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Latin Days Are Here Again?

Pope Benedict wants to revive the Latin Mass in Roman Catholic Worship. But what exactly does that mean?

By George Weigel

Is Pope Benedict XVI determined to restore the Latin Mass that many Roman Catholics thought had been consigned to the dustbin of history? The answer, in short, is both yes and no. But neither the "yes" nr the "no" quite fits the conventional speculations in several recent media reports following off-the-cuff remarks to a small Catholic association in Great Britain by a Vatican official. In unraveling this, it helps to begin at the beginning.

As he reminds us in his memoir, Salt of the Earth, the young Joseph Ratzinger was deeply influenced, both spiritually and intellectually, by the mid-20th century movement to reform the Roman Catholic Church’s public worship--- a movement that helped pave the way for the Second Vatican Council (1962-1965). Father Ratzinger was a peritus, a theological expert, at the council, and like many others, he welcomed the council’s Constitution of the Sacred Liturgy. Here was a ratification of the liturgical reform movement he had long supported and a blueprint for further organic development of the celebration of Mass. In the immediate aftermath of Vatican II, however, Ratzinger became convinced that organic development had been jettisoned for revolution; the liturgical Jacobins being a cadre of academics determined to impose their view of a populist liturgy on the entire Catholic Church.

In the decades between Vatican II and his election as Benedict XVI, Ratzinger became a leader in what became known as "the reform of the reform": a loosely knit international network of laity, bishops, priests and scholars, committed to returning the process of liturgical development in the Catholic Church to what they understood to be the authentic blueprint of Vatican II.

Seeing a Gregorian chant CD from an obscure Spanish monastery rise to the top of the pop charts in the 1990s, they wondered why much of the Church had abandoned one of Catholicism’s classic music forms. Finding congregations that seemed more interested in self-affirmation than worship, and priests given to making their personalities the center of the liturgical action, they asked whether the rush to create a kind of sacred circle in which the priest faces the people over the Eucharistic "table" might have something to do with the problem.

And they reminded the entire Church that Vatican II had NOT mandated many of the things most Catholics thought it had decreed such as the elimination of Latin and chant from the Liturgy and the free standing altar in front of the old altar with the priest behind the new altar facing the congregation. (Troika of Cardinals Villot, Benelli and Casaroli ruled Church 1972-1978 while they kept Pope Paul VI heavily sedated in his apartments guarded by some nuns.)

Over the past forty years, the Catholic liturgical wars have tended to be fought among specialists and activists. The largest post-Vatican II splinter group, associated with the excommunicated French archbishop Marcel Lefebvre, certainly had its problems with the new liturgy; but the deeper cause of the schism was their rejection of Vatican II’s teaching on religious freedom, which they deemed heresy.

The overwhelming majority of Catholics have accepted the new form of the Mass that became normative in 1970, a Mass celebrated entirely in English or the local language. Over time the clown Masses, free for all mass prayers ignoring the Roman Rite, liturgical dance, dreadful pop music, a general lack of decorum began to recede. A re-sacralization of Catholic worship became evident in many parishes with many singing the Gloria, Creed, Sanctus, Agnus Dei in Latin. The Pater Noster has evolved into a hand holding protestant version of the Our Father sung in English. What Ratzinger and other specialists had called "the reform of the reform" was underway at the grass roots, and under its own steam.

It was to accelerate that "reform of the reform" that Benedict XVI issued a decree last summer permitting the widespread use of the 1962 Roman rite, known technically as the Missal of John XXIII. Amidst the recent, fevered speculations that Latin days are here again, its important to note what the Missal of John XXIII is not. It is not the "Tridentine Rite" because it includes modifications of the Missal mandated by the Council of Trent in the 16th century; it is not the "Mass of Pius V", which some Catholic mega-traditionalists argue is the only valid form of Catholic worship. It is, in fact, the Mass as celebrated every day at every session of Vatican II. After a brief flurry of criticism Benedict XVI modified the Good Friday prayer which called for the veil to be lifted from the perfidious Jews. Conversations about its further alteration continue. The modified prayer was used in the miniscule number of Catholic congregations that celebrated Holy Week 2008 according to the Missal of John XXIII; no pogroms resulted, and indeed the argument seems to have died out.

