a photo copy of the original it would still show the marks of aging paper. How can this BC of Obama look so pristine with no marks of aging paper? What is going on here? Damn I was hoping this would be the end of this game.
  59. Sorry, AFRICA IS A CONTINENT, NOT a country and NOT a nationality…in 1961 it would have said Negro
  60. Soetero is desperate….polls down….economy sux…S&P was stubborn….high unemployment….gas too high along with food…2 1/2 wars….snubbed by the royals for the big international celebrity wedding….and some loud mouthed cranky white guy who is gettin all his media time asking for his records….oh and that pesky lawyer who is arguing her case next week and it’s about that SS# from CT….and now even his peeps are complaining about no jobs…

    Been a bad few weeks for Barry Soetero…no wonder he ran to Oprah…..

  61. Typo on my part. This second “second” one should be the first one or Obama’s bc.
  62. This is a .pdf file containing a bitmapped image, which is supposedly a digital scan of a paper document. Look at the number in the right hand corner, number “10641″. Zoom WAY in on that number to. Look at the “1″ at the right end and compare it to the “1″ at the left end. Why don’t they look substantially the same? Because someone digitially edited the “1″ at the right end. Sloppy, weren’t they?
  63. If that was all there was to it, why did Obama wait 3 years to release his birth certificate?

    The best answer is that he was stringing “birthers’ along for political gain, and to discredit requests for other information on his past.

    The worst is that it took 3 years to make a fake and get it in the right place. Altering the official records became a possibility when his family friend became Governor of Hawaii 3 months ago.

    There is a decorated Army Colonel in jail for refusing to deploy until he saw Obama’s birth certificate. That wasn’t worth 5 minutes of Obama’s time to release it then?

    He released this now because Trump was making a bunch of noise and because Jerome Corsi’s book is about to come out. He probably wanted to milk this until next summer.

    Everything Obama does is disgusting.

    The worst. President. Ever.

  64. #19 April 27, 2011 at 8:06 pm
    alan commented:
    Why does Obama’s certificate on the 4th have a higher number than the one on the 5th?

    It is the duffas at NBC in which this was the BC promulgated to a side-by-side of Obamas originally that was the templet used. And one needed to change the birth chronology order, but they goofed that up too. Alone with two islands of residence, identifical date signatures on both ( Templet) andObumers. dead doctor, law statement saying this is not an offical but a redacted copy, a green background, never existed prior to the modern computer, and Obama’s twin marks seen in the birth number box of babies is left in the Obama faux-copy BC. This is only a few things of the oddities.

  65. Josh and all you others so worried about this issue:

    Did gas prices come down today?

    Did food prices come down?

    Did home values go up?

    No to all of these things.

    Obama showing that fake birth certificate today was another “Look at what my left hand is doing – not my right hand.”

    Today, first time ever, the chairman of the Federal Reserve had a news conference.

    Today, Obama rearranged the deck chairs in the Defense Dept.

    Remember – You can’t believe Obama says about anything so don’t worry about it!

  66. If the questionable bits aren’t good enough to disprove the birth certificate, they the aren’t good enough to prove it either.

    Given the benefit of the doubt, it doesn’t prove the case for either side. This BC has ZERO value. It’s only real effect has been to polarize the public.

    For someone so fond of the phrase “Let me be clear”, this just adds another cloudy “layer” of confusion.

  67. So, why did Obama put up such a fight and spend $2 million to suppress release of this certificate if he had nothing to hide?

    Obama released this to stop the dogs on his trail. I would dig deeper because this whole incident still smells fishy!

  68. #66 April 27, 2011 at 8:53 pm
    Beef commented:
    If that was all there was to it, why did Obama wait 3 years to release his birth certificate?


    And why did many Hawaii officals claim they could not find Obama’s original long-form?

  69. It’s a pdf. It’s a pdf of a scan. It’s a pdf of a scan possibly sent via fax. The quality is unimpressive.

    Mrs Photoshop Expert (with one outdated book from 2004 dealing with an outdated version of PS) needs some lessons in file types and connected data loss.

    Also, the handwriting is not the same. 18b looks the same, but it’s clearly not. The 8 is written differently. 19b is definitely not the same handwriting. Check the 8 and the 6.

    Her “sample selections to recreate pattern” looks like classic data loss to me. It’s not a png. It’s a flipping pdf. The thing looks C&Ped onto the green surface. That’s about it.

    And well… continue to dig your political grave for next year.

    Meanwhile the government is moving to shut down oil drilling in parts of Texas and New Mexico, because some lizard is supposedly endagered by it (which it’s not). There was the first IED in America, which was luckily found early enough. The fuel prices will continue to climb.

    But, I know… the birth certificate is more important than trying to solve these problems. I know. Oh yeah, I know, if the birt certificate issue would have been solved earlier than none of this could have happened… which is utterly IRRELEVANT. What could have been if doesn’t matter a damn. Obama is where he is. But, instead of actually hitting him with the real issues… it’s all about the birth certificate.

    You are about to lose the independet voters.

  70. Just curious– how is it that the Obama certificate number is higher than the certificate number of a person born a day later and where the certificate was accepted 3 days later? Check the birth dates and dates stamped on the bottom right of the certificate.
  71. “… our constitution, in speaking of natural born citizens, uses no affirmative language to make them such, but only recognizes and reaffirms the universal principle, common to all nations, and as old as political society, that the people born in a country do constitute the nation, and, as individuals, are natural members of the body politic”
    - Attorney General Edward Bates
    Obama is, by that measure “natural-born”, and eligible to hold the office of president.

    Learn something. It would help if you weren’t speaking of things you have no clue about. And as an experienced web designer, I am very familiar with Adobe Illustrator. Why do you willfully mislead People?

  72. oh maybe the left and the trolls are correct, let’s just believe everything Obama and his regime says and does….. they ALWAYS tell the American public the truth about EVERYTHING… they are the most transparent regime + 30-40(?!) secret CZARS ever… I mean its not like they are actually implementing anything harmless to America which resembles communism, marxism or socialism… noooooo…. they LOVE America ….. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

    pass the koolaid, I’m short

  73. Are you people retarded or what?

    The BC is real. Get over it.

    And both parents do not have to born on US soil [or both even US citizens, just one will do].

    Biggest damn dumb fools I’ve ever seen.

    When you act so ignorant in the face of reality, nothing you say can be taken for the truth.

  74. how about just arresting O for fraud and having a military trial? go read Ann Barnhard’s take… some of you complaining the search for truth isn’t important really need to grow a pair

    check out: barnhardt.biz/index.cfm

    this lady has ‘em

  75. oh, Carlito thinks we’re fools…. or were you looking the mirror pal
  76. I am a graphic designer, I opened this file this morning and was NOT SHOCKED to see this layered and clip masked file. I emailed similar screen shots to my local radio station today.

    Now seeing this post only confirms my suspicion. FAKE!

    I saw the hidden pattern boxes as well. I think it was from a earlier fake and they forgot to delete it.

    I am tired of this sheet!

  77. #36 auntie matter, I just read your comment and it explains why there is no aging of paper since this is a brand spanking new copy of the bc.
  78. #49 & 60

    It’s even more bizarre. The Nordyke BC is actually one of two–twins born on 8/5/61 in Honolulu, a few minutes apart. The record numbers follow the birth order, 10637 for the “younger” twin and 10638 for the “older.” Their records were accepted on 8/11/61. Obama, born a day earlier, has a record acceptance date of 8/8/61. So why is his record number higher (10641)?

  79. Leon Panetta made this bogus certificate in return for getting a promotion to head up the Defense Department. Leon does not have enough experiance at forging documents. Obama should have hired Sandy Burgler.
  81. as someone who uses photoshop all the time as an amather photographer i can tell with 100% confidence that hes birth certificate was not photoshopped
  82. Why is one “County, State, or Foreign” line filled out: Honolulu, Oahu and the other says Honolulu, Hawaii?

    On a government doc like this, wouldn’t that line be the same?

  83. Obama’s public response reminds me of my grandmother when my grandfather would corner her for smoking one of his cigarettes out of his pack. Being a very conservative spender and smoker he knew to the nats ass how many cigs were left in any pack he might have lying around in his bedroom or den. He would keep a pack in his humidor to keep them fresh, and while housekeeping every once in a while I would see my granny snatch one, and put it in her apron. After a while she would disappear out in the garage and come back appearing more relaxed after the dirty deed was done. Home would come gramps from work, read the evening newspaper and eat dinner. Afterwards he would go into the room where his smokes would be and after retrieving a cigarette he would approach my grandma with the discovery of finding a pack one cig light. Or on occasion 2. Like a school teacher to a young student he would mention very directly. I see we’ve taken up smoking again my dear!. And granny would respond. with “Oh Maurice I have more important things to do than bicker over your nonsense.” Gramps knew he was right and so did granny. But she always made a point to lie even though she knew she had been busted again. The whole exercise repeated itself so often I can’t count, because granny knew gramps loved her more than ever and could excuse her petty thievery and smoking. I think Obama thinks he can still continue to lie to the American public because they still love him more than ever. Boy is he in for a surprise. WE ALL KNOW HE IS LYING BUT WHAT HE DOESN’T KNOW IS NOBODY LOVES HIM ANYMORE. come on Sarah throw in your hat!
  84. When you open the pdf in Illustrator and look at the links tab, the links were all reduced to 22.569% and rotated -90 degrees except for the link containing the green background, black lines and some of the type. This link info says it was reduced to H 72.22%, V 72.174% ad rotated -90 degrees. Does OCR software also indiscriminately reduce different parts at different percentages but still have them miraculously line up perfectly?
  85. Randy’s Right visits Raleigh…Defunding Planned Parenthood…Moonbats harassing representatives everywhere, pure chaos!!


  86. Locke Step — that isn’t how it works. Illustrator isn’t smart and it doesn’t do things by itself. It doesn’t define or isolate image fragments in a document unless they’re already there — it won’t simply carve out sesgment of a document and place it on a layer.

    A straight scan doesn’t generate layers if saved as a PDF, even if you open it in Illustrator. When this PDF is opened in Illustrator, there are clearly embedded image fragments registered over the form — I’ve had the document open myself. All this talk of layers is misleading — they are not layers in the typical Illustrator sense. They are additional images imported into Illustrator and positioned in specific areas — and they show up in the Links palette.

    Creating a PDF does not negate the component parts of an Illustrator document. You have to rasterize and flatten the Illustrator document to eliminate those separate image fragments in the PDF. Adobe Illustrator creates documents that are structured essentially the same as PDFs — which is why PDFs are editable in Illustrator. Occasionally when I save a native Illustrator document, the icon identifies it as an Adobe Acrobat PDF.

    Somebody has tinkered this document.

  87. 49 years and thousands of ways to make one that yet for some reason it still a fake to some. Nothing other than a Delorean time machine with a trip to August 4 1961 Hawaii will prove it for some.

    The way that this will become will be very much like another conspiracy that the only thing that it will take to convince everyone that is it as it seems, is a front row seat on the 50 floor of WTC or another trip to the moon to see the foot prints.

  88. Notice who signed Obama’s: UK L Lee (ukelele????? is that a real name?easy enough to find out I would think) and the othe,r 24 hours later Beatrice…
  89. You are all insane. I mean that in a constructive way.

    Or maybe…. Adobe is part of the conspiracy(!)(?)

  90. Its not signed at the bottome by Ukelele…that is the signature of Steve Urkel
  91. The hospital on the BC was named officially in 1978. How did they know that in 1961?
  92. For all I know, Ø *was* born in HI. But I don’t buy this ‘document’ for a nanosecond. The racial group term used at the time was “Negro,” as in “United Negro College Fund.” The use of ‘black’ didn’t become standard practice until some years later (circa 1964, IIRC) and the currently approved PC term of ‘African’ has only been in use for 20 – 25 years at most.

    Others have cited / refuted technicalities of reprographic technology, arcane font analysis & etc. which would be incredibly important if this were a court case. Unfortunately, this is in the court of public opinion where the administration of the agenda controlled by the lamestream media, well known to be 110% in the tank for Ø.

    I would love to see this fatuous, sanctimonious, pusillanimous, worm outed as an illegal alien; it certainly acts like one. As delightful as that will be, we still must wait to do this until after we win the 2012 election. Tragically, we are stuck with this arrogant fraud for another 21 months, in which it will continue to cause grave harm to our Republic.

    Our first priority for the remainder of that time must be to minimize such damage by blocking its feckless agenda where we cannot reverse it. Simultaneously, we must build on the 2010 election results to reclaim more state offices, establish a solid majority of *conservative* Senators and ensure that the vile aberration which is Ø will only befoul the Oval Office for four years at the most. Destroy it at the ballot box, then grind it into oblivion with criminal charges (fraud, treason, whatever).

  93. b/c Robert Gibbs most likely stayed up all night and goofed up as usual.

    IN HIS OWN WORDS!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  95. Look at the spacing. The old one from Hawaii has information that was typed in with a typewriter; that is the typist started at the very beginning of the line after she hit the return. The text in every box but that holding the name and address is left-aligned, just as it would be if someone hit the return on the typewriter and start typing immediately. Obama’a fake has centered data, which a typist working quickly would NOT have taken the time to do if she had a lot of forms to fill out. It was done with a computer. A pretty good fake, but a fake nonetheless.
  96. Isn’t it amazing that a 24 yr old dude was impregnating a 17 yr old woman. Obama’s old man was already married to another woman at the time. He was a polygamist. He was married to three other women. The last of whom resides in Atlanta today. That, in itself, is totally embarrassing!

    And this guy has the audacity to write books about “dreams of his father”. What? Wet dreams?

    He is an anchor baby that hates America.

  97. So who is “Mara Z” and how come we can’t find any of her 17 books?
  98. on the two forms its the same hospital(although the myth was suppose to have been born in a different hospital)with different addresses. honolulu is in hawaii on one, oahu on another. the myth’s mother’s race is listed as caucasian(a race), his father is listed as african(not a race). the myth was born on the 4th, the twins on the 5th yet the number of the myth form is higher than the twins. normally these forms are filled out in numerical order. i guess there was no standard way to fill out these forms(i don’t believe that) i suppose the office staff could just wing it and fill them out anyway they wanted. if the address on obama’s form above is really the address of the hospital obama was born in(the one who’s name is no longer in use)then the above birth certificate is a fake.
  99. This could have been one of the documents Sandy Burger stuffed in his socks. Saved Clinton’s a –. Never prosecuted. They were progs to.
  100. I opened this document in Illustrator and I then expanded the actions tab in the Layers palette. It seems to me that while Illustrator may create layers when scanning a document, it does NOT create actions. It SEEMS to me that the actions palette has preserved the 24 basic operations done in Photoshop, including saving is as different formats. Some of the actions can even be expanded further, which means there were more like 40 operations performed on this file. Illustrator DOES NOT somehow on its own create a bunch of actions as an artifact of scanning a file.

