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Founded by: Most Reverend Alphonse Gallegos, auxiliary Bishop of Sacramento, CA

Editor and founders autobiography.

I, John R. Walsh, am the editor and founder of Fidelis et Verus along with several others. I was born in Springfield, Massachusetts the night before Independence Day in 1937. My father was a Civil Engineer working on building roads and bridges in Massachusetts. Mother, Kathryn, was a model mother and housewife. She had six children and died on Mothers Day in 2004. I was raised in Canton, Massachusetts in the Ponkapoag section 13 miles south of Boston on public transport lines connecting to Boston’s mass transit. I attended public schools and played football in high school and was the captain of the track team. I then attended Northeastern University in Boston, a co-op college, majoring in business administration. I was in the Army ROTC. I had become very religious while researching Boston’s Catholic history at the Boston Public Library at Copley Square and listening to the Sunday radio sermons of Trinity Episcopal Church across from the Library so was advised to attend St. Philip Neri school in Boston to take a four year accelerated one year Latin/Greek language preparation to attend St. John’s Seminary in Brighton, Massachusetts which took from 1957-62 when I left after the second year of theology. I studied 2 years of philosophy and 2 years of theology. BA, Philosophy 1960.


I then began working as an accounting clerk for the Federal Housing Administration in Washington, DC from August 1963 to Feb. 1966 when I transferred to the Social Security Administration in Glendale, California where I worked as a claims representative until 1973 when I was promoted to Operations Supervisor in Hollywood, California until I resigned in April 1985 to begin Fidelis et Verus. I attended at night California State University in Los Angeles and obtained a bachelors degree in political science. I then attended Loyola Law School for two years but did not graduate.


Fidelis et Verus began in 1985 in Pearblossom in the high desert 70 miles northeast of Los Angeles. We had a few acres, a large steel warehouse paid for by Josef Pecha, an escapee from Prague. Josef ran the generator for electricity and paid $10k to connect to the water lines. We had a phone. The paper was published nearby in Lancaster with 40,000 copies per issue with hundreds of books for sale in the 24 page tabloid. Paul Lauer was a very creative typesetter who eventually had 8 children and did the publicity for Mel Gibson and his Passion of the Christ video. His father was Jewish and mother was an Austrian Catholic. Paul tried many religions including Christian Science and eventually became a Catholic because of the Bayside apparitions.


A rainbow appeared on the day of delivery of the first 6 issues of Fidelis et Verus after which I told God that He did not have to make a rainbow for each issue. I left Pearblossom in 1986 and opened a Catholic store in Glendale which stayed open until 2000 but I continued to lead the operation. I received signs to buy a schoolhouse in Inavale, Nebraska so the entire operation moved there in January 1987. There was a mother with two teenage children plus 3 males about age 21 present in Inavale. One of the teenagers took over the typesetter and was very creative. The others mailed out the books. We also had 5,000 old Catholic books purchased with my $25k retirement money which lasted about two months in 1985. Mother did all the cooking. Our readers were saints and donated large sums plus bought thousands of books over the years which supported us until today.


Local priest insisted we stand for communion and not kneel and made sermons against us as he refused communion. He was a friend of the Lincoln Bishop. One day two priests arrived from Lincoln and were peeking in our schoolhouse windows. We let them in and they demanded we cease publishing Fidelis et Verus but we refused. Helper said I was rude to them. We ended up on All Nebraska television and major newspapers as I stated that we must obey God and not a man. Even some other local clergy were impressed. Using confession as his opportunity local priest convinced all the helpers to go home so I was left alone in a big schoolhouse.


One volunteer returned from New York and he and I went to Bethany, MO and found a store to rent on the village square on the second floor, an abandoned J C Penny store owned by a man in Amsterdam. NY volunteer convinced young people in Red Cloud, NE at local fair to help us move to Bethany, MO. An 18 year old took charge, rented a big 24 foot truck and got truck loaded and driven to Bethany a few hundred miles away. I followed in my pickup while another drove the other pickup. We hired two local huge bikers to carry the typesetter up the stairs as our California cat escaped. 18 year old returned and paid for truck. Later he called and wanted to move there with his girl friend but told him it would be dangerous for him and us to do so and that he could not come.