Some may find it ironic that the "old Latin Mass" that Benedict XVI has permitted is precisely the Mass as known by Pope John XXIII, hero of Catholic progressivism. But there is in fact something "progressive", in the sense of reformist, about Benedict’s strategy here.

Yes, the Mass of John XXIII is celebrated in Latin, and yes, it is often celebrated (although it need not be) with the priest and the congregation facing the same direction as they pray---looking together, as classic liturgical theology teaches, toward the return of Christ and the inauguration of the heavenly Jerusalem. But the pope’s point in making this form of liturgy more widely available is neither nostalgic nor retrograde. Rather, by encouraging the more widespread celebration of this classic form of the always evolving Roman Rite, Benedict XVI intends to create a kind of liturgical magnet, drawing the "reform of the reform" in the direction of greater reverence in the Catholic Church’s public worship. In doing so, the pope is also reminding the Church that, as Vatican II puts it, the Mass is a moment of privileged participation in "that heavenly liturgy which is celebrated in the Holy City of Jerusalem toward which we journey as pilgrims, where Christ is sitting at the right hand of God, minister of the sanctuary and of the true tabernacle". "Going to Mass", in other words, is not something we do for ourselves, or something we make up ourselves; liturgical worship is our participation in something God is doing for us.

Will this Benedictine reform-of-the-reform mean that every Catholic parish will soon have at least one Sunday celebration of Mass in Latin using the Missal of John XXIII? It seems unlikely, not least because very few priests today are competent Latinists. But in those places where the Latin Mass of 1962 is celebrated reverently and without nostalgic accretions (lace-bedecked older vestments, for example), it will be a source of spiritual nourishment for the minority that prefers this way of worship, even as it introduces a new generation to what will be, for them, a new form of liturgy. In international settings, the use of this rite in Latin may help may help revive that ancient tongue as a common Catholic language for common worship----no small matter in an increasingly diverse and pluralistic church. Among scholars and and parish clergy alike, the more widespread celebration of Mass according to the Missal of John XXIII may prove to be the reformist magnet that Benedict XVI wants it to be, encouraging those are already at work re-sacralizing the liturgy.

And the net result, over time? Almost certainly not "Latin days are here again" in every Catholic parish but rather a more reverent, more prayerful celebration of Mass according to a reformed Missal of 1970---and according to what the Second Vatican Council prescribed.

Ed: Apparitions I have read state that Latin is the language of Heaven which requires massive instruction classes going on all the time. Your neighbor maybe a future Latin instructor in Heaven.

Newsweek published this column 6/19/08. It was printed in The Adoremus Bulletin July-August 2008 issue which keeps track of liturgical changes.


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An unbaptized person cannot be a Christian. Therefore, Mormons of the LDS church are not Christians although they are usually of exemplary character and abilities. But Quakers and Pentecostals have an incorrect notion of the Trinity yet are considered Christians so the jury is out on whether all of the above are Christians.

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Latin Mass of 1962 celebrated at St. Peter’s Basilica by Archbishop Burke in a Solemn High Mass, the first since 1969.

Within 24 hours after I reported Mormons are not Christians our building condo of 100 units was visited by two young LDS missionaries immaculately groomed in white shirts and ties. I talked to them for a while in lobby before they visited a tenant they knew. They were from Edmonton, Alberta and Tustin, California. We have not been visited by a Catholic priest or worker since we arrived in Florida in 1990 which is why all the Spanish here are evangelical protestants. Mormons participated in the Pope’s interfaith meeting in New York after USCCB in Washington, DC received a call from Salt Lake City by a member of the Mormon "Council of 70" who requested that Mormon leaders from Salt Lake City be allowed to attend the interfaith meeting in NYC with the Holy Father. The request was granted.

The very adamant pro abortion Obama administration has ruled that a small Catholic college must provide contraception in its insurance plans for employees. The president of Belmont Abbey College, a Catholic school, says he will close the college before it gives in to this wicked demand of our Kenyan born president assisted by Rahm Emanuel, an Israeli citizen. Kenyan/Israeli destroying America bringing in a communist government before the eyes of dumb Americans.