    Question – what was the origin of this file. If this pdf file was distributed by the Obama people, the single question that needs to be asked is, Why were 24 to 40 operations performed on this file in Photoshop, BEFORE it was made into a PDF?

    I’m not saying this is evidence of a fake, but they should address these issues in no uncertain terms.

  101. #98 JUST ANOTHER FAKE –

    The first two sentences of the description of the clip you linked to at YouTube states that the clip is edited. It’s as phony as the Certificate of Live Birth that was presented to us today.

    “The video starts out with some content from obamasnippets.com, which, of course is contrived. And yet, there seems to be a synthetic truth about what the president says.”

  102. The reason I read awhile back for the numbers being out of order, was that the lady giving birth to the twins was in labor for 18 hours. They might have started the paperwork earlier, since she checked into the hospital earlier but gave birth later. I think some of it probably has been altered, but I don’t think anything is to be gained by arguing about it anymore. I think we really do need to focus on finding someone to beat him in ’12. Go Allen West!!!
  103. Sequentially, They dont match. His was signed the 9th and the woman’s was the 11th yet her number at the top is Preceeds his???
  104. does anyone know if the address on the above form for obama is the address of the hospital obama was actually born in.
  105. Hmmm . . . if this should prove to be a forgery (as many seem to allege), this would simply be pouring gas on the fire. Could it be a pre-emptive effort to discredit Corsi’s book? Or whatever the clown with the bad hair claims to have?
  106. Anyone know why the Obama birth certificate has a certificate number of 61 10641 when he was born August 4, 1961 and the other certificate has a number of 61 10637 but born a day later on August 5, 1961?

    Shouldn’t that be reversed? I would think 61 10637 should be paired with a birthdate of August 4, 1961. And then 61 10641 should have a birthdate of August 5, 1961.

    Looks like the Obama certificate is out of sequence. Maybe I’m wrong.

  107. Can you provide links or information that support your theory that Obama’s mom? We all know his father is from Kenya but I thought his mother was born in Kansas?
  108. Correction to my last question….that Obama’s mother was not born on US soil? Is she not from Kansas?
  109. Phila, the problem was likely to find a number of someone that is no longer alive, close enough in # for the period. It can be claimed that the head nurse dropped the stack and collected it with some numbers shuffled. Or some such.
  110. Regarding the address:

    “Street Address” is NOT that of the hospital, it is the mother’s residential address.

    Regarding the “61 10641″

    Just using Adobe Reader, zoom in, I went to 800%
    The 4 looks as if it could have been a 2, then modified
    The last 1 looks like it has been placed in, there is a definite manipulation there.

  111. even if this is some kind of trick from Obama to make his opponent (birthers) look bad , it should make a lot of people loose trust on him because it reveals that he is such a person who spent time devising cunning ways against others. who will like such a person as a friend.

    especially, he cannot blame the natural responsible human nature to want openness and honesty along with proper documents.

    and while this is going on, you can be sure that Sarah Palin and Allan west will be calling him out on issues that are anti American.

    so, pour everything and let the left know that the fact that it took so long for him to show his birth cert (fake?), he already revealed what kind of dishonest person he is.

    nothing to do with conspirisy theory. just his irresponsible or dishonest actions that stirred up the honest call for openness.

  112. I have no doubt this is a fake, but you do have to read the two forms – the address being different on each document is reasonable, the address asked for in block 7d is the street address for the mother which may or may not be the same as the mailing address in 7f. The race designation of “African” is of course pure BS.
  113. This article has some merit if the Mara Z. mentioned in the piece is Mara Zebest. I have actually owned books by her.
  114. http://www.scribd.com/doc/54015762/Barack-Hussein-Obama-Sr-Immigration-File

    According to the documents at the above site, Obama Seniors birthdate is 6-18-34. Assuming that date is correct, wouldn’t his age at the time Jr. was born be 27? the birth certificate released today has his age at 25.

  115. #115 April 27, 2011 at 11:30 pm
    Robert commented:
    Regarding the “61 10641″

    Just using Adobe Reader, zoom in, I went to 800%
    The 4 looks as if it could have been a 2, then modified
    The last 1 looks like it has been placed in, there is a definite manipulation there.

    More mismatches: The comparative birth certificate has 61 106 37 with the 61 in one line, the 106 grouped and the 37 paired together in line.
    The Obama form has 61 in one line, the 106 grouped, but the last two numbers of 4 1 are not in line the way the other certificate numbers are.
    The last 1 is lower than the 4. Someone here (sorry I forgot who!!) linked to a blow up of that number and the 1 is pixilated.

    Now, we’re ALL working off images of something we do not have in hand. So, being screwed with is very easy to accomplish by the WH. WHy wouldn’t they expect people to pour over this thing? Being jerked around again, I think.

  116. Regarding the numbers “61 10641″

    That last “1″ is definitely placed there by a completely different process than all the other numbers in the sequence.

    Every pixel in the other numbers is one color. The pixels in the “1″ are shaded different colors.

    The last “1″ appears to contain anti-aliasing, all the other numbers do not.

  117. We must examine the evidence and draw conclusions based upon observations. The document is clearly a fake.

    People can draw their own conclusions beyond that, but a scientific methodical examination of the document reveals forgery.

    “Condemnation without investigation is the height of ignorance.” —Albert Einstein


  118. The official web site for Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital and according to the information there, the NAME of the hospital at the time of his birth should have been Kauikeolani Children’s Hospital.

    According to the web site the name DIDN’T change to Kapiolani Maternity & Gynecological Hospital until Kauikeolani Children’s Hospital merged with Kapi‘olani Maternity Home in 1978.

    SO HOW COULD, his official long form birth certificate that was generated in 1961… have the name of the hospital that WASN’T created until 1978?”

  119. I doubt it is a fake. Expertise in Photoshop or Adobe Illustrator is not sufficient to know what you are talking about here. You need to have had experience with the high-end OCR scanning software that can be used to produce PDF files from raw documents. Some will automatically separate the document into layers in this way, separating text from the background and so on. Even if text remains in bitmap form (i.e. no OCR conversion) it may be saved separately from the background for compression purposes etc. Nothing in the video convincingly demonstrates a fake.
  120. So they moved his real BC to a safer place, Really. Thanks a load of crap.

    Prove it.

    I’ve been up on this issue for a long time and now we hear this. Just more bs to hide the truth. Let’s see it folks. Not so computer generated piece of crap.

  121. Another video

    Obama Birth Certificate fraud

  123. #73 all of the things you complain about and say are bad for america are occurring because obama is in the white house. how are people saying that he shouldn’t be in the white house in the first place enabling these things to happen. the people that are guilty of that are the the same people you are so afraid of, the american media.
  124. Perhaps this whole BC thing is why typewriters are making a comeback?
  125. Chris,

    First, Karl Denninger’s video http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=2eOfYwYyS_c demonstrates clearly that it’s missing the chromatic aberrations that would exist if it had been scanned bye a color scanner. Plus, as John Gargano stated above, 24 operations appear to have been performed on the document.

  126. #125 April 28, 2011 at 12:33 am

    Let me put it simply for you. OCR software does not create actions list that is visible in Illustrator. The list clearly indicates that the documents has been composed manually, and it shows which kind of actions have been taken. No OCR software does this. For instance OCR software would not have any reason to rotate an object 90 degrees prior to insertion and then rotate it back to a correct orientation. Neither it would need to reposition objects which some of the actions indicate happening. OCR software leaves segments/blocks wherever it finds them, it makes a copy of the object, totally separate from the original. Some OCR programs do rotate the segment (small text), but that does not affect the underlying elements the process is applied to a copy only.

    Case closed.

  127. Fake or not I can tell you out of curiosity I opened it in my Illustrator and sure enough exactly what they are saying
  128. Open almost any PDF document in Illustrator, and Illustrator will show a bunch of layers in it. It doesn’t indicate that any sinister revisions have taken place. It’s just Illustrator’s way of trying to let you revise the document. I just opened page one of a simple five page text document, and Illustrator generated about a hundred separate levels. It recognized all of the text and the border around the heading, and I could have edited anything on that page. But the PDF document did not have multiple levels – Illustrator just made it seem like it did. Open the birth certificate PDF file, and Illustrator does its best to recognize text fonts and border lines, but it has a hard time, so it doesn’t generate many layers. One example is the rubber stamped dates in the lower left and right on the form. “AUG -8 1961″ on the left becomes only the final “1″ when its layer visibility is turned off. On the right side, the result becomes “19 1″. What could be the possible purpose of such masterful manipulation? The answer is that there is no purpose – it’s random. Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar.
  129. I want to throw in my 2 cents. We know Obama got a lot of mileage out of the birther issue. I think this is a distraction and a trap.

    Assume for a minute that what was released is a correct document in every way. BUT, the original document was used to photo shop a fake document that looks identical to the original. So people dissect the released document and show how it was faked. Then at some point Obama brings in an expert to check his original copy and verifies it as authentic.

    Then all for the folks that swore the document was faked (which it was) appear to have egg on their face and Obama scores a propaganda victory. In the meantime while the media distracts the public with this issue Obama slips thru more crap that folks don’t see.

    I don’t know, it’s just a theory.

  130. Tarantulas, make a scan of a page, print it to pdf,open in illustrator and report what do you see. In the links tab there would be one (1) item. Period.
  131. If you look at his “supposed” birth certificate, and zoom in to 400%, you can see that the “1″ at the end of 10641, is a copy of the first “1″ in 10641. The bottom and sides of the copied “1″ have been cleaned up, and most importantly, it is lighter and is pixelated. And while the “4″ is not pixelated or lighter, it looks remarkably similar to the first “1″ but with a few alterations.
    It’s amazing how many alterations to the document are visible simply by enlarging it to 400%. You can see many digital alterations, pixelation, and stair-stepping…the attendants signature was clearly created digitally….
    What idiots
  132. cheeflo #90. You are 100% correct.

    I am the last person who believes in any type of conspiracy but this is just odd.

    Someone needs to explain how a scan saved as a PDF has all those linked images in the file. That doesn’t just happen. It has to be put there. Like cheeflo said. There is no way a scanner extracts different pieces of the scan.

  133. Inconceivable stupidity abounds.

    1. Obama’s mother = U.S. citizen. Thus, Obama could have been born on the moon and still granted citizenship. (Google George Romney)

    2. If Obama wanted a fake, he could have had it made, flawlessly, months ago. He’s the President of the United State of Arms Dealing. He’s not exactly lacking in resources.

    3. Donald Trump is leading this charge and you’re following him. Donald Trump ladies and gentlemen. The man shouldn’t be followed in a lunch line, much less in this.

    The decision is yours; use your thinking cap or let the moths eat it.

  134. I see the jew, so should you!
  135. This video demonstrates that PDF optimization will reproduce the “layers” seen in the Birth Certificate file. Some scanning software will do it too if the optimization is part of the scanning process. It’s a data compression technique, not a result of editing.


    As for the other “anomalies” relating to chroma etc, who knows. Doesn’t seem like much of a smoking gun to me though.

  136. Let’s clarify, once and for all, two points. The “address” is the mother’s address, not the hospital address. Second, the file number is meaningless. It was not assigned by the hospital, but rather pre-printed on the department of blank forms and is to keep them unique, not as proof-positive that births are sequential, so a later birth could have a lower number, and back in ’61 I don’t think folks were as serious about first in, first out. It was just a pile of blank forms. My DMV has stacks of license plates waiting for people to come in, and if I walked out of the DMV office into the DMV parking lot and saw somebody driving out with plates higher sequentially than the ones in my hand it would not prove a fraud occurred.

    There are dozens of legitimate beefs with this, my favorite being the exactness of the date of the mother’s signature, or maybe the race being “African”, or maybe…

    So, let’s lay the address and file number aside and focus on the real issues. Deal?

  137. Although this page is interesting, the image about the supposedly recorded actions that were done to the document in Illustrator is only an attempt to punk you. A very similar list to that set of actions is show on even a new document in any version of Illustrator. Those aren’t a log of actions done to a document. They’re action presets that can be done to a document.
  138. Please throw out the actions panel argument, as you are looking at default actions not actions specific to this document. Open any Illustrator document and you will see the same actions.

    With that said, it still doesn’t make sense why the file was created in this manner. I have worked with some of the highest end OCR scanners and have never seen a document broken apart like this. (Not to mention that OCR technology in it’s purpose for being is to capture text into editable type). Furthermore, every “added image” is assigned a color in this file, meaning they they were either manually converted to vector format or created in the native Illustrator file. Select on one of the smaller separated parts with all clipping masks released and change the color, you would not be able to do this if it weren’t vector.

    If this document is not doctored, it was produced in a very sloppy manner. If it is doctored, very sloppy as well.

  139. don’t call yourself stupid Matthew Wilson, it is inconceivable you are correct
  140. morning, let him struggle to answer questions about his stupidity of not solving birth cert issue.

    (Mr president, it is not the ‘birther’ who are to be blamed. you are the one to be blamed for not getting this matter solved earlier. sorry, voters lost confidence in you even if you bring this piece of paper out today. it will be a disaster if proven fake. but even if proven true, voters cannot trust someone who play around when it is something that can be easily solved long ago.) and don’t compare with 9-11 conspricy because there is clear prove that you deliberately hid your birth cert all these while. not like the 9-11 where people cannot prove that the terrorists did not come from al qaeda.

    afternoon, let him struggle to answer questions about his stupid Marxist handling of the economy.

    evening, let him struggle to answer questions about his weak and confusing handling of jihadhist terrorism.

    night time, let him struggle with the unpopular handling of health care and energy issue.

    liars don’t have time to rest. sorry.

  141. havetocommentonce commented:
    Notice who signed Obama’s: UK L Lee (ukelele????? is that a real name?easy enough to find out I would think) and the othe,r 24 hours later Beatrice…

    Have to agree. If U K L Lee is real, the BC is in all liklihood, real. U K L Lee? Come on, now. Now, a google search results in thousands of laughs, but someone should be able to confirm this. Registrar is, after all, a public office with records of its’ holders.