Local Bethany priest, a convert, started giving sermons against Fidelis et Verus and making attendance at mass not possible as bishop arrived from Kansas City to take charge of how to eliminate us. Another teenager returned and convinced my NY volunteer to run away to Florida without even leaving a note. I attended mass at a Conception, MO abbey a good distance away. A Bethany volunteer was almost run over on his bike as parishioners arrived at our place denouncing us as enemies of the Church. Rumors stated that an attack was planned at night so I warned the local sheriff who told me to keep light on as long as I was ok and he would come running if light went off. I was shaking but a blue light appeared as I watched TV that night so I felt better. No attack ensued. The temperature was 35 degrees below zero daily so it was impossible to drive any where until Spring.


In March I moved to Kansas City, MO and rented a house and opened a Catholic store on Main St. Interior voice warned me to close at 4:45pm daily. One day a black guy asked for money but phone rang and call went on and on so black guy stole my change jar and left. I was receiving payments on a note from the sale of our Pearblossom property and about $14k was still owed. I sold note for $12.5k and bought a warehouse with $10k down payment and small monthly payments and moved everything there from Catholic store and a subsequent store we were living in and renting. We were sued by the subsequent store as we had a lease and lost $1300 in suit. Catholic store landlord visited us but decided not to sue us. He was a young Jewish guy. I was able to put out 6 issues of Fidelis et Verus at a rapid rate working in warehouse as it had a small office room making it easier to function. We had books for sale in another room by door but visitors were rare as we were off the main shopping areas. Visitor from bishop’s office found out who we were and stopped our advertisement in the diocesan paper. Local mother brought her teen age son to help. Son suggested we move to Hawaii. I suggested that we should be more practical and move to Florida. He agreed and went downtown and got Tampa newspapers and Florida maps. I studied the rental pages of the Tampa newspaper which turned blue every time I looked at them so I was upset as I had no desire to move. It appeared the blue of Mary wanted us to move to Tampa, Florida so we did. All the books were packed in boxes.


I left finally May 17, 1990 after a week of thunderstorms prevented me leaving. I asked God to make a rainbow if I was doing the correct thing and so a rainbow appeared over St. Louis as I arrived. After stops in Chattanooga and Gainesville, FL I arrived in Tampa and rented a house. All the books were shipped via UPS who got paid by deducting from our checking account which now was empty so they never got paid. After a few months I moved to another house closer to downtown. We were burglarized once of our tv witnessed by a neighbor. We were able to continue Fidelis and book sales but money was tight so we moved to Tallahassee with a Mennonite minister as our landlord. He also moved all our books. He was a saint as his tires went flat but he overcame all obstacles. I lived in a trailer at $210 a month from Nov. 1990 to Sept. 30, 1991 doing our book sales and publishing Fidelis et Verus. Local bishop did not bother me and Cathedral pastor, a convert, said it was too bad Catholic Church would not leave me alone. Fort Lauderdale newspaper was available in front of post office daily so I studied the rental ads and one day found one at $300 a month so drove the 1,000 mile round trip to rent the apartment.


Mennonite pastor drove a 24 foot truck with our books and typesetter while I broke down along the way and stayed in a motel one night and then waited all day in Leesburg while mechanics took all the oil grease from my engine causing it to skip. We had enough to pay bill thanks to our readers. I made it to Fort Lauderdale and unloaded truck for a week that pastor had delivered. I lived there from 9/91 to 11/97 when building was sold and rent raised. I moved to a trailer park but hated it and in May 1998 moved back to Ft Lauderdale and lived in 3 locations until Nov. 2002 when I won a lottery for an apartment in government housing for the poor where I am now.


Our website went online March 16, 1997 so a rainbow appeared over my neighborhood that afternoon which was very encouraging. Local bishop has not bothered us nor have clergy. What a difference from the beserk Midwest priests and bishops. We were never bothered in Los Angeles either. This all started in 1956 when I visited the Boston seminary and was a few minutes late for supper. My father at the head of the table demanded to know why I was late for supper. I said, “I was at St. John’s Seminary to find out how to become a priest.” Dad jumped up and ran up the stairs crying and then yelled down, “If you run away to become a priest then I am going to run away and become a monk!” as he slammed his bedroom door crying. When time came to decide, I told my mother as I feared my father. He did not bother me anymore but he refused to pay the $500 seminary tuition for each of four years.