Section 1233 of the US House version of the nationalized health plan pushes euthanasia on the elderly. Two authors of Section 1233 are major proponents of euthanasia and assisted suicide. Rep. Earl Blumenthal of Oregon which legalized physician assisted suicide 12 years ago and the Hemlock Society, a society that advocates humane deaths. Billionaire George Soros, who has unraveled governments world wide, funded doctors who have spent the past decade establishing ‘palliative care’ as a new medical sub-speciality as it is a cost-savings device.

Obama defines it as pills for the elderly and life saving surgery for younger people who have more years to live and work. Elderly are disposable in Obamacare as they no longer work and thus are a burden for government. Counseling for the elderly will be freely available so they can decide whether or not to pull the plug on their lives. This is the hope and change Obama promised. A Kenyan messiah.

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Bishop of Tulsa abandons Novus Ordo Mass facing the people. Faces the altar now. EWTN has had several Solemn High Masses on its TV Network utilizing the Canons of St Cantius in Chicago to conduct the Mass. EWTN has had several new recruits to be Franciscan brothers. They undergo a 9 month trial period so they can decide whether they want to continue as a brother.

Pope refuses to Consecrate Russia to The Immaculate Heart of Mary in union with all the bishops on the same day which will convert Russia which Benedict XVI wishes but he refuses to do what Mary requested. Fear of Orthodox Church seems to be his problem which is impeding the conversion of Russia which is becoming very aggressive now as we have a timid president who is giving in to the Brown Bear of Putin/Medvedev/Hu.

American Free Press published a story from Tom Fife who was working on software in Moscow in 1992. He met a female communist from the Russian Academy of Sciences who said that they had trained Barack Hussein Obama as a communist and atheist and that America will fall in love with him. She added that Obama will make easier the triumph of communism.

Blessed Pius IX spoke of the Papal duty to work to convert Protestants: "We fear to have one day to render an account to Him who is our Judge, if we do not show them and prepare for them, as far is in our power, the way to eternal salvation."

Orthodox and Evangelical leaders agreed that Mormons may come to the Pope’s April 18 prayer assembly but "don’t make them too prominent". Thus Elder Quentin L. Cook and Elder M. Russell Ballard, both members of the Quorum of Twelve, the highest ranking body in the ‘Latter Day Saints’ were greeted warmly at the Papal Prayer Service by Cardinals & bishops.

Anglican seminarians will study in Catholic seminaries but will get supplemental training from Anglicans on their liturgy, customs and tradition. The Anglican division will be led by an Anglican unmarried bishop or priest as the Orthodox and Catholics do not allow married bishops. Anglican married priests may continue to be married without celibacy. We have married Anglican priests in Catholic parishes in South Florida with all their children and I have never heard one comment pro or con on that arrangement. There are 7,000 Anglican priests in England who could help alleviate the shortage of priests in USA. The Anglican priests in their own parishes will follow their own liturgy and customs as before.

I, the editor, was made so religious by Anglican (Episcopal) priests sermons on Sunday radio that I eventually went to a Catholic seminary as they explained the Christian message in a very organized and comprehensive manner unlike the Catholic priests rushing through the Latin Mass in the 1950’s which I attended at 7am and then listening to the Trinity Episcopal Church service at 11am on a Boston radio station.

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Hillary Clinton, US Secretary of State, has agreed to let Russians inspect all our atom bombs which stupidity by Clinton will enable the Russians to get the GPS coordinates of all our atom bombs except the ones on submarines. Thus, cruise missiles from Russian submarines now stationed in Cuba can zap all our atom bombs in a surprise Pearl Harbor type pre-emptive strike. Her husband gave Red China the technology to fly intercontinental ballistic missiles using Loral Corporation, a big Clinton campaign fund raiser. Loral made missiles. Whose side are the Clintons on?