  142. Wanna see a REAL BC from Hawaii in 1961?
    Notice that it looks NOTHING like Obama’s Photoshopped BC.

    Also notice that even though Susan Nordyke was born 1 day AFTER Obama, HER certificate number is a LOWER NUMBER!!! LOL

    Obama’s such a mathematical illiterate he couldn’t even counterfeit the numbers in sequence!!!

  143. Un freakin real!!! Jim Hoft finally comes out of the birfer closet. So every commenter on GWP is a moron. This is a fake?

    I just have to ask though. I assume the premise is that Obama was indeed born in Kenya? right? Because releasing the “long-form” was never really the issue at all. How correct am I?

  144. if you take a look at the 2 b.c.’s the real one the Oaho is all on a single line and in the obama one the O is raised higher than the aho. that should be on in line not up/down of each other soo was it a scanning error or altered??? there are tons of stuff that does not settle with the times like african cuz i thought blacks were all called negro in the early 60′s until the mid 60′s after king jr’s many speeches. to really throw a curve ball at him find some other b.c.’s with black/white parents and see what they have as race’s.
  145. Why is Susan’s certificate number lower than Obama’s? Susan was born on 8/5/61 and the number on the cert is 10637, Obama born a day earlier 8/4/61 and his number is higher 10641. I wasn’t a birther but I have to admit the whole thing smells funny. All I ever wanted to see was the passport he traveled to Pakistan on and his college records.
  146. some people are easily intimidated by leftist twisted reasonings.

    it is the pastor who burn books who made me kill.

    it is the the environment that made me enjoy stealing and killing.

    it is how that lady dress up that make me rape.

    it is the birthers who make me do foolish things like hiding my birth cert. they are the ones who is sick, not me.

    NO, SORRY, the person who did not do a simple thing to solve the problem is the one who is sick.

    never be intimidated by their twisted logic. twist it back and expose the simple truth.

    simple truth : there is nothing wrong with wanting to know if you have proper backgrounds. I will be irresponsible if I didn’t care.

    simple truth : show us that birth cert. nothing difficult.

    simple truth : since it took so long to do something that is not difficult then even if the birth cert is true, your actions clearly revealed something in your character that cannot be trusted. if Obama thinks this is some kind of game he can use in the attempt to win points, then he is sick and it backfired on him.

  147. I’m sorry to inform all the die hard birthers out there that their arguments are hinged on conjecture and “why not” instead of facts. The empirical evidence supports (and has for some time now) Obama’s status as an American born citizen. I won’t go into the details comparing the evidence, physical and logical, to the counter theories entrenched in supposition and hypothesis, because we’d be here all day and the facts have already been well established before any oath of office was ever taken.

    The argument that Obama is not a natural born citizen simply because both his parents weren’t citizens also doesn’t hold any legal weight, constitutional or otherwise. Natural born simply means, by the common law definition, that citizenship was inferred upon birth. Both parents don’t have to be citizens, and the Supreme Court has upheld this interpretation of the amendment in multiple cases. If both parents had to be citizens, then Chester A. Arthur was an illegal president, which he wasn’t.

    But this isn’t really about Obama’s citizenship status, and it never has been. A film crew could go back in time to document Obama’s head popping out of the womb in a Honolulu hospital and there would still be doubters. This is about people who are so fervently opposed to Obama’s policies and/or what he stands for that they create a false reality in which he’s not really president, and therefore their dismissal of his position as the rightfully elected executive leader of the nation is validated. They want so badly to believe something so far removed from reality, that it becomes reality to them despite any overwhelming evidence to the contrary. Anyone who’s studied even basic human psychology knows how powerful the human imagination is.

    Liberals have got to be tickled pink at the continuing ludicrousness of the birther movement. Their insistence in living in some fantasy world of far fetched conspiracies is an act of self sabotage, and discredits any valid points they may have to offer. They have dismissed themselves as a bunch of crazies without knowing it. One could even argue that it’s wholly un-American and that they’re in essence renouncing their own citizenship. I mean, they’re refusing to recognize and abide by the directive of the executive Commander in Chief as derived by a unequivocal mandate of the masses, who was confirmed as a natural born citizen by the Electoral College, House of Representatives (by a vote of 378 – 0), and all court cases challenging otherwise (72 – 0 so far). Obama’s not going anywhere except eventual retirement, probably not until 2016 at this rate.

    But hey, nothing I nor anyone else says is going to change these peoples’ minds. They’re going to believe only what the want to believe, no matter how illogical it may be. We’re all going to hell in a hand basket and the President is a puppet in the aspirations of the secret society driving the New World Order. Gad. It’s like listening to the liberals during the Bush years.

  148. When you load the document in a regular PDF reader (at least on our slow computer), it shows the various layers as it loads. This should not happen if the document was scanned as a whole, intact page. The layers look like they are a sloppy cut-and-paste job. Any graphic art editing program could do this.

    But WHY was it necessary–unless no REAL b.c. exists, or the one that does exist has some really damning info on it?

    Regardless, the document offered on 4/27 is a fake, because there is NO EMBOSSED “SEAL” anywhere on it. BOGUS!!

  149. Official documents have security features in them for a reason. Even our money has security features for the same reason; so they cannot be easily faked.

    Obama’s “proof” of eligibility doesn’t offer any security. (Adobe Illustrator can disassemble it in seconds.)

    This release doesn’t debunk the ‘birther movement’ or Obama’s citizenship. Since the information it provides cannot be reduced to an absolute quantity, it is meaningless.

    The purpose of this birth certificate is not to end a debate. It’s purpose is to perpetuate it. It is white noise in an already loud environment.

    Substantively speaking, this birth certificate is a waste of time. It doesn’t prove either argument.

    Politically speaking, it is a loss for Obama. He was forced to respond.

  150. Why did he spend TWO MILLION DOLLARS to hide it?

    How come the Governor of Hawaii couldn’t find it when he went looking for it just 2 months ago?

    FAKE!!! LOL

  151. I’m a graphic artist and I opened the document in Illustrator, which is the program it was obviously edited in before exporting as a PDF. It appears as though different sections of the varying carbon copy layers of the original were picked through and superimposed on top of the base carbon copy (the one that’s usually retained by the Dept. of Health and Human Services). When you peel back the layers in Illustrator, like I did, you can uncover the bottom carbon copy in its entirety. It’s really faint, but all the same information is there.

    Embossed seals don’t scan or copy very well, which this certificate obviously was. You can tell where some of the lower typed text was slightly offset by embossing, but any stand alone raised sections that did come through the scan have been erased.

    It’s obviously been heavily edited, any fool can tell you that. For what reason can only be speculated. They probably just created a cleaned up copy of a 50 year old document in really bad shape, just like any graphic designer like myself would do in the same situation. Maybe it’s a fraud and who ever crafted the fake document was too stupid to flatten the layers before exporting as a PDF. I don’t know, I’m only speculating, and speculation is no substitute for fact.

    In my professional opinion as a graphic artist with 15 years of experience with digital graphic editing, this is most likely a cleaned up digital scan of a real document. I know, because I do the same thing all the time.

  152. #87 April 27, 2011 at 9:35 pm
    Mina commented:

    Obama’s public response reminds me of my grandmother when my grandfather would corner her for smoking…



    That’s the point- the mask has slipped off, and nobody loves the Chicago Ward Heeler anymore, except those with their hands in his pocket.

    If Sarah runs, I’m with her All The Way- but at this point, I’d vote for a Ham Sammich over Duh!1…

  153. I like this response from Mickey Kaus:



    “Even if Obama was attempting the “genius” Trump-pumping triple-bank-shot , that doesn’t mean it will work out as planned and help the president. It also looks–to the non-geniueses–like Obama waited two years to spring a trap on the birthers and then pissed it away trying to damage a marginal candidate, in a press appearance that made the president seem as much a righteous, lecturing whiner (“I’ve got better stuff to do”) as a policy-driven grown up. Is Obama saying he wouldn’t be losing an unnecessary war in Libya if only he’d had more quiet time to think it through?”

  154. #124 wants to know why the hospital name is fake on Obama’s BC. It isn’t. Unless you believe the Nordyke BC is a fake as well!

    Both Obama’s long-form and the Nordyke’s long-form post the hospital name as the same.

  155. I’ve been screaming about this issue for over two years and have believed that because of his dual citizenship he was not eligible to run and that should have been the end of it. I’m grateful that Trump’s celebrity did what many of us great unwashed couldn’t do.
    At this point I believe we should drop the issue because ogabe either can’t or won’t produce a real document. We should pack back that knowledge (like so many other things) and move on to attacking his policies full bore. He’s a liar, has been, always will be. Oh…and a socialist. End of discussion. Just another thing to remember come 2012. One day, the truth of this completely reprehensible man will come out and they can put an asterisk beside his name just like they do disgraced ball players.
  156. #84 – The addresses on the Obama long-form and the Nordyke long-forms are not the street address of the hospital, but the mother’s street address. Hence the difference.

    I think all the discussion about the Sotero name (a name he took later – probably forced on him) … the correct name of the hospital … the sequence numbering .. etc., are probably not going anywhere.

    My question is why is the Nordyke long-form signed by a woman (Beatrice) but the Obama long-form signed by UKE Lee? Are you kidding me? A man named UKE Lee from Hawaii? Perhaps there is a rational explanation

  157. 0bama:

    Ah crap! I’ve been busted again!

    I hope I don’t go to prison for this one!

    I told George Soros to have one of his best bond forgers make my Birth Certificate. All I got was some idiot who layered the thing worse than Michael Moore’s stake of breakfast pancakes.

    My limousine is burning $5.15 gas and Barney Frank is in the back. I want Soros in the back in now. He is going to get Barney Franked until is arse bleeds. I want my grease money back with interest. My Birth Certificate is a crappy digitized piece of donkey dung. Good day.

  158. Cat – accepting this as a fait accompli and simply moving on suggests this country is willing to establish a legal precedent which in the future will permit any anchor baby to pursue the office of the POTUS unchallenged on the merits of “natural born”, effectively equating “natural born” with “native born” status. Opposition to dual parentage owing no foreign allegiances is being challenged thusly:

    A citizen was either born a citizen or had to be made one through a naturalization process. That is, one is either
    natural-born, or

    With all due respect to those who insist this is a non-starter — I question whether that is a road concerned citizens should be guided to follow.

    Another example of how this is being challenged is the recently failed AZ birther bill which specifically reduced the ‘natural born’ pre-requisite to only one parent [Link: http://tinyurl.com/45goruq ]:




    …A person who is born subject to the jurisdiction of the United States is a natural born United States citizen.

    Article II defines a person… “born subject to the jurisdiction of the United States” … as … “a child born to at least ONE parent who owes no allegiance to any foreign sovereignty“.
    Article III declares that… “A person who is born subject to the jurisdiction of the United States is a natural born United States citizen.”

    Sneaky all around. When the relevant section of Article II is read in conjunction with the relevant section of Article III, you have a complete declaration that a person born of ONE citizen parent is a “natural born United States citizen”. Fortunately, thanks to Gov. Brewer, this measure failed — for now. Watch for this measure to continue to be slyly incorporated in other birther bills.

  159. Here is what I said at P&P. I think the real story is about his mom and what kind of life he had to have suffered at her hands. —

    take another look at the certificate- Jim over at GW is all about it being altered. Me, I see something else, a story within a story. Who is Obama? Often a child is the product of his relationship with his mother.

    Look at the form. What stands out? Notice her legal name then notice how she signed the form. Notice the father’s age and then her age.

    Imagine the level of radical thought that must have gone through her 18yr old head to sleep with a black man, an African black man, in 1960. This would have been unheard of. Yet, there she is. When was she “married” to Obama? Before conception, after, ever? Is the real story that Obama is our first president that could be the product of a “baby’s momma” moment? The grand social experiment of proud voluntary single motherhood espoused by Murphy Brown’s supporters (remember Dan Quayle)?

    Her listed legal name at the time of his birth was not Obama, but she signed it that way. Wonder why…

    If you want to know why Obama is the screwed up mess we see today, look no further than his mom.

  160. I’m afraid that a heavily processed, triple-scanned example, is the best we’re ever gonna see out of this guy. The “irrefutable proof” he has provided does nothing to clarify the situation.

    The original document handed to his mother can no longer exist. It was either claimed by the Indonesian government when lil’ Barry was adopted, or Barry and his high school buddies ran out of rolling papers one day.

    The original is gone, but explaining that to the American people would lift the veil of invincibility on the narcissist-in-chief. He would have to admit that at one time in his past, he made a mistake. (But aren’t gods incapable of making mistakes?)

    So let’s get back to all those issues that Obama wants to talk about;

    - High gas prices
    - High unemployment
    - Housing market continuing it’s downward slide.
    - Cultural harmony in the US has been set back 30 years
    - WTF are we doing in Libya?
    - Reversals on Guantanamo, Iraq, Afghanistan, etc.
    - ObamaCare is still unconstitutional
    - Why is he bypassing the congressional rejection of Cap N Trade?
    - Why is he bypassing the congressional rejection of the Fairness Doctrine?

    (There’s really no way to end this post. This list has no limit.)

  161. I loved the fact that Obama said we should stop paying attention to this nonsense and get back to the real issues, (you know, how his administration has caused) $4 gal gas, $14 T debt, high unemployment… Yeah, Einstein, lets take the focus off your fake papers and onto your complete and utter incompetence. Such a brilliant politician…lol. He can never win re-election. What’s he going to run on? His record? Republicans are all racist whitey racist birther racists? When they can’t cobble together better fake documents than this, you know the train is off the tracks. Money can’t guarantee victory. Ask Mittens.
  162. Why is there shading on the left side of the form? Watch this video:


    At 1:30, the “shading” that makes the form look like a page from a photocopied book, disappears with the safety paper layer – it was photoshopped into the safety paper layer. The form doesn’t have the shading – it’s not part of the “scan” from the original document. This shading is a standard tool, I’ve used it to simulate a book pages using less sophisticated tools than Illustrator or Photoshop.

    Most of the news outlets posted the image cropped down to the edges of the form, so the shading looked more realistic. But when you see the whole page and watch the layers being moved or rendered invisible, the shading is right there in the middle of the page for no reason.