Since my father said we were related to the Kennedys, I always made an attempt to find out who killed President Kennedy November 22, 1963. The CIA arranged all the details of the assassination farming out the action plan to Jesus Angleton, chief of the Israeli desk at the CIA. Angleton obtained the sharpshooter, Lucien Sarti from Marseille, France.

November 22, 1963. Oswald was in the lunchroom and there is no way he could have run there after firing according to Dallas police investigation much later on as they found Oswald in the lunchroom 4 floors below main shooters within a minute after shots rang out. Lucien Sarti was behind the picket fence and finished off JFK with a shot to his right side of his head. Deaf man near bridge saw it all and said that after shooting JFK Sarti folded the rifle in half and put it in a compartment meant for railroad employees.


A remorseful Lyndon B. Johnson told Barr McClellan of his involvement and asked him to tell the world so he wrote a book entitled Blood, Money & Power. Barr was the father of Scott McClellan who was President Bush II spokesman. Who Killed Kennedy an A&E presentation in 6 parts was produced by a British firm which found out many of the details. The night before the assassination of JFK, J. Edgar Hoover flew in from Washington to Dallas and met Johnson and Richard Nixon at the home of Clint Murchison, an oil tycoon. After the meeting Lyndon Baines Johnson told the Irish maid, “Those Kennedys’ will never bother me again.” He was afraid Bobby Kennedy was going to indict him for his Billy Sol Estes criminal activity. JFK had fired Allen Dulles as head of the CIA which infuriated the Ivy League establishment. JFK had issued US Notes instead of the privately owned Federal Reserve Notes which caused his father to warn JFK that he would be killed for not letting the bankers of the Federal Reserve get interest. The Federal Reserve is owned by Jewish bankers in Europe and US, the Rockefellers (Baptists), Rothschilds, Goldman Sachs, Warburgs and Schiff’s (Gore’s daughter married into this family and now he has $100 million after being a pauper).



Simple answer. Treason. In August 1962, a Soviet source indicated to CIA chief Jesus Angleton that the Soviet leadership was receiving very secret information from U.S. sources. The CIA started giving 12 slightly different version of their briefings daily to key US leaders and in this way discovered in December 1962 that President Kennedy was the source of the leaks. At the same time a personal friend of Angleton indicated that Bobby Kennedy had developed a personal relationship with a Soviet agent Bolshakov. Angleton then tapped Bobby Kennedy’s phones and in February 1963 intercepted a call between Bobby Kennedy and Bolshakov. During the course of this taped conversation it became clear that the President and the Soviet Premier had been in contact through the medium of Bobby Kennedy and a KGB agent. A comment from the Russian indicated that his information could only have come from CIA briefing papers which indicated to Angleton that the Kennedys' were engaging in treasonable activities and had severely compromised a number of CIA operations and agents throughout the world.


Angleton was devastated as he was friends with the Kennedys. He then started analyzing Kennedy whom Jesus Angleton said approved the Bay of Pigs invasion but then dropped it out of moral weakness refusing to give USA fighter support. JFK then attacked the CIA by firing its head Allen Dulles and others and accused the CIA of bad faith and duplicity. The gravest charge against JFK is that he did not remove the Soviet missiles from Cuba but removed ours from Turkey.


After a month of meetings the CIA ruled out removing JFK for high treason by impeachment as too many CIA secrets would be revealed. An assassination seemed to be the only way to rid USA of a traitor president and a plan was developed. Shooting JFK while sailing was ruled out because his wife and children might get hit. His doctor was ruled out because he was unstable and would have to be killed later. The only solution was to shoot JFK in public with the great possibility shooters would be captured and shooter being linked to CIA so it was decided to engage the entire US government in the assassination plan to end the most serious threat to US security in decades.