Beware of the Unholy Ray was a Bayside Apparition warning. There is technology in the HDTV signal that no one will notice that is digitally designed to bypass the human ear and implant ideas, emotions etc. directly into the brain. U.S. Patent #5,159, 703 describes the technology as "Silent Sound Spread Spectrum" (SSSS) was developed for military use by Dr. Oliver Lowery of Norcross, Georgia and granted patent rights on October 27, 1992. This digital technology is a silent communications system that allows for unwarranted implantation of specific thoughts, emotions and even prescribed physical actions into unsuspecting human beings.

Even instincts and emotions can be changed. Illnesses and diseases of all kinds as well as chronic fatigue, headaches, migraines, depression, insomnia, anxiety and/or anger can be induced into the mind through SSSS which if sent via analog is detected as static. But SSSS delivered by HDTV signal is undetectable.

Independent research has revealed that the new HDTV technology can be used to spy on Americans right in their living room. The TV set can be used as a camera so "Big Brother Obama" can watch and listen to the unsuspecting on a regular basis in the privacy of their own homes.

The TV set does not have to be on or even plugged in for this to be accomplished. Heaven at Necedah warned of this "Big Brother" technology years ago, that the television set could be used by the enemy as a camera.

Necedah Shrine Newsletter-Summer 2009.

CIA Crimes

Last issue detailed how CIA caught Kennedy brothers giving classified info to Russians so JFK had to be removed by assassins from Marseille, France as impeachment would have revealed too many CIA secrets. Below is a list of CIA activities detailed by John Jacob Nutter in his study; The CIA’s Black Ops; Covert Action, Foreign Policy and Democracy. These activities by an agency of the US Government have elements of a separate government ruling in the USA.

  1. Spying on Americans for their political beliefs.
  2. Opening the mail of Americans not suspected of any crime.
  3. Harassing and disrupting legal American political groups simply for their dissenting views.
  4. Testing neurochemical and biological agents such as LSD and toxins on American citizens without their consent or knowledge, covering up these activities, and destroying evidence of them.
  5. Engaging in secret wars with neither the consent or knowledge of Congress.
  6. Purposely concealing these acts or intentionally misleading members of the government who have a right to know about these activities.
  7. Employing the policies and resources of intelligence agencies to further the goals of private corporations and political groups.
  8. Subverting political processes and sponsoring the functional equivalents of coup d’etats in friendly and allied countries. (Overthrew PM Mossadegh in Iran in 1954 and installed Shah of Iran. Killed JFK in 1963 which act installed LBJ as president.)
  9. Creating private off the books intelligence and operations organizations in deliberate attempts to evade U.S. law.
  10. Negotiating with terrorists and paying ransom for hostages.
  11. Arming insurgent and terrorist organizations with modern weapons in spite of their anti-American positions. Regicide by Gregory T. Douglas furnished the CIA "Operation Zipper" folder which detailed their actions to carry out the Kennedy assassination. Book went out of print. Few copies remaining on were very expensive last time I looked. Publisher and author not findable online. The book also had the Soviet folder on the assassination which was very accurate and detailed Secret Service mistakes intentional or not which made it easier to kill President John F. Kennedy. Secret service errors were these; No agents in school depository or on bridge. Car made a sharp turn which is a no no as they turned onto Texas School Depository street. That is how Archduke Ferdinand was murdered in Bosnia which started WWI. After first shot, President’s car stopped which made it easier for more shots to kill Kennedy. JFK body forcibly removed from Dallas autopsy officials.

New York Times and Washington Post agreed to keep secret the CIA action to kill President John F. Kennedy which means they have been publishing lies about the assassination since 1963 A.D. CIA is paying 50 journalists to watch for stories about the JFK assassination and to write articles ridiculing the true stories. Your taxes are paying for these lies.

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It is ironic that we have been offered a test as a Washington Post columnist because this CIA file detailing how they killed President Kennedy has a paragraph number 32 in which the Washington Post and the New York Times promised to keep the secret of how CIA murdered President Kennedy for Treason. Most shocking is that J. Edgar Hoover, Vice President Johnson, Clint Murchison, oil tycoon, and Richard Nixon were eager participants in killing Kennedy. Nixon lost to Kennedy three years earlier.

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CIA Kennedy Assassination Operation Zipper folder below details why Kennedy was executed for treason. Taken from Regicide by Gregory T. Douglas.


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