    On this video, the narrator shows how the “typed” characters and even the background pre-printed form lines and words do not have the chromatic gradation you get from scanning documents in color. So the form was superimposed over the green safety paper.

  163. DUDE they faked a whole moon landing in the 60′s, how hard do you think it is to fake a peice of paper!?!!!!?!!

    Get a brian morans!!!!

  164. “If you tell a lie big enough and keep repeating it, people will eventually come to believe it.”

    It’s obviously a fake, just like the fake himself. Everything this manchild does is a lie. He’s just like his father, the Devil, a liar from the beginning.

  165. @#174 Goober

    Read my previous post. Funny you chose your name as Goober. Who says God doesn’t have a sense of humor? Goober…if the shoe fits, …

  166. the BC is a fake — an obvious (and maybe intentional) fake according to many adobe photoshop experts — so the question is WHY?
  167. There is one glaringly obvious “mistake” that the “editor” of this “official” document made…

    Right under where it says “Department of Health” on the administrations document there is a record number that begins with 151, everything after that is entered using a “hand stamp”.

    If Chairman O was actually born on August 4, 1961 in Hawaii and the sample document from the other person was born on August 5, 1961 in Hawaii….

    How did the person born on August 5 have the record number 151 61 10637 but Chairman O has the record number 151 61 10641 but was born on August 4?

    Does it strike anyone as more than a little weird that Chairman O has a higher “hand stamped” document number than another individual born one day later in August 1961?

    Take a look at “box 22″ on both documents, that is the record acceptance date of the state of Hawaii, the Chairman O document says August 8 but the sample document says August 11.

    Why did the document take only four days for the state to accept for Chairman O yet the other took six and the Chairman O document still received a higher record number than the person born the very next day?

    This one “incongruity” on its face screams forgery and a very bad one at that.

  168. There’s no real birth cert. because they have already burnt the darn-thing.
  169. All you folks keep looking at the birth certificate and while you promote this distraction Obama’s Czars will continue to drive the price of gas up by destroying the oil and gas industry in America, provide aid and comfort to the unions as they destroy the economy. remember Obama is a committed Christian and we all know that all committed Christians know all the dates of Muslim importance but frequently forget all about the Christian date of Easter. Wipe out all the noise and trash, use common sense, and you will know who Obama is.
  170. If he was born in the USA,then why did he asked and was given a Student grant for being a foreign student?( at his request)( sorry for the mistake, I too am a foreign)
  171. Yes…dump the “Actions” comment. There is nothing to it. I have been working in Illustrator for 14 years. It is a standard default set of Actions that is pre-programmed into Illustrator. Every opened document will have this same set of actions available unless altered by the user. They have nothing to do with the birth certificate whatsoever.
  172. There is a reason it took so long for our liberal/socialist government to produce this obvious fake birth certificate. The original document was destroyed in the controlled demolition of 7 World Trade Center along with the original copy of the fake moon landing movie Stanley Kubrick made for NASA, the Arc of the Covenant and crate loads of other classified evil documents and objects with super natural powers. Now let’s all go back to the Matrix, have our brains cleaned and eat another bowl of Soylent Green while we try to figure out why independents are wary of normal everyday people such as ourselves.
  173. #178 How did the person born on August 5 have the record number 151 61 10637 but Chairman O has the record number 151 61 10641 but was born on August 4?

    Well seen!

    Hmmm. It is indiscussable that the document has been doctored, so the question is whether it has just been cleaned up or it is as fake as a three dollar note made by Dan Rather. With the numbers being in the wrong order, I would need to see an original before I believed that the released document is genuine.

  174. You guys are being played. Some computer savvy person working for the Obama admin purposely put questionable stuff in there, counting on the “Dan Rather effect” they knew would happen the minute they put up the pdf. They WANT this story alive so they can smear all Republicans as conspiracy theorists, all while taking credit for release.

    AND they get to keep hiding whatever he spent $1M trying to cover up on the long form.

    The man was born in Hawaii and that’s what matters. Let it go.

  175. Don’t need special software to notice somethings funny. Anybody notice that background pattern doesn’t bend where the page curves? Look at the pdf as a whole, the background pattern was added to a the full page rather than it being there when the document was scanned. If the document was scanned the background pattern would 1) bend with the paper and 2) stop at the edge of the paper. Why add the graphic? To make it look more authentic? It’s not a scan of a single original document. I can’t say whether he was or wasn’t born here. I can say that this document is suspicious (at best).

    Don’t know. Don’t care. Just stop lying or stop talking. Or both if you must!

  176. I have a question for those who think this certificate is fake.

    First, I trust Obama as far as I can throw, which is not at all. The man is a fraud & a liar and a terrible President. I just want to play Devil’s advocate for a minute…

    My question is – why would he risk being caught with a ‘photoshopped’ version of his birth certificate?

    Think about it. He has had 3 years and the power of the U.S. government behind him. He could have easily acquired an authentic form or had one made, hired the best experts at forgery to replicate an actual Hawaiian birth certificate signatures. He didn’t need to resort to modern computer technology to accomplish this. All he would have needed was access to the same printing methods used in 1961.

    For that matter, he could have simply acquired and altered an existing 1961 Hawaiian birth certificate of a person no longer living. Identity thieves do similar things all the time, so it wouldn’t be too difficult for corrupt government officials to do the same.

    Once he had the form, it would be easy to acquire an older model typewriter (check eBay!) and someone to forge the signatures. It seems that hiring a multitude of photoshop/computer experts to “clip’, and ‘mask’, and ‘layer’, and edit, etc. is a whole lot of unnecessary trouble.

    Again, I don’t like Obama. I think he is deliberately misleading the American people about his birth certificate (and every other issue) or he wouldn’t have waited 3 years to release it. Just considering the theory of Occam’s Razor.

    Everyone seems to be grasping at a more complex theory while ignoring simpler ones.

  177. JUST ANOTHER FAKE – you’re a numbskull, but I love it. “African” describes his dad’s race because he was born in Africa. This was the practice back then. Keep up the conspiracy theories, though. Us Democratas can’t get enough and it makes it even easier to paint Republicans as nut-jobs (not that we need much help)
  178. No matter what comes of the birther argument; it will not change our situation now. Even if there was impeachment, trial, and punishment, we’re still in a world of hurt. If the birthers are right and Obama is removed, where does that leave us? Answer: with Joe Biden, is that better?
  179. I downloaded the PFD…

    the page opened with birth certificate blank ?

    Than all the places to fill in loaded i never seen that before ?

    Why did this happen ?

  180. If the Supreme Court rules Obama is ineligible, that means the Obama-Biden ticket was ineligible. Biden would also be removed from office. Since Obama would be an illegal usurper, then his lifetime appointments to the Supreme Court could also be declared null and void. John Boehner would become president and would be able to appoint two people to replace Kagan and Sotomayor. It could happen pretty quick. If I am correct, I believe the Supreme Court is set to review one of the cases on Monday, May 2. In the past, the Supremes have refused to hear the case. We shall see.
  181. The identical date handwriting could be a simple question of a nurse putting the date in for the mothers.
  182. Why doesn’t some reporter ask him about the school enrollment form that has his name as Barry Soetoro?

    Why doesn’t some reporter ask him to release his college transcripts?

    Why doesn’t some reporter ask him, “What are you hiding, Mr. President? In the end, we will find out, so you might as well make it easy on yourself and spit it out now. We’re likely to go easier on you than if you play hardball for the next two years.”

  183. Why doesn’t Donald Trump ask him about Barry Soetoro? Or, because Donald seems to be sensitive to the press’s questions, why doesn’t a reporter ask Trump about the Indonesian school record?

    Donald, you listening?

  184. The address on the birth certificate from this web site: http://theconservativetreehouse.files.wordpress.com/2011/04/nordykebirthcertificate1.jpg, is likely to be the location of the original Kapiolani Maternity center as the address is located next to a university and hospital history states that it merged and became a larger hospital. The address on the Obama birth certificate shows the current address of Castle Medical which isn’t even close to where Obama claims to have been born. If you use google maps you can see that Kapiolani Medical is located very close to the address given on the Nordyke example. The address being wrong can’t easily be explained away as the groundbreaking at the location on the Obama certificate did not occur until 1962 and no hospital existed there until 1963.
  185. The Obama drones here promote the well-respected legal theory known as “Olly olly oxen free”. What the hell kind of a way is that to run a country?
  186. Id say this whole thing (obsession) is racially motivated… and a huge case of sour grapes…. >>so what? (he has spent his whole life living as an american, even if he wasnt) You seem to be throwing stones at a newborn?? (for who his parents are? or where they were born?)

    It is also racist ,so why buy into it… ?
    why bother focusing on what the man is doing or what his possible religious roots are, when as far as you are concerned it should be how the government is run… and how good a job he is doing?

    YOU “should” be asking is he doing a good job?…. I thought america was liberated..

    your friendly neighbourhood canadian…


    When Obama announced the release of his birth certificate yesterday he said that the Birther movement “bemused him.” Bemused him? More like it AMUSED him. Whereas most grownups in his place would have put an end to the “silliness” of Birtherism by quickly releasing solid proof of his US birthplace Obama instead encouraged it while childishly delighting in it. In the spirit of bipartisanship and empathy he allowed the Birther movement to grow and flourish for thirty months for the amusement and pleasure of seeing right wingers grope around in error. Indeed, this was on the same high plane as inviting Paul Ryan and the GOP to a speech on deficit reduction only to humiliate them. It is that disgusting.

    Google ApolloSpeaks to read the res of this piece on my top townhall blog.

  188. Has anyone compared Obama’s BC to GRETCHEN Nordyke? I could be wrong, but it looks closer to me than Susan’s does.
  189. To Janice,

    We are a nation of laws. To suggest otherwise would be treason and mutiny. Our forefathers and framers of the constitution were the ones that questioned the British government. They understood very clearly that government becomes evil. Look around the world for plenty of examples. To just ignore anything government does or the president does could mean one day you wake up living in a communist nation. You are canadian whom lives in a socialist country. You are just one step away from communism. You don’t understand our country in the slightest because you believe or have been indoctrinated to believe that government is there to serve you and give you free handouts. That is not the way of life in America. We think for ourselves and really don’t need government other than to fix stop lights.

  190. #87 April 27, 2011 at 9:35 pm
    Mina commented:

    Obama’s public response reminds me of my grandmother when my grandfather would corner her for smoking…


    That’s what the racists believe, like they believe that they speak for the whole country. Nobody believes Sarah Palin is good enough to be President, but that they’re desperate to get rid of the black man in office!

  191. Glad to see there are so many idiots still posting about this. Makes me feel good about my continued job security.
  192. Questionman,

    Let’s play “Who’s The Racist”, shall we?

    Telling Us Who They Fear: Left-Wing Journo Attacks Rep. Allen West


  193. For me, this issue is not about trying to remove a sitting president because I disagree with him; my concern is the rule of law – Constitutional law, and the blatant attempt to cheat and deceive.

    Any elected person that would fraudulently gain office and the powers therein – whether repub, dem, indie, or martian – ought to face in full the people’s administration of justice.

    But of course, some of said people could care less about ethics and are more concerned about getting a good latching onto the teet of the government gravy train.

  194. I’m a longtime Acrobat, Photoshop, and Illustrator user, too. I see massive evidence of fakery, and I’m constructing my own “CSI” (Creative Suite Investigation) report on this thing. But let’s be correct in our investigations. John G., a PDF does not retain memory of actions from an Illustrator ancestry. The Actions you see are the default Actions list that you’ll see in ANY Illustrator file you open (or PDF that you open from within Illustrator). Create a new blank AI file, and you’ll see those same actions.

    Our arguments have to be bulletproof. I’m working on one.

  195. Chisum, why do you try the demean the obvious racism of the right by complaining about an Uncle Tom like Allen West? This whole thing against Obama is racist, pure and simple!
  196. You people are truly incredible. You confirm everything the Left thinks about you when you spout such incredible nonsense. In your fanatical attempt to disprove Obama’s presidency, you will stop at nothing to look for conspiracy where non exists. Hey, did you know Paul McCartney is dead? Yep, it was “proved” 30 years ago with a lot more credibility than you all are showing here. Go back to sleep and dream of your Ayn Rand utopian state.
  197. The question is no longer if he was born in the USA. Remember the lesson from Watergate: it’s not the crime so much as it is the cover-up. I cannot yet go so far as to declare I believe the released BC is a fake, but there are things that raise questions.

    It appears that one or both of the Nordyke sisters’ BCs may have been the source document that served as a basis for the released BC. Note the curvature at the upper left edge is very similar, if not exact. Also, in the date entered in box 18b, the dashes are different between the two twins’ certs, even though written by the same hand. The dashes are, however, absolutely identical in both Susan Nordyke’s and Obama’s certs, even though likely written by two different people.

    It’s the little things….

  198. Questionman,

    In an effort towards accuracy you should change your name to “Clownman”.

  199. Hey Claudia,

    I’m reading that the layers and the lack of chromatic aberration are the result of a vector tracing program that converted an original bitmap image to this PDF file.

    What are you thoughts on this? I am not an expert by any means. But it sounds like that could be why this White House document looks the way it does.

    What’s strange is why they would bother doing this. Why can’t we just see the original scanned image (if there is one)?

  200. Has anyone compared Obama’s BC to GRETCHEN Nordyke? I could be wrong, but it looks closer to me than Susan’s does.

    Registrar on nordykes is different than on Odogma’s. Two different registrars serving at the same time. But hey, we shouldn’t be asking such questions even according to some popular conservative blogs. And of course shut up about how a resident of Hawaii can have a Connecticut social security number. Ignore the blatant fraud being committed right before our eyes. Better to harp about $5.00 a gallon gas on our blogs while the MSM media keeps the American people in the dark about who is responsible for our energy crisis by devoting recently only 3 permit blocking issues out of 200+ it’s the speculators and evil oil company profits propaganda pieces. How smart is that? Get ready ready for 4 more years of Odogma with that kind of failed logic.