The official CIA folder on the JFK assassination was named “Operation Zipper”. This document and comments by R.T. Crowley, the CIA agent in charge of the plan are the source of the plan’s contents. Crowley had mob contacts in Chicago and contacted Sam Giancana, Chicago mob boss, who even though he hated the Kennedys did not want his Sicilian Mafia to get implicated. He suggested the Corsican Mafia. Lebanese were ruled out because their dark swarthy complexions would not blend into Dallas easily. Cubans were ruled out as too volatile and inclined to emotional excesses. It would be Corsicans in Marseilles then not Beirut that would supply the killers.


Early in March 1963, CIA Director John McCone began his delicate contacts. FBI was first and J. Edgar Hoover and his top aide William Sullivan agreed to the plot on March 4. On March 13 and 15 contacts were made with Walter Jenkins and Abe Fortas, aides of vice-president Johnson who was a timid participant. March 28, McCone and Angleton conferred on how to engage the military. April 9, Angleton contacted the liaison to the Joint Chiefs of Staff, Lt. Colonel Bevin Cass who got the Military to participate. In the middle of April Chicago Mafia Boss, Sam Giancana advised that a team of assassins had been assembled for $100,000 each for four killers. The overseer of the plot was William King Harvey, former FBI agent and head of the Berlin CIA base. Angleton contacted Israeli intelligence for help in eliminating the assassins after the deed was done. Binjamin Bauman was sent to him July 3 and briefed on entire plan, a former member of the Stern gang controlled by Menachem Begin. JFK was unpopular in Israel as he tried to stop Israel from getting the atomic bomb. A safe house was to be set up in Maryland where the assassins would be killed, their bodies dissected and stuffed into pots of crabs who would eat the bodies. The remainder bones would be dumped in the ocean as bones do not float.


In September 1963, it was announced JFK would visit Dallas in November so that was the place where it was decided plot would be done. The Corsicans of Marseille, France would be flown to French speaking Canada at the end of October and met by the Mafia and driven over the Windsor, Ontario bridge into a Detroit Mafia safe house from where they would be flown in a private aircraft to Dallas. Corsicans were never told they were working for the CIA but thought it was a Mafia job. Weapons for the plot were obtained by Sam Cummings, a CIA agent and head of INTERARMCO a CIA subsidiary in Warrentown, Virginia . He specialized in gun running for the CIA. Sam obtained two silenced .38 caliber pistols, two 7.65-mm surplus Argentine army Mausers and a specially constructed .223-caliber rifle, which was cut down and modified from a standard NATO weapon. Special bullets for this .223 rifle, filled with mercury and designed to explode when entering a body were manufactured and accompanied the weapon.


A check of CIA records for Dallas located the names of several persons of interest to the agency. One was Lee Harvey Oswald, the returned defector on the FBI payroll and the other with whom the CIA had extensive and documented dealings. This was the Baltic aristocrat George De Mohrenschildt born of lesser Russian nobility and having served in the Polish calvary. He had met Oswald by accident while mixing in the Russian community as Oswald’s wife was Russian. He became Oswald’s mentor and lover. When George passed on the information that Oswald had obtained a job at the Texas Book Depository on October 16, the CIA noticed the building was on the Kennedy parade route. CIA now viewed Oswald as the perfect patsy as he had been vetted as a Cuban and Russian communist sympathizer and had a job high up over the parade route. Oswald, George and Jack Ruby were all homosexuals.


In the first week of November the assassination team was flown from Detroit to Dallas and spent two weeks checking the entire presidential route. It was finally decided to use the Book Depository as one base as it had bushes on the grassy knoll and spacious railroad yards behind the knoll picket fence where one could easily escape.

The final assassination team consisted of:

  1. A shooter in the Texas Book Depository, sixth floor.

  2. A shooter in the ornamental bushes just before the underpass.

  3. Two English speaking personnel in suits and equipped with false law enforcement identification in the railroad yard behind the second shooter.

It was later reported that if anyone tried to investigate or interfere with the escape of the shooter, the two false law enforcement agents would be able to display their identification and deflect pursuit.