  201. Another good catch by StrangernFiction on another thread on this site is that the type for the word “Kapiolani” does not appear to follow the same curvature evident in the preprinted lines and type, as it would if it appeared on the form prior to scanning.
  202. Why has a person (Nordyk child( born the next day aug. 5 has a lower number (10637than obama born
    the day before Aug. 4 10641)????????????????//
  203. It’s more than apparent that this BC on Obama’s site has been edited by Adobe Photoshop..
    Why would they do that?…Do you think they forgot to group the image and save it as a jpg. immage?….If so that was a super flub…I am guessing this image will be changed out after they save it correctly to hide the formating they added…We will look like “BIRTHERS” and easily baited into that mindset…Or maybe Obama did this on purpose..maybe we are being baiting into making Obama the “victim”…I think we better move on from this because there is not one thing we can do about it….We need to focus on exposing the damage Obama has done as a president in a non bias fashion than once we get him out of office we can expose is illegal behavior of changing legal doc.
  204. Where did you all go to school? Super crazy way out no way land? I see lack of knowledge of constitutional law, world history, good grammar and spelling, human psychology, physical science, and even basic analytical thinking skills.

    Further evidence of the failure of our public education system.

    “Get a brian morans”? I mean, come on.

  205. you can go to H*ll carlito!
  206. “he’s still not a Natural Born Citizen since both parents were not born on U.S. soil”. That is hilarious and, of course, completely wrong to boot.

    Everyone should question your gross misunderstanding of a Natural Born Citizen. (and nearly everything else you blog about) Clearly, the Natural Born Citizen clause was included to allow current “naturalized” US citizens born abroad (British citizens) to run for office since they were in the US when the constitution was ratified. In other words, everyone in the United States was born abroad. If the grandfather provision clause of “Natural Born Citizen”) was not included in the Constitution, the country would have had to wait for years before any US citizen would met the requirements to become President or Vice-President.

    Get your facts straight. At least have the decency to say that ‘what you are about to read, dear readers, is from my imagination and there is absolutely not one single fact to back any of it’. Don’t investigate and continue with your stupidity. I highly doubt if this is posted on your site at all or if it is, it will be removed shortly. Prove me wrong!

  207. At this point, i don’t care what he is or where he came from.

    I only care that he is currently trying to change the form of government in the United States, without the consent of the American people.

    The Constitution is our authority, not the President. Obama is acting well outside his job description. He is supposed to enforce the existing laws…..all of them. He’s not supposed to have ANY legislative authority, but he keeps making rules for others to live by, and he keeps spending money as fast as he can print it.

    Our ‘protector’ is becoming a dictator.

  208. Why if you believed Clinton when he wagged his finger at us and swore he didn’t have sex with that woman how could all you dull birthers doubt the honesty of the Commissar Obamao?
  209. Claudia,

    You beat me to it!

    You are exactly correct! The Actions are not saved in a PDF file. What John Gargano is seeing are default Actions in Illustrator.

    From what I can tell by looking at John G.’s snapshot, I have a different version of Illustrator (mine is CS5) than John G., so the Actions list I am seeing is slightly different than his. If this were an actual Actions History saved along with the PDF file, then we both would be seeing the same Actions list; even though our Illustrator versions are different.

    Sometimes, even experts can get a little lost when dealing with a massively complex program like Illustrator. It happens to the best of us—even more so to myself!


  210. Nothing would surprise me with this guy…everything else that comes out of his mouth is a lie, so why not this?
  211. Someone above opined: “Embossed seals don’t scan or copy very well, which this certificate obviously was.”

    B.S.! The earlier fake they posted (short form) in 2008 showed the so-called embossing quite well. There is NO EMBOSSING AT ALL on this latter (long form) FAKE.

  212. obama ran for and held the office of the presidency for 2 1/2 years without proving his eligibility to hold that office. that is not a conspiracy theory, thats a fact.
  213. “I have been using Adobe Illustrator since the original version (Illustrator 88) came out in 1988. I have attached a few Illustrator files that I believe will provide evidence that I am indeed an illustrator expert.

    The second question is, if you look at the file I have sent as Obama Certificate Actions 01, you can see in the actions palette that there were 24 actions performed on this file before it was made into a pdf. Many of the actions are not Illustrator functions, but are Photoshop actions.”

    That’s pretty funny, since the Actions panel only contains pre-recorded macros. They’re always there, regardless of document, and don’t change depending on which file is open. There is absolutely no way to list the steps performed on a file using Illustrator, or really any Adobe program.

    Also, they did add a great deal of Photoshop-like actions to Illustrator around CS/CS2. Congrats, you finally found a new feature. I suggest Mara Z read the help documentation that comes with Illustrator to learn proper use of the Actions panel.

    I am an actual graphics expert, and am happy to answer any questions you may about either Photoshop or Illustrator.

  214. Just Me,

    There IS an embossed seal on it. You just have to look VERY closely. I’ve clipped out the pertinent section and adjusted the contrast to help “pop” it out a little more for everyone to see:


    Look, I have no doubts that this Birth Certificate smells pretty fishy, but if this is what Obama wants to pass off as his Official Birth Certificate, then fine!; we are that much closer to the goal line because, now we have a supposedly official document saying the Obama’s father is not a U.S. citizen and was here in America on a student visa. Sure, we knew this before, but now we have “official” proof that will stand up in the courts. Obama was born with split allegiances and has demonstrated this on numerous occasion and is therefore not in compliance with the Founding Fathers’ original “intent” behind the Natural Born clause in the U.S. Constitution.


  215. The .pdf file interrogation is piquing my curiosity but….

    Wasn’t the original Long Form BC, with the raised seal, passed around to reporters and people actually held it in their hands?

  216. An ‘official scanned copy’ of any legal document would at least attempt to include security.

    Have you ever downloaded the text of a proposed House or Senate Bill. On opening, Acrobat Reader will tell you if the security certificate is valid or not.

    The White House intentionally released a haphazard product to prolong the controversy. The birther issue is easier for the White House to defend against than the downward economic spiral they have set us on.

    For wrecking the United States economy, there is no ‘reasonable doubt’ available to Barack Obama. He alone is responsible.

  217. a question for all you myth supporters, why would you be suprised that people would think that obama would lie about this being his real birth certificate.

    i will not sign any bill with ear marks
    every bill will be on c-span for five days before i sign it so the american people can know what is in it.
    i really didn’t know bill ayers, he was just a guy in the neighborhood
    saying thatoil production in the gulf is at an all time high. four after the United States Energy Information Agency say it was at the lowest since the myth took office
    said in the same speech imported oil is at an all time low while fours days eariler the USEIA said it was at an all-time high
    i didn’t know rev. wright felt that way(about america and white people)even though i spent twenty years in his church, he married me, he baptised my children, was my personal religious advisor, we were personal friends that socialized regularly
    there will be no funding for abortion under obamacare
    the stimulus saved or created millions of jobs
    i will close guantanamo
    obamacare will save hundreds of millions of dollars in healthcare costs
    i cut taxes for ninety per cent of americans
    the border is the most secure it has ever been

  218. to people like janice from canada you thinks its racist,well i think your a racist i didn’t see you saying that john mc cain(the white man)didn’t have to prove his eligibility to run for the presidency.
  219. Michael Hoskins,

    I have a question for you if you don’t mind. If a vector tracing software was used to convert an original bitmap image into a PDF file, would it not vectorize the entire document? Or would it just vectorize bits and pieces?

    It seems that the layers and smoothness of the lettering could be the result of a vector conversion. But there are still pixelated parts of the White House document, so I was wondering if that would rule out a vector conversion.


  220. The most disturbing fact about this fake BC is the fact that it is so badly done, even the novice can see (without software), that it’s a forgery. Obama is mocking America, and he knows that the liberal media will mock with him! They didn’t even try to make it look real as he KNEW he didn’t have to. It’s kind of like a guilty criminal, after being released on a technicality, laughing at his victims out in the open, when they can do nothing to stop it.
  221. A couple of big problems with Obama’s certificate:

    1. The Obama BC was filed on August 8, 1961 – earlier than the Nordyke BC (August 11, 1961). However, the Obama BC has a registration number of 10641 – which is greater than the registration number of the Nordyke BC (10637) which was filed later. The registration numbers are normally running numbers which increment as and when new registrations are made – so later registrations should have the higher numbers and not the registrations which came earlier.

    2. The address of the hospital mentioned in the two certificates is entirely different even though the certificates were filed just 3 days apart.

    I think there is good reason to believe that the Obama BC is a forgery.

  222. 2. It’s the address of the mother, not the hospital.
  223. There IS no hospital address on the birth certificates — the street address is for the MOTHER’S RESIDENCE.

    Come on, people!!!!!

    Hire a forensic document examiner — an expert — to offer his or her opinion. This armchair forensics effort is absurd.

    People are talking about the hospital address when it isn’t even on the BC. Really, this is ridiculous, don’t you think?

  224. A fake birth certificate only proves what we already knew; that Barack Obama is a LIAR!

    INACCURATE (or unverifiable) INFORMATION doesn’t prove, or disprove, anything.

    This issue is a dead end.

  225. To Barry Soetoro, lying is as natural as breathing. Any thing he says is bound to be scrutinized for truth and legitimacy. Each person creates his or her own reputation with their words and deeds. Barry did too. Only his words and deeds are contradictory! That’s the reputation he has garnered for himself. Based on that, I would have questioned his veracity just as much if he had said, “I don’t have an American BC because I wasn’t born here”.
  226. Are you people for real? This is a joke site, like Cracked or Funny or Die, right?
  227. Just a question, but if the gal whose 1961 birth certificate sports the number 61-10637 was born the day AFTER Hussein, and if the “date accepted by the local registrar” or whatever it is (in the lower left hand corner) is a few days AFTER the date on Hussein’s certificate, why does tehChosen One have a birth certificate number HIGHER than the girl?? Shouldn’t his have been an earlier–lower–certificate number, being born a day earlier and his certificate having been presented for signature by the local powers that be several days earlier??? His certificate bears the number 10641–4 numbers LATER than the girls certificate, yet he was born EARLIER and his document forwarded for authentication (signature) on August 8th, 1961, vs. August 11th for the girl!!
  228. Michael Hoskins…

    I downloaded the Adobe File from the WH website yesterday at 2:42 pm. I looked at the properties and it says it was created August 30, 2010. Can you clarify why this file purporting to be made by the WH the day they released the information is dated this way? Also can the summary be erased so that this file shows none? Anyone else have different information? Does this mean anything?

    Name of File: 002-BEG-1859-07-15-01-SINGLE.PDF

    Created: Monday, August 30, 2010, 12:22:20 PM
    Modified Yesterday, April 27, 2011 2:42 PM
    Accessed Today, April 28, 2011 1:30 PM
    2nd page PDF – or 2nd TAB that is part of Properties
    Modified Wednesday, April 27, 2011 6:08:45 AM
    Application: Preview
    PDF Producer Mac OS x 10.6.7 Quartz PDF Context
    Fast web View: No
    PDF Version 1.3
    3rd Tab – NO Summary

  229. For those lefty trolls who think we on the right can’t multi-task and oppose Zero on the issues while harassing him on his “lack of papers”, grow up! I doubt you are the least concerned that the right will anger the voters in the middle. It pursuing the birth certificate and the grade transcripts was not hurting your guy, you would step aside and let the right “step in it”. All your squealing does is show the effectiveness of pursuing this tract. When you fall silent then we have something to worry about. And for those who think they know, “Natural born citizen” is defined in Blacks Law Dictionary and several Supreme Court Cases. Zero does not qualify, but the only entities that can remove him are the Congress by impeachment or the voters in an election. I doubt congress will act but both parties will join the chorus that there is no evidence that Zero is not qualified. Not even SCOTUS can act in this case. It will be left up to us as voters.
  230. Take a straight edge piece of paper to the Nordyke certificate. Put it under the base of typed data on line 2 starting with FEMALE on the left edge over to the 1961 date and the 2:12 Pm …You will see a Perfect level straight line of type….On the forged Obama certificate the 1961 sinks significantly below the baseline set by the word Male and August. Again on line 8 the typed letters “Robert Allen Nordyke Caucasion” rest on a perfectly level baseline. On the forged Obama certicifate….African sinks well below the baseline established by Barak Hussein Obama. I do see any way for this to happen when operating a typwriter.
  231. I can’t believe how pathetic you people are!
  232. I can’t believe how pathetic you people are.
  233. Some might argue that no person skilled in computer graphics would leave behind a trail of his or her actions. That may be the case, but it is by no means a given that the document, if it is a forgery, had to have been done by an expert. No one in the White House could simply call up a computer graphics company and hire it do create a birth certificate. A possible explanation may be that the image was created by someone who has some Photoshop skills but no expertise, and no knowledge of the computer evidence being left behind.

    To ask, “How could someone be so stupid?” implies that the person should have known better. Perhaps he, or she, simply did not. It might be interesting to know how much Obama’s close personal adviser Valerie Jarrett knows about Photoshop…

  234. A child born to a caucasian woman would never be called “African”!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! This is ridiculous beyond imagination.

    Someone needs to research what a child born to a white woman and black man would be called in 1961, certainly not AFRICAN!!!!!!!!! maybe negro? maybe not!

  235. How convenient: The doctor who delivered Obama is dead. “It’s my husband’s signature,” said the widow of Dr. David Sinclair, Ivalee Sinclair, 82, from her downtown Honolulu office. She held up a copy of the birth certificate she printed from the Internet and pointed to the signature, recognizing his familiar left-handed cursive.
    Dr. Sinclair had an obstetrics and gynecology practice in Honolulu and delivered babies all over Hawaii when Obama was born in 1961, said his son Karl Sinclair, 55, of Kailua. The doctor retired in the late 1990s, and died in 2003 at 81.

    Also, according to the latest version of Obama’s birth certificate, Obama was given a higher registration number than twin sisters born at the same hospital, the day after Obama was born, August 5th 1961.
    Per the recently released long form birth certificate, Obama was born Aug. 4, 1961, the day before the twin girls, and his birth was registered with the Hawaii registrar four days later, Aug. 8, 1961.
    The twin girls were born a day later and they both have lower registration numbers than Obama. Something is NOT right here.

    We thought the president wanted to clear this up with the American public once and for all. Now Obama has more explaining to do.

    As American Taxpayers, who pay his salary and support his golf lifestyle, we want to know the truth.


  236. Other than the idiot media’s forced disinterest, can anyone clearly state why this charlatan is not being led away in cuffs doing the perp walk to a DC jail right now?
  237. OK lets get over the fact the document is altered and by what. That is too obvious anyhow. Why didn’t they hire someone better than this? I could do better when I had a mac 6500 years ago. And then not with Photoshop!
    Why is this more important than $5.00 gas? Well because the person in control makes policies that create the $5.00 mark!

    Just look close to a few things on the so called long form and think for a minute. First thing I saw was the book background lines up perfectly with the cover background. Remember this is suppose to be in a book and not folded so get that one out.

    Next is the EXACT spacing of text in this certificate to the web copy of another person’s. This was exact in spacing of signature length and size and distance to typed text!

    Now lets forget all that.

    Look at his father. Not an American and thus makes Obama a dual citizen. Also look at his father’s race. African? What? When? Please tell me there are not so many ignorant people in the US to not remember how African Americans were treated. Is our school system that bad! Please look at ANY document of that era and tell me what a black man was called…and I do mean legal documents. Besides the fact that African was not even considered a definition of race. White British descendants born in Africa could then be called African race!

    Enough ranting as this phony is too stupid to argue about anyhow!

  238. Don’t over-think the issue.

    Obama had no birth certificate two weeks ago, and today he has an unverifiable birth certificate.

    NO CHANGE in status.

  239. This article might explain why the Hawaii DOH created it on August 30, 2010:


    Probably at the request of the White House, which might have been planning to defuse the issue back then. But of course, the White House is claiming that Obama’s lawyers flew out to Hawaii to pick up a paper copy of the certificate this week. So if they scanned it in, it should have a creation date of April 27, 2011.

  240. So, if my mother divorces my biological father, and later remarries – that means my birth certificate is altered to reflect the name of my Stepfather? Are you people screwy?

    Your birth certificate isn’t changed when you get a Step parent or adoptive parent. If the step parent adopts you as his child, there are adoption papers, including a waiver of parental rights by the biological parent, and then a legal name change, e.g. Obama to Soetoro. But they don’t go back and erase your biological father’s name from your original birth certificate. What utter nonsense.

  241. Has anyone checked the Karachi Airport records of Obama’s arrival card in 1981 when he traveled from Jakarta to Pakistan?
  242. 1961 – paper files – baskets for papers – first in – last out. Come on detectives, the sequence issue can be explained when one considers the “technology” of 1961. Norquist paperwork was placed into the pile before President Obama’s. His would be processed first. FILO – Next.
  243. Why does the Nordyke certificate have a lower certificate number than the Obama certificate when it was filed four days previous?
  244. @# 198 … ‘friendly’ Canadian, whose first words are ‘racially-based’? Troll.
    McCain had to appear before a Senate Committee to PROVE his eligibility, which no one else was questioning …. he was born to two American-citizen married parents living together while one was stationed in Panama on active-military duty… and the RNC vetted his elibigility upon his nomination.
    No such ‘committee’ held a hearing about a senator who had already received questions about eligibility from statements by him, his wife, and quoting reporters, and he was NOT vetted by the DNC upon nomination. His own COLB, fact or faked, proves him ineligible by Supreme Court decisions. Since his mother was under 19 at the time (the law in 1961 was 5 years residency past age FOURTEEN), and his father was a British-subject foreign student, NOT a ‘resident alien’ (i.e. immigrant), he may very well be a ‘native-born American’, as is any other ‘anchor baby’, but fails the Supreme Court’s definition of the Constitution’s ‘natural-born citizen’. Try checking original history, instead of the ‘revised history’ so popular today.
  245. @#257 … Listen and learn, Grasshopper. Upon adoption, the certificate of adoption is filed and a new, altered BC is generated, listing the adoptive parent(s) rather than the birth parent(s). This is law and not subject to debate. Quite obviously, you have never known an adoptee, much less one who is trying to access his/her ‘sealed’ original birth certificate.
  246. Correction to my earlier post – The sequence is reversed. Obama born first, bottom of pile, higher sequence number.
  247. Sequencially between the two ob postings the file numbers are askew; whereas:
    Male FILE 151 61-10641 dated August 4, 1961@ 07:24 PM hours
    is with higher file field then a female FILE 151 61-10637 dated August 5, 1961 @ 2:12 PM hours; the girl was 18 hours younger .

    This is not normal filing procedure, there were five OB procedures at the facility during these two sets of hours yet the oldest FILE 151 61-10641 dated August 4, 1961@ 07:24 PM hours
    has a file number higher in file sortification than the younger FILE 151 61-10637 dated August 5, 1961 @ 2:12 PM hours. It should read the other way around.

  248. Interesting that they blamed the state on not having it released until now. Any person can release their own birth certificate, right? Also interesting that the doctor just happened to be a dead doctor who’s family loves Obama. ? ? interesting
  249. Am i wrong here ?? I see the picture of the birth certificate of Susan Nordyke and the # in the right hand corner is 61 10637. Now Susan was born on August 5th, 1961. Obama’s was born on August 4th, 1962 and his # is 61 10641. He was born BEFORE Susan. Wouldn’t his # be BEFORE the one for Susan ????
  250. I am an Adobe Certified Expert in photoshop, and also use Adobe Illustrator on a daily basis for almost 20 years. I’m also a college level instructor in both.

    I can tell you this document is NOT a scan of an existing physical document. If opened in Illustrator, it shows a number of clipping masks and layers, areas blocked out to be replaced with different content. This is clearly a doctored image.

    If it were simply a scan of an existing document, it would have a single layer, also called a “flattened” image, not multiple layers with separate pixels.

    This reminds me of the fake memos indicating GW Bush didn’t fulfill his service in the armed forces. On the surface, both are fairly good pieces of art, but neither artist is technically astute enough to understand the underlying technology and make it pass muster.

    The fake memos were typeset with a proportionally spaced font in a Word processor or desktop publishing program, not composed on a fixed-width typewriter. 1960′s typewriters were mechanical devices and each letter takes up a single, fixed width of space. Proportionally spaced fonts were first used in the 1980′s in comuterized typesetting equipment, and made popular in the late 1980′s with the advent of Pagemaker, the Apple Macitosh, the Apple Laserwriter, and Adobe Postscript printer description language. Not hiring an artist smart enough to understand this cost Dan Rather his job at Communist Broadcast System News.

  251. The sequence number has no significance – it is the information (dates,etc) that provide uniqueness. As I tried to point out in an earlier post, this is 1961, paper records and manual data entry. Paper is placed into the in box, and since the President was born prior to Ms Nordyke, his would be nearer the bottom of the in-box. Data clerk pulls paper off the top of the pile, since there is likely no reason to sequence the data entry to match the delivery time (no bonus) Ms Nordyke’s paper is processed first – hence the lower sequence number. In current times with automation, time stamps on computer files, there is more expectatation for sequence patterns to be maintained. One lazy nurse vs one efficient nurse can also explain possible discrepancies, but the First In – Last Out is much simpler explanation. Just note the dates on each document at the bottom, they are signed on various dates that are not perfectly chronological.
  252. African is NOT a nationality… some Politically correct idiot screwed that up too, his fathers race SHOULD be listed as Negro as this is the LEGAL term that was used at the time of Obama’s birth. Africans can be black, white, or even asian. Hell, John Kerry’s white wife is African!
  253. I have been an IT specialist in the printing field for over 15 years.

    The “layered” effect seen in Adobe Illustrator is the result of PDF “optimizing” in Adobe Acrobat.

    I verified this by converting the given PDF into a strictly raster image file (tiff)

    I converted the tiff back into a PDF. I brought this new PDF into Illustrator, and it showed no layering effect.

    Then I took the new pdf and “optimized” it in Adobe Acrobat 9 pro. I brought this new, optimized pdf back into Illustrator. It showed the same layering effect as the WH pdf.

    This is a manipulated image, but it was manipulated by Adobe Acrobat. The layers do not prove anything.

    However, my findings don’t verify this document’s authenticity, either.

  254. is it common to have two registrars that sign birth certificates one day apart???????
  255. you all forget the twin birth certificate was printed from a microfiche file. Its easy to see this. Why did they not print obama from the microfiche file as well. I agree with the sceptics 100%

    also, the twins certificates have a typewriter type that is blurred or worn like its from a typewriter. Obama’s is too crisp and is not from a typewriter. There are other questions but I’m frankly disgusted and tired how much the politicians in the country has allowed our country to be dystroyed by someone who has allegiance to something other than our constitution and American way of life.

  256. “The second question is, if you look at the file I have sent as Obama Certificate Actions 01, you can see in the actions palette that there were 24 actions performed on this file before it was made into a pdf. Many of the actions are not Illustrator functions, but are Photoshop actions. Thus, this file was created in Photoshop, and exported as Photoshop 5 (why, that’s a very old version?) and it was next saved for the web (a Photoshop action) three times.”

    I don’t think you use Illustrator that much.

    First, actions aren’t stored in PDF files. They’re stored separately with the program or in a user directory. All documents have access to the same actions.

    Second, those are the standard 24 actions that come with Illustrator. No matter what document you open, those are the actions you see.

    I’ve used Illustrator since the beginning. You clearly haven’t as you’re claiming. You’re lying about being an expert.

  257. Paul – is microfiche usually curved on the edge? That’s a 1966 copy – the color copier wasn’t even invented. Next.
  258. The reason for all the layers and apparent p-shop work is actually right out in the open: Director of the Hawaii Dept. of Health, one “Loretta Fuddy”, said the image is a “computer-generated certified copy” produced outside their usual policies.

    In other words, the photoshop work was done by the HDOH.

    Question is, if the original BC exists, why go to all the trouble with P-shop? Why not just *photograph the original* and release a photocopy?

    The most likely answer is that the original contains something different on it that would prove acutely embarrassing to Obama and company. Hard to guess what that might be, but one thing certain is that Obama was absolutely determined not to let the voters see the original.

  259. It’s a little too late to be using this as a way to beat Obama. I think he was probably born in HI. He is probably throwing this out there to make the birther try to proofs the unprovable. On another note, it’s good to know a PDF posted online is now the standard of proof for the majority of the left, this could get interesting. Meanwhile, I have to go create some college credentials to land a job as a journalist!
  260. I don’t understand why everyone thinks that both parents have to be citizens. According to 8 U.S.C. §1401(d) that is not true.

    “The following shall be nationals and citizens of the United States at birth:”

    “(d) a person born outside of the United States and its outlying possessions of parents one of whom is a citizen of the United States who has been physically present in the United States or one of its outlying possessions for a continuous period of one year prior to the birth of such person, and the other of whom is a national, but not a citizen of the United States;”

    Now this doesn’t say “natural born” in fact there is no law that says it. But the term comes from use in other countries and those usages cannot used here. Natural born has been used here as someone who is a citizen automatically at birth, and 8 U.S.C. §1401(d) has a clause that covers President Obama’s worse case.

  261. I wonder if the person who was responsible for the file did it deliberately to reveal the truth? But did it in such a way that it was discrete, so it managed to get past security checks, and if there was any suspicion, he could just say it was a careless mistake?
  262. Correction: “But the term comes from use in other countries and those usages CAN be used here”. This comes from the opinion of a 2009 judgment upholding Judge Bates 1862 opinion. See: http://books.google.com/books?id=zo5EJE0sorgC&printsec=frontcover&source=gbs_ge_summary_r&cad=0#v=onepage&q&f=false

    So my point: 8 U.S.C. §1401(d) applies and states he is eligible even if he was born in Kenya.

  263. As far as the birth certificate, I don’t understand why the forgery. But it is a forgery.

    I professionally work with imaging and scanning technologies – I engineer them – and there is nothing genuine about the recently released birth certificate. There is no scanning technology that exists that would produce the PDF he presented to the world. It is as much a forgery as a $3 bill. In fact you don’t have to have my expertise to see it – just load it in Acrobat and zoom in.

    It shocks me that he would release this shoddy work. He could have had them print it out and scan it in and it would be all over – no way to really tell either way. But instead, he released the PDF file created most likely by Adobe Illustrator.

    PDF is not like image format simply containing pixel data. A 680 page document explains the format specifications for PDF version 1.3, which his birth certificate file states it is. It has data in it that explains what version of PDF, what objects to draw, where to draw them, how to draw them and in what order to draw them. And this document is full of picture objects.

    The document he presented has instructions to draw numerous objects on top of each other that if viewed each result one by one, you’d see this document being built. These objects are artifacts of editing. A scanned image would have just one object: the whole image.

    If I were hiring him for any administrative job, judging merely from this birth certificate, I would wonder what if any competencies he has.

  264. I’ve been reading some posts saying that any scanned birth certificate will show layers. When the software reads in the picture, it tries to separate any text into its own layer. I know nothing about Adobe Photoshop, along with 99.99% of people interested in this issue. Please comment on why a real BC wouldn’t have layers.
  265. It is a very poor fake. Look at the signatures some are digitized, and some are painted in. The Obama one is painted in.
    An imager can never scan with type of perfection that the Obama signature shows. Some of this is due to technical reasons, some due to simple mathematical reasons. But the simplest way to describe the situation is to draw a diagonal line across a grid paper. Then pretend that you are the imager and the computer. What “color” of grey would you assign to each grid? Then redraw the picture that you just “digitized” on another grid paper coloring in the entire “pixel” the color you just chose. It will look like the Dr Signature, not the Obama signature. There are more reasons that make it worse like noise and imperfect IC chips but you can get the effect with graph paper. And on this fake you can see both created and digitized signatures in a little area. Look especially at
    the diagonal parts. These are always “dirty” on a real scan.

    Whoever did this was very inexperienced with creating fake documents.

  266. I disagree with Obama that the birther issue is a frivolous issue.
    I think the birther issue is an important issue of HONESTY.
    That’s why I take issue with Obama’s purported Long Form birth certificate released on April 27,2011.

    The document released by Obama claiming to be his Long Form birth certificate cannot be a TRUE COPY of the ORIGINAL LONG FORM because it does not look like the image of a 50 year old document at all.
    There is no sign of aging of the document due to oxidation at all.
    So the only possibility is that the document released by Obama is only an ABSTRACT tailor-made by the Hawaiian officials. (I think there may not even be an ORIGINAL LONG FORM of Obama as told by some insiders).

    All Long Form birth certificate images I saw other than Obama’s carry this statement at the lower portion:

    Strange enough, only Obama’s TAILOR-MADE document carries this special statement:

    (The above statement has been left out in some websites apparently to cover up the telltale signs of fraud .)
    Note that even though the words TRUE COPY do appear on Obama’s tailor-made document, they are rendered useless by the words “OR ABSTRACT”.
    The words CORRECT and ORIGINAL are missing from the statement in Obama’s TAILOR-MADE ABSTRACT JUNK.