George De Mohrenschildt learned one week prior that Oswald had a rifle and knew where it was located. Oswald was a bad shot with a rifle, the Warren Report to the contrary and had never fired the rifle. George was shot to death in March 1977 just prior to his appearance at a Congressional committee as was Sam Giancana in June 1975 prior to his appearance at a Congressional committee. Kennedy’s lover was murdered in DC because she was telling everyone that the CIA murdered JFK. Of the four Corsican assassins, three vanished after being escorted to a private plane by Israeli Bauman on November 22, 1963 at 2:30pm at a Dallas airport. They were informed by Bauman that they would be flown to New Orleans where David Ferrie would fly them to a safe house in Maryland. They were never seen again so the crab pot scenario probably was made a reality when they arrived in Maryland with David Ferrie who knew of the plot when he lived in New Orleans and was working with Guy Bannister, a former FBI agent who sheep dipped Oswald as a Castro sympathizer.. The fourth shooter Lucien Sarti behind the picket fence who ended JFK’s life somehow escaped and took a commercial bus to Mexico City where he was shot to death in 1972 in a drug raid by Mexican police. The name on his French passport was: Guidobaldo Fini. Lucien Sarti was born in Corsica but ended up in Marseille as a hit man for the Mafia. Russian sources say CIA searched Europe for Sarti to kill him but never found him. British producers on A & E production found one of his associates Christian David in a French jail and interviewed him and confirmed Sarti was behind the picket fence. Details below. Jack Ruby lived a block from where officer J.D. Tippett was shot on November 22 and was a driver shepherding the assassins around Dallas.


Most of the plot here explained was taken from, REGICIDE by Gregory Douglas who was given the Operation Zipper folder prior to a heart operation on R.T. Crowley, a CIA agent who coordinated the assassination and felt lonely and neglected by the CIA after he retired as he feared he would not survive the operation and he did not. Author and Crowley had been talking for years. It is amazing how the CIA got the world to ignore the book. They have it down to a science working with 1,500 compliant authors who get payments and who attack any books or articles that reveal CIA killed JFK. Douglas and his website can not be found on internet.

Below is a case study of a CIA assassination of an opponent who happened to be President Kennedy's lover. This is important as CIA killed all people who knew the truth of the assassination including the Walter Reed Hospital doctor who made the photos of JFK's body which showed where the wounds were which contradicted the official Warren Commission report. Doctor told associates he was going to tell world about the real wounds when he retired so was murdered a few weeks before his retirement.

On October 12, 1964, shortly after noon, Mary Pinchot Meyer, 44, former wife of Cord Meyer, Jr., a senior CIA official, was found shot to death in a wooded area near her Georgetown studio. She had been shot once in the head and once in the upper body, a professional technique of assassination.

Period press reports indicate that a large number of CIA personnel were present immediately after the discovery of the body.

Her husband, Cord Meyer, Jr., was a close personal friend of James Jesus Angleton, and a very bitter enemy of John Kennedy. Meyer's intense hatred of Kennedy was due to the attentions that Kennedy had once paid to his ex-wife. In point of fact, Mary Pinchot Meyer had been Kennedy's long-term mistress subsequent to her divorce from her husband. Mrs. Meyer had introduced LSD to the President during her many visits to the White House.

Immediately after her murder, Crowley CIA associate Jesus Angleton was caught in her Georgetown studio going through her papers. He later removed her diary and kept it. Robert Crowley, who saw it, stated that it contained a significant number of references to her connection with Kennedy, the use of drugs at White House sex parties, and some very bitter comments about the role of her former husband's agency in the death of her lover the year before.

Mary Meyer had made angry and indiscreet comments about her views on her suspicions of CIA involvement in the Kennedy killing to a number of her neighbors, a significant number of whom had husbands who were CIA officials.

This murder is still listed as unsolved, and the police records have disappeared. Shortly after her murder, her bitter former husband painted “Tough luck, Mary” on the Key Bridge near the site of her death.

John Kennedy may have been a charismatic man but neither he nor his family could be considered either ethical or moral. The President and his brother, the Attorney General of the United States, repeatedly betrayed their wives, their criminal associates, their loyal Cuban supporters and many others with alacrity when it suited them to do so.