    Basically, that means Obama’s TAILOR-MADE ABSTRACT JUNK needs NOT be a TRUE COPY of any Long Form. The information in it can be INCORRECT. The records on it need not come from the ORIGINAL archive. They can be taken from false information or unverified claim filed by Obama recently with the Hawaii State Department of Health.
    That was the junky certification carried by that special statement signed by the State Registrar of Hawaii.
    What a piece of junk!

  267. Folks please think this through. I do think that the document is a forgery and that is due to the fact that it lists African as a race. The correct terminology is Negroid, especially in 1961.

    Now I find it hard to believe that the dunderhead was born August 4, because he does not act like a Leo. However, I have now seen other documents that means that I accept the underlying premise that dunderhead was born in Hawaii. That does not mean this certificate is genuine.

    If you have not seen this file: http://www.scribd.com/doc/54015762/Barack-Hussein-Obama-Sr-Immigration-File
    please check it out because it is quite interesting. It acknowledges both the “marriage” and the birth of Barry on 4th August 1961. However, it raises other questions about Barry sr.

    This is what I think is the reason for the forgery. Barry’s birth record was altered because of the Indonesian adoption. This is what he is hiding. He has already tried to scrub references to his schooling in Indonesia. We do know that his name became Soerbarkah. He went by the name of Barry Soetoro in Indonesia. I believe that when he returned nothing was done to change his name back to Obama. His real birth certificate very likely reflects the change of name, which explains his statement that he had no proof to make claims on daddy’s estate.

  268. Joe G – any document that is simply scanned or unaltered will have one layer ONLY. Layers (in the digital world) are analogous to transparencies used on a projector (in the analog world). You might draw one object on one transparency… and another object on another transparency so you can move them around (independently of each other) while giving a presentation.

    In Adobe programs, you can create new layers to put objects (such as text, or background patterns, etc.). Then you can move the objects on each layer separately and independently to position them anywhere in the file without affecting the other layer objects. Does this explanation make sense?

    With all this in mind, the ONLY reason a file would have MORE THAN ONE LAYER is if the file is being ALTERED or created or built from scratch or pieced together with different parts from other documents or images. No matter which explanation for multiple layers, the fact that the document has layers (MORE THAN ONE) is PROOF the document has been tampered with. Let me know if that helps to explain.



  270. Funny how NOBODY in the “press” has actually asked to see the PHYSICAL DOCUMENT! LOL

    He trots out ANOTHER PHONY digital “image” and the press eats it up.




  271. I’d love to see your photoshop expert Mara Z. credentials… Mara an OCR scanner will automatically identify blocks of text as objects so that they can be read as text and save as pdf… and your point as seen below is just blatantly incorrect numerous precedents have been set.

    “Finally, also wanted to make the point that regardless of where Obama is born, he’s still not a Natural Born Citizen since both parents were not born on U.S. soil but I won’t hold my breath waiting for the media to educate the public on this fact.”

    See Lynch v. Clarke

    “Suppose a person should be elected President who was native born, but of alien parents, could there be any reasonable doubt that he was eligible under the constitution? I think not. The position would be decisive in his favor that by the [247] rule of the common law, in force when the constitution was adopted, he is a citizen.”

  273. #294 @MBRUNETTE – If that is the case then Why is BHO withholding all academic info.
    Many say that he had dual citizenship and passport in Indonesia – which helped him admission to Occidental and Columbia as foreign student.

    I came to America on F1 student visa – and I got my SSN once I got a part time on campus job. Once you have SSN you can get away with even voting (though I dont choose to do so).
    its only after 9/11 that INS and ICE became strict and started making sure the SSNs used for enrolling etc were not stolen.

  274. M BRUNETTE CAPS LOCK DOES NOT MAKE YOUR POINT STRONGER OR YOUR POOR GRAMMAR CORRECT… Just saying… Learn to use a keyboard correctly so people don’t assume you are 65+ and don’t know how to.
  275. If anyone does open this in Illustrator, take a look at the LINKS. That says it all. Somebody’s head is gonna roll. They should have just released a JPG, much easier to fake.

    HE STILL hasn’t released it! It’s a DIGITAL copy of the (supposed) BC.


  277. Comment to: Joe G commented:

    “I’ve been reading some posts saying that any scanned birth certificate will show layers. When the software reads in the picture, it tries to separate any text into its own layer. I know nothing about Adobe Photoshop, along with 99.99% of people interested in this issue. Please comment on why a real BC wouldn’t have layers.”

    When you scan in an image in Photoshop, it captures the picture or document as a whole image, not pieces. So there would be only one layer. Additional layers are created to add things to the document or picture or whatever. But then they can be “flattened” to again make one image.

    When I opened the PDF in Illustrator, not only were there masks, but there were LINKS to some of the text and dates. This alone shows that the doc. was altered.

  278. You people are on crack.
  279. you guys are all whack jobs!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Get a life!!!
  280. Yes, it’s obviously fake but what now? How do we get the Kenyan usurper out of office? My only ray of hope is that this “cover up” will soon be discovered by someone in power and this crook Obama will be removed from office.
  281. John:

    “If a vector tracing software was used to convert an original bitmap image into a PDF file, would it not vectorize the entire document?”

    If you use Illustrator to do a vector trace, then it will most assuredly attempt to vectorize the entire document. However, it will look nothing like the result shown here. My thought is they are using an entirely different piece of software to convert the scan to PDF, and this software is attempting to vectorize the document selectively. Most of the text is separated from the page, but it’s obviously via algorithm and not manual manipulation. I imagine this would be similar to the normal software used to scan legislation. The watermarking on the page (the green pattern) may have prevented vectorization (and OCR) of the text itself.


    “[Regarding two vastly different dates for Created and Modified times,] can you clarify why this file purporting to be made by the WH the day they released the information is dated this way?”

    The Created date means just what it says: the date the file was initially created. The Modified attribute is updated any time there is a change to the file. This may have been something as simple as changing the compression or any other harmless attribute. It’s not really proof of much, as simply changing any attribute of the file and re-saving would cause this.

    “Also can the summary be erased so that this file shows none? Anyone else have different information?”

    For most documents, the summary field is empty, and it is empty by default. It CAN be filled out, but I’ve never actually seen a PDF with any information in this field.

    I hope this information is helpful.

  282. Can anyone tell why it says created on Mac OSX Quartz PDFContext? I think it is because this is shown when you export a local Mac file to PDF.


    Even If OCR and optimization was enabled for scan, this file isn’t a original scan from machine, because all scans to PDF have Hewlitt Packard or other Printer manufacturer name in the creator box under properties

  283. People, please…
    Your “Photoshop Experts” are idiots. Truly, ignorant, ranting, raving IDIOTS. The reason why the thing has layers is because it was scanned into digital format using Adobe Acrobat, which as any trained chimp knows, is a PDF program. When converting a hard-copy document to a .pdf file, Adobe automatically recognizes separate parts of the document (e.g., text, pictures, etc.) and puts them into different layers. Anyone claiming to be a Photoshop “Expert” should know that. As far as the background, any retard can see that the original hard-copy was quite obviously a photocopy (Xerox) from the state’s record-book only security paper (which is indicated by the green hash-pattern). You’re grasping at straws. Anyone with half a brain could figure this out for themselves; the problem is that you’re so up in arms over a black man being in office (yes, we all know it’s just because you’re all racist idiots and you’re angry that the young black man won instead of the old white guy) that you’re looking for any excuse to oust him and put someone who better fits your idea of who and what the POTUS should be, regardless of the job he’s doing. No one pitched this much of a fit over that coke-addled idiot W. when he was raping this country for all it was worth. So really, admit defeat and get over it already.
  284. Okay, Jon Stewart has a clip on his comedy show from Fox Business News 4/27/11 7:09 PT and 10:09 ET…. showing a blown up version of the certif. It’s the Fox’s Research and Development team showing the discrepancies in the certif! I cannot find the clip anywhere! Has anyone else seen it??


  285. TO LI….

    It’s NOT a racist thing Li…….. It’s a LIAR thing! He’s lied about sooo many things it makes me sick…

  286. I don’t know of anyone in the Republican party who is really pushing the issue. Donald Trump is, but he isn’t part of the establishment, and at this point he hasn’t announced his candidacy. The only people really pushing the issue is the American public. Chances are that the issue won’t even be mentioned in the next election. So I see no problem with the American public continuing to push the issue.
  287. Just to make another point – for the people that seem to need to examine the “original” document – They never give you the original when you request a copy – it’s always a copy – digital/xerox etc. It is notarized as a copy if the original. You can’t pass the document around to everyone – There is not a single person in this forum that can claim to have their original piece of paper documenting there birth. If done properly, it is in some government file. Unless they are part of the tax dodging/off the grid folk.
    I agree with Li – more than a little of this is because the man is different. Read Juan Williams article about The Donald. He should know what he’s talking about.
  288. To Li,
    Its not a race thing – I am a minority and I am still curious to know what the dufuses in the WH do with taxpayer money.

    Also its a technical thing, I just scanned 15 documents using 3 different scanners, none of them give any layer similarity – apart from the layers, you can see 24 actions in the Adobe Illustrator – these actions do not match any in the OCR process.

    either someone just touched up image, or enhanced a really screwed up print.

    I dont thing this even says the Obama is a liar, he is just silent. He never disclosed his Occidental College and Columbia college docs – hid his passport, has 2 Social Security numbers, had traveled to and from Jakarta in his youth freely on dual citizenship status.

    He doesn’t come clear – as a public office bearer, the people have a right to know this information.

  289. One element of the recent Obama Long Form Certificate has today come under consideration as evidence of amateurish tampering.

    In 1961 the BC forms were typed on a manual typewriter that was set for a left margin and tabbed to the form being filled in. Most documents were designed for tabbed typing, which is of course only sensible. I’ve done this many times.

    With the Nordyke BCs we see that items, 1,6,8,10, 13,15 of the inserted information that’s typed is presented with a clean vertical left margin. The additional filled-in information is evenly spaced vertically in the provided fields].

    On the recent Obama LFC we see that the left margin is not vertical and the information inserted into the same fields is high, low, moved to the right and all over the place, so to speak.

    It appears that a person who may have altered this form was not familiar with old typewriters and forms and was not aware of this. Therefore, these discrepancies, raise a red flag.

    Expert forensic examiners of course will have to study the offered document to be able to state if this doc is altered or not. So far, things don’t look too promising that this is an authentic unaltered document.

    I’m not a total expert on document authentication but I am very well acquainted with old forms and manual typewriters. In my Navy days I filled in hundreds of similar forms and I always set the tab and margin to FIT the form.


  290. HE STILL hasn’t released it!

    It’s a DIGITAL copy of the (phony-created on illustrator) BC.


  291. My theory is that this sloppy Internet BC was patched together in order to elicit just this kind of accusation, that it was faked…..but that it really does mirror the actual document.

    It’s a trick to get the “birthers” riled up so they can be ridiculed, then somehow the actual document will be shown by Hawaii (they’ll issue another waiver) and Obama will be an even bigger victim while “birthers” will be buried once and for all.

    It’s an Alinsky trick.

  292. Americans, so funny :P
  293. @ Really? # 293

    To your point on OCR software, the purpose and premise of Optical Character Readers (OCR) is to read text and translate the bit map information into edible text.

    It has never been my experience when using OCR software, that the software has been able to differentiate the text from the background and put them on separate layers. In other words, if the OCR does create a block of text, the layer would turn off EVERYTHING in that block, not specific parts on top of other parts.

    But you also fail to explain the implication of using OCR software. The ONLY REASON I would ever use OCR software when scanning a document is because I have the intention of editing the text. Why would you intend to edit the text of an official birth certificate document unless you intend to commit fraud??? To all the OCR points out there – please answer that question.

  294. @ EKL # 306

    The full clip you might be seeking can be found here:

    Pamela Geller on Fox Business: Obama’s Birth Certificate (short and long links provided at Pamela’s article link)

    Full video

  295. Since there are numerous lawsuits concerning his eligibility I say sort it out in Court. It doesn’t really matter, in a legal sense, what we say about it so let the experts decide. Let’s get one or more of the lawsuits run through the court system then take it from there. If it’s proven he’s ineligible then impeachment is not needed since he was never lawfully the President. If he is eligible then we impeach him for fraudulent use of a SSN, attending college as a foreign student, etc.
  296. MsJake commented:

    “Why does the [Nordyke] cert have Honolulu, Oahu and BHO’s have Honolulu, Hawaii in box [7c]?”

    That is a typo on the Nordyke document.

    Box 7c calls for the county and the state, that is, “Honolulu, Hawaii.”

  297. Correction on #316

    oops – ***edible should be editable

    My apologies for any other spelling errors… in my typing haste… I make mistakes

  298. I find it interesting that Mr. Obama’s dad’s place of birth is listed as Kenya “East Africa”. Back in 1961 I doubt it would have been distinguished as such. I was in elementary school back in the 60′s and we didn’t divide Africa into five regions as we do today. The five regions of Africa that kids are taught today are the United Nations Statistics Division’s, geoscheme of macro geographic regions, which weren’t put in place until the late 1990s. Also Kenya was part of the United Kingdom in 61, and one might even have listed themselves as having been born in the U.K..

    Boy I love a good conspiracy theory!!!

  299. Sad, This “new” submission is nothing more
    than a revision of his original fake submission.

    Well, at leat the “attending” DR’s wife has a new
    position within the Hawaii Government.

    Thanks, for spending my dollars wisely, Barack.

    One more thing, is how sad it is for our supposed
    objective media will jump on this fake submissionas fact,
    while those who “?” it will be trounced as undesirables.

    When is truth undesirable?

    When one desires lies.



    for once?

  300. It was probably the fact that Arizona’s State Legislator recently passed a bill that will require Presidential Candidates to prove they were born in the United States before they can be on the ballot in Arizona, that has led to this new birth certificate. I hope Gov. Brewer will sign it into law.

    The Donald might as well take advantage of the publicity. It won’t hurt him to question Obama’s qualifications, because they are questionable.

  301. If you compare the Nordyke birth certicate to Obama’s all the blocks filled out in Obama’s appear to be all centered in the spacing (like a computer) where as the Nordyke many of the blocks start at the beginning, some more of a middle or more random (like when I used my space bar or tab on my old manual typewriter). There was another 1961 birth certifcate on the internet that had spacing more like the Nordyke. The spacing on Obama’s was obviously done with a computer and the first thing I noticed when I compared the two. FAKE!
  302. The key is with the TYPING and with the HANDWRITTEN SHORTHAND notations.
  303. When I was young I was taught that the number 10637 come before the number 10641. Why then does Obama’s COLA number 10641, which is a later number get assigned to him even tho he was born a day earlier than the number 10637 was and both COLA’s were signed on the same day? Why also is Obama’s certificated copied on computer paper when that didn’t exist in 1961?
  304. Why does the date of the signature of Nordyke’s mother and Obama’s mother look so similar?
  305. Ridge – see #270 for the sequence number “discovery”. Also, how can you say what kind of paper it is without a physical sample? You make a claim – “it’s computer paper” – and provide no source/example or evidence supporting your claim. That’s the problem with most of these posts – unsupported claims. Let’s see some statements/arguements supported with facts and evidence.
  306. The document is an OBVIOUS FAKE. The PRESIDENT IS A FAKE! Why, you ask, does it matter? It is an IMPEACHABLE OFFENSE! FRAUD & COLLUSION! What mafia wouldn’t want to control the worlds most powerful military & have total access to LOOT the countrys treasury? Thats what the health bill was…a bribery bill to pay off the Obama (FRONT MAN) MAFIA.. It passed under the democratically controlled house of the very wealthy Nancy Pelosi. 58 Million is her net worth. If you have a friend who owns can open the document in Adobe Illustrator you can see the “actions” which include “gaussian blur”. A technique only used on a document to obscure evidence. The CUT & PASTE IS SO OBVIOUS A 2nd GRADER COULD HAVE DONE IT!! It you don’t see that you might want to have your IQ tested. The mainstream news media are a propaganda machine with Q-Cards. WAKE UP AMERICA!! They consider you Dupes!
  307. LOOK!:


    Look closely at the composite with all the bogus layers removed and Obama’s ineligibility becomes obvious.

  308. HE STILL hasn’t released it!

    It’s a DIGITAL copy of the (phony-created on illustrator) BC.


  309. To those who say “It doesn’t matter”………,
    Bill Clinton’s frolicking in the Oval Office didn’t matter either, in fact, 1)Budget Deficit was $13B-chump change for China to pick up; 2)GNP topped 13,000+-an all time high;3) Unemployment was so low that only those who didn’t want to work were unemployed;4) Welfare as we know it had ended.
    So, just because of a person’s ‘peccadilloes’ we went through a whole, national, soap-opera of a trial to prove what?
    That Bill Clinton lied.
    You see, when an elected leader deliberately lies, even though the truth stares him right in the face, we have NO CONFIDENCE that anything he says is true, nor do we have any confidence that the institutions he is sworn to protect, including the Constitution, have any meaning or value in his/her eyes.
    It’s one thing to take issue with his Fiscal Policy, in fact many so-called Republicans agreed with him in handing out the TARP money, and the Economic Stimulis Package. It’s another thing when he withholds any responsible examination of his records, distances himself from a proported ‘birth certificate’ in his election campaign, seats on the Supreme Court the ONLY person who could make a case against his election campaign, and wants us to suddenly ‘believe’ him when he circulates a cheap fraud of a document. This is called a “Crisis of Leadership” because anyone who purposefully and deliberately deceives a nation for his own personal gain deserves not our loyalty but our scrutiny, which may only be assuaged when he tells us the truth-something he apparently doesn’t feel the need to do.
  310. Tina – you made my point. Unsupported claims (it’s fake) don’t fly in a rational society. In order to make a claim, there has to be a basis in fact – you provide none. You’re arguments lack any support through a logical, fact based, presentation of your thesis. Claiming folks have a low IQ is 5th grade level debating – let me spell it out. Those that download an image from the Internet and try to analyze it are starting from an uncontrolled source. The original image is most likely a bitmap that was then converted to PDF to keep the bandwidth of downloading the file low. In essence, your analyzing an image that software has altered through the transformation process. Try to explain to everyone here that what I hypothesize is not the case. I would also claim that the translating software algorithms can produce every “artifact” in the posted document – 10′s of posts above support this claim with evidence supported claims. So Tina – this is the way to make an argument that is convincing and based on evidence rather than emotion. (Mafia – oh ya, Michelle Bachman is your source on that – oh, she also wants to drop this birther nonsense )
  311. THANK YOU MARAZ! So much! I looked everywhere, but thank you for finding it! :)
  312. You are all so terribly pathetic. Please continue your in depth analysis while the grown ups get on with running the country. Just put the old nose to the grindstone and get to the very bottom of all this. Rest assured you have already earned your place in history. Can you hear it? Through the long ages of time…from decades in the future…people are laughing at you.
  313. Find out what newspaper published the births for that day/time period. Most likely they thought about the sequential ordering of the birth certificates. They probably pulled the number off a birth cert of someone who had died. Find out every person born at that hospital as published in the newspaper, and compare each with the numbered documents. I think it is a fake personally, have always thought they would fake one. The only way to prove it beyond a doubt would be to compare the newspaper records with the birth certificates issued that week. Again, they probably altered the last number knowing there were other folks out there who once the birth certificate number was published could claim they had the same number ,.,,,,,but……if a number in the seqauence had been altered (adoption, etc. or a simple void) that number could be available for Obama use.
  314. @ EKL #336

    You’re welcome…. and for anyone still checking out comments on this link… you might want to check this out too….

    VIDEO: Rober Stanley with the Washington Times: Newly Released Obama birth certificate forensic forgery – 4-29-11

  315. Riddler, your presentation shows you have no idea re: these programs. I’ve worked as my profession with them for 17 years. The list of 2 dozen actions are Photoshop actions are as follows for various element layers:

    Opacity 60% (transparency), Opacity 40% with Screen calculation (lightens), Apply Default Style, Export As Photoshop 5, Export As SVG, Save For Web GIF 64 Dithered (64 is bits, this is the 1st save), Save For Web JPG Medium (this is compression for 2nd save mod), Save For Web PNG 24 (this is the 3rd save modification), Simplify, Simplify Straight, Revert, Move Dialog, Scale Dialog, Rotate 90 CW, Shear Dialog, Rotate 90 CW, Shear Dialog, Reflect Horizontal, Style/Brush/Swatch Cleanup, Unite, Intersect, Exclude, Minus Front, Rasterize, Gausian Blur Filter.

    The preceding has nothing to do with automatic functions. They are the list of manipulations done to the art. There’s just no way around it.

  316. If Anyopne can find any reference to ANY OCR Application that creates clipping masks Id like to know about it.

    since Friday…I have found no evidence to support that seemingly bogus claims that this trashy docuement was in fact produced from an Optical Character Recognition Scan.

    Adobe Illustrator nor Adobe Photoshop create Clipping Paths without being INSTRUCTED to so do.

    why if there is any such capability in any OCR application would the case be any different within that App?


  317. The libtards refuse to see the gravity of this. They call names like birther and racist. The fact of the matter is we may very well have a president here who is both a bastard and a fraud! How can Barry be born in 1961 of a father from Kenya when Kenya did not become a country until 1963! And what is up with the combinations of type from a typewriter and computer fonts!?! Come on people! Grow a brain. IMPEACH NOW!
  318. lol

    Who got bin Laden? THATS RIGHT.

  319. forgive me if I already posted the XMP data EMBEDDED in the fake BC….PDF


    invisible to adobe reader…not so when opened in Adobe Illustrator!

  320. Reading these posts is better than renting a movie, you guys are a real hoot. Please continue spending your time on these bizarre theories. While you are at it why don’t you try looking for the proof that George W. Bush fulfilled the requirements of his enlistment in the Texas Air National Guard… hehehe
  321. One other comment. I opend the pdf this site linked to in Adobe Photoshop CS 5 and it only showed 1 layer for the page. I repeat 1 layer.
  322. Hey CARLITO? YOU ARE RIGHT ABOUT ONE THING . Both parents don’t have to be born in America to be a citizen, BUT, to run for president of the U.S.A. , You have to have been born from 2 citizen parents. NOW, How hard is that to understand, You idiot, nincompute?
  323. How do we even know who we can trust anymore??? REALLY…….
  324. @348

    Within that one layer, you will find a group, which you can ungroup, and there are many separate layers of text over the base document, which seemingly has “erased” text.

    When you turn off those “fake” text layers, it should be pointed out that the “erased” base layer is still easily readable and the “erased” text matches the “fake” perfectly.

    Meaning, the document was scanned, probably into Adobe Acrobat, optimized, and in doing so the optical character recognition (OCR) separated all recognizable characters into separate layers if viewed in Photoshop or Illustrator.

    So, it’s not a faked document, just an optimized PDF, you bunch of mental midgets.

  325. @ Paul #351

    The white information proves it’s been edited. This often happens if all the text layers are made into a selection, the selection is inversed, and then the background is filled with the green pattern. Thus the pattern fills in all the areas but the text. And do to anti-aliasing… it would easily produce the glow. There are other ways that it could happen when building or manipulating the document.

    The important point here is this: If it was a normal scan… this would not look like this document. The white glow with NO CHROMATIC ABORRATIONS visible…. would not happen.


    I agree with you and why I’m saying take OCR and or Layers all out of the picuture – too complex for most – much clearer and easy to see the pixels not matching all over the form…

    This is extremely simple and would be very amusing and interesting to hear someone attempt to refute.

    Very obvious to anyone who knows, and fairly obious to those who don’t with this agle..

    More importantly they cannot tell you how it could be managed without human manipulatiuon of the file.

    The displayed items cannot be reproduced in any way unless by someone making digital edits to the file, regardless of the types of edits beind made or for what reasons..


  327. It says there right above the registrar’s signature that he certifies the document to either be a true copy or an ABSTRACT of a record on file. Other Hawaii BC’s don’t say anything about it possibly being an abstract.
  328. Hey Geatano, before you go calling people names, please tell me where you found the requirement that a candidate for President not only be a natural born citizen but be the product of two U.S. citizens? All I could find in the Constitution was the following.

    “Age and Citizenship requirements – US Constitution, Article II, Section 1

    No person except a natural born citizen, or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution, shall be eligible to the office of President; neither shall any person be eligible to that office who shall not have attained to the age of thirty-five years, and been fourteen years a resident within the United States.”

  329. Definitive proof the document was altered. Dispute it if you can.


    Pixel level identical elements in the supposed scan/OCR. Impossible unless cut-and-pasted.

    This means the document is false, and those who released it are guilty of fraud and/or forgery, even if the informational contents are accurate. You cannot present a document as an official state-issued one, unless that’s exactly what it is.

  330. Can anyone explain why the name ‘Susan Elizabeth Nordyke’ is different than the rest of the typing on the page?
    1. It is a lighter ink than the other typing.
    2. All typing except for her name is aligned properly with the horizontal lines forming the box in which the data is typed.
    3. Susan’s name is NOT aligned with the horizontal lines forming the box in which it is typed, however it is aligned with the top edge of the image. You can see that “Susan” appears to be approximately 1/16 of an inch above the line and her last name is approximated 1/8 of an inch above the line.
  331. @ Peter #355

    Constitution is a legal document with each term having specific original intent… so let me attempt to break it down for you (according to the writings of Thomas Jefferson and other founding fathers). Two terms are mentioned which suggest two separate definitions for original intent:

    Term ONE:

    “No person except a natural born citizen” = born on U.S. soil and both parents born on U.S. soil

    “or a citizen of the United States, at the time of the adoption of this Constitution = a grandfather clause that allows our founding fathers to be President since they did not qualify as a natural born citizen

    In other words… the founding fathers were born on U.S. soil, but they knew that very few in their generation had parents also born on U.S. soil… thus the grandfather claus that allows them to qualify for the office of President.

  332. correction to #358

    “or a citizen is Term TWO:

  333. “Specific original intent” – sounds like Tea Party code. I like how you make up the definitions as you go along.

    With Osama put to sleep by (using your logic) a fellow Muslim, socialist, non-American, born of Negro Father (because “African” isn’t a race) by “Barrack the Magic Negro” (Limbaugh’s words), you’re looking at a two term President!!!

    Love Ya Haters.

  334. Forgery, and a very bad one at that. If you can’t see that, after observing the evidence, you are stoned, stupid, brainwashed, or on the “take”. This is not a conspiracy theory, this is fact.
    They really think the citizenry of the US is that stupid/afraid to confront this crime! Fraud on this level is treason – all involved should be severely punished (I don’t care what “party” these criminals belong to, nor their race, religion, sex, handicap or what-have-you).
  335. Oh, and the bonehead mentioning the layers were caused by OCR needs to really stay far away from computers and software and maybe take a job as a professional protester.
    OCR would break apart most of the letters, not just a select few (like the 1′s on the edge of 1961) and would make them searchable as text.
  336. Close inspect of the white house PDF is revealing all sorts of elements (letters, blank check-boxes tha thave been copied & pasted). A few of them can be seen here:


    More of them are being discovered as time progresses. The document is a clear copy & paste job. The reason this pixel evidence will be more damning is that it is easily comprehensible by non-experts,

  337. Ok, there is no doubt we got a fraud in the White House that is ruining this country for us, our kid and there kids. What are we going to do about it. At least Trump has balls, speaks more than the entire Republican Party. Isn’t there anyone in the party that can make some noise!!!!
  338. Google:
    ANSWERS.COM: Is Obama’s Long Form Birth Certificate a Fraud?
  339. The original file that proves the fake – can be downloaded from the OFFICIAL White House site


    Now, the point is what the American Citizens will do. If they act as real patriots, Obama will be behind bars soon.

  340. I am not an expert on Photoshop or Illustrator, however, having worked with law enforcement in the past, the basic way many criminals are captured is that they think they are smarter than they are. They assume that others are less intelligent than themselves. So, in this case, you have government employees (trained monkeys basically) that think they are so smart, overlooking a basic detail . . . hence release of something that LOOKS good, but not realizing it needed to be compressed in the layers. Just my 2 cents.
  341. I didn’t want to waste any of my time reading all of the post to see if this has been talked about yet. Have you opened it up in illustrator like this article talks about and simply shift the text that will move up just enough to expose what people are calling “White out”? If so, you’ll realize that all the text that was ‘added’ just so happens to be the ‘exact’ same text that was there… aka… touched up so we could read it.

    I personally think they touched it up so it wouldn’t create more problems, but at the same time decided to leave the layers open so the birthers could still call it fake and continue to shoot themselves in the foot. If I were Obama… I’d just let them do it and not even tell people is was edited to make it more presentable.

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