According to the CIA, the FBI, the Vice President, and the Joint Chiefs of Staff, they also betrayed secrets and agents to the Soviet Union for political gain. Hence John F. Kennedy had to die. It is interesting that the Soviet archives in 1995 contained the same facts as the CIA record of their JFK assassination. Russians have spies everywhere in US government. According to a CIA assessment of the Russian JFK report, “it indicates very clearly that the Russians have significant and very high level sources within both the CIA and FBI. Their possession of materiel relating to certain highly classified American military papers has been referred to the CIC for investigation.” Aldrich Ames was unearthed as a CIA spy in 1990's and is in prison for life.


Fidelis et Verus depends on your donations or book purchases from our website to continue publishing. We were inspected by a HUD inspector and condemned as a fire hazard a few weeks ago. Condo manager has not issued the letter which will result in eviction from our almost free government housing if we do not meet the HUD demands of what to destroy. We have many books, computers, fax, copiers, old issues that are in danger. We would love to have a country steel warehouse about 100 miles from here but land for $16,000, well for $3,000, septic for $2,500, steel warehouse for $7,500 plus installation costs are not possible living on Social Security of $543. So far manager has not issued letter and has not mentioned it so praying that nothing happens. It costs $550 to mail each issue, $70 laser cartridge, $35 paper, $21 envelopes for a total of $676 for 1,150 US and 50 foreign readers. Send any donations to : Children of Mary; PO Box 350333; Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33335-0333 USA. Phone or fax 1-954-583-5108. E-mail;

We have free book catalogs available, 30 pages of our favorite books and a 64 page colored catalog from Catholic Book Publishing Corp. Contact us at above addresses.

Future Events:

Blessed Virgin Mary predicted 9/7/85 a depression which would make dollar worthless. Unemployment increasing and now 10%. Spending by new Congress is huge and expected to double our $11 trillion debt by 2020 A.D. So spending is out of control and will undoubtedly destroy the US dollar. Production has slowed 5.5%. A depression is defined as a 10% drop in the GNP of $13 trillion so slowdown must double before it is a depression. Federal Reserve Bank has given out $13 trillion to world's banks such as Ukraine, Mexico, Russia, Ireland etc. to keep them afloat.

North Korea is threatening war which they would probably win as their army is 1.5 million and ours tied up in Iraq and Afghanistan is only 550,000 volunteers. The Islamic Republic of Iran is killing its own citizens in the streets which would make the false prophet Muhammad proud as he killed all when he captured caravans traveling from Damascus to Mecca. There is a report in the AFP that Barack Obama in 1992 was mentioned in Moscow by a local female communist as having been trained as a communist and atheist and that America would fall in love with him. Obama, she said, will make the triumph of communism easier. David Axelrod, Obama's chief advisor, has worked on communist newspapers many years prior according to Obama Nation.

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Lucien Sarti above was behind the picket fence in Dallas on November 22, 1963 and finished off President Kennedy with shots to the right side of his head. He was a member of the Corsican Mafia based in Marseilles.

Lucien Sarti

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Lucien Sarti (born circa 1931[1] in Corsica, died April 27, 1972 in Mexico City) was a drug trafficker and killer-for-hire involved in the infamous French Connection heroin network. He was named on the television series The Men Who Killed Kennedy as one of the men who shot U.S. President John F. Kennedy. The series aimed to critically analyze the evidence in the assassination and attacked the official government conclusion that Lee Harvey Oswald had acted alone in killing Kennedy.

In one of the late episodes of the series, aired in 2003 on The History Channel, French prisoner Christian David named Sarti as one of three French criminals hired to carry out the assassination of Kennedy on November 22, 1963, when he was interviewed by author Anthony Summers. David's account was corroborated by Michele Nicoli, a former associate of David's who is currently in the U.S. Drug Enforcement Administration's witness protection program. Sarti was the only man David explicitly named, as Sarti had been killed by police in Mexico City in 1972. The trio had all been working for heroin trafficker Auguste Ricord, a known client of the Marseilles underworld, at the time of Kennedy's death.

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