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Latin Mass is said in 155 of 182 dioceses in United States and in all 50 states. Obama thinks we have 57 states. There are 57 Muslim nations in the Islamic Conference. 375 Latin Masses are said each Sunday up from 240 Masses in 120 dioceses in July 2007. Bishop's permission is no longer needed but recalcitrant pastors refuse to allow the Latin Mass in their parish

In January a Polish diocese asked four questions of the Pontifical Commission Ecclesia Dei which is in charge of the Latin Mass. These are the commission's responses.

  1. If there is no other possibility, the liturgies of the Easter Triduum may be celebrated in the Extraordinary Form (Latin) in the same church in which they are already celebrated in the Ordinary Form (Novus Ordo), with the bishop's permission.

  2. A Mass in the Extraordinary Form may replace a regularly scheduled Mass in the Ordinary Form.

  3. A parish priest may schedule a public Mass in the Extraordinary Form on his own accord (without a request from a group of faithful) for the benefit of the faithful including those unfamiliar with the Extraordinary Form.

  4. The calendar, readings, or prefaces of the 1970 Missale Romanum may not be substituted for those of the 1962 Missale Romanum in Masses in the Extraordinary Form

To get on the mailing list to read latest news on the Latin Mass write to: Ecclesia Dei; PO Box 2071; Glenview, IL 60025-6071, phone 847-724-7151 They have booklets, videos, altar cards ($85). They also have a flyer showing the times and places of the Latin Mass.


Foreign Jewish Ownership of Federal Reserve Bank and USA & World Economy.

The Federal Reserve Bank is not Federal, not a Reserve and not a bank. It was created by a handful of US Senators Christmas week in 1913 and ignored the Constitution which states that Congress shall have the power to coin and issue money. The Federal Reserve is basically a group of European Jewish bankers who now issue all US money and loan it to US Government at interest. Crazy! Eh? The main owners are N.M. Rothschild, London, Bank of England. J. Henry Schroder Banking Corp-Kuhn, Loeb & Co... Lazard Bros-Paris, JP Morgan, MM Warburg-Hamburg, Schiff's, Lehman Bros., Natl Bank of Commerce, Hanover Bank, Chase Natl Bank, Rockefellers (name change from Rogenfelder). The Rockefellers rule USA by interlocking directorates of all major US Corporations. Federal Reserve is a large subject but one paragraph will give the flavor.

The head of the Bank of England since 1973, Sir Gordon Richardson, Governor of the Bank of England (controlled by the House of Rothschild) was chairman of the Schroders banking empire in London and New York as well as Lloyds Bank of London and Rolls Royce. He maintains a residence on Sutton place in New York City and as head of “The London Connection,” can be said to be the single most influential banker in the world. This foreigner is only one of many in control of the US money system which is in trouble due to excessive spending by Presidents' Reagan, Bush II, and Obama whose budget of $4 trillion is double our tax income of $2.1 trillion which means dollar will collapse eventually. This subject is online at

Vision of Mary to Josyp Terela, Ukranian Activist. Taken from Witness by him.

My eyes passed over the ocean and I saw a large city. I heard the woman's voice. “Josyp look to your right, you will see the one who has the scales of justice in her hand.” I looked and saw the great Statue of Liberty with a torch that burned very brightly and in the left hand were the scales. I saw that this was the hand of a righteous judgment.

The voice continued: “You are surprised that the one who has the scales is in America. There is much evil there, evil that will be found in the Church of my Son, but there will come a time that a white rider on a white horse will kill the red dragon. Here you will see that the people of this nation are good and devout. This people will pray more for the conversion of Ukraine than the Ukrainians themselves. There shall rise many new pseudo-Christian rituals. They shall all claim to be Christians but shall live a life unworthy of my Son. For a short time we shall see the rule of a living faith in the Ukraine, but with false pastors with the false cross on their standard. This new faith will begin to spread paganism, concealing or masking itself with flags. The name of Christ will be invoked only to keep the people in its' grasp. You will call out and not everyone will hear your voice, but he who hears you will follow you. You will fall into moments of questioning your faith. You will persevere and rise again. As the human soul is immortal, so you will see my words come true. Pray for Russia. Russia will be converted only when all Christians pray for her conversion. Until the West acknowledges its guilt before the East, Russia will not be able to receive Christ the King.”


Peaceful Islam at work terrorizing world. More at

Malaysian court rules Christians can call their God “Allah” setting off rioting Muslims who torch 11 Christian churches. Malaysia is 60% Muslim and 9% Christian. In Palestine Catholics who numbered 400,000 in 1948 are down to 60,000 thanks to Islamic and Jewish terrorism. Israel has killed 3 altar boys and one monk at the Church of the Nativity in Bethlehem. Israel has had to stop Orthodox attacks on Catholics in that church which is shared by both faiths. Constant Islamic missiles attacking Israel keep the pot boiling so there is no peace. Islamic militias control the Gaza strip, attack governments of Nigeria and the Philippines. Somalia, Afghanistan, Pakistan and Yemen have fallen to a large extent into the hands of Islamists. Where Islamists are not in power, secular governing parties are trying to outstrip the more religious groups in a rush to the right.

This can be seen in Egypt, Algeria, Sudan, Indonesia to some extent and also Malaysia. There are 2.2 billion Christians in world. The Christian non-governmental organization Open Doors calculates that 100 million of them are being threatened or persecuted. They aren't allowed to build churches, buy bibles or obtain jobs. That is the less harmful version of Islam. The more brutal version of Islam sees Christians blackmailed, robbed, expelled, killed, abducted. Bishop and other priests and 20 Christians have been murdered in Mosul, Iraq. Only 50 Christian Chaldean Catholic families remain of 1,500 families as men in passing cars shout at Christians to leave Mosul or convert to Islam. There are counter examples as well in Lebanon and Syria. Christians are not discriminated against and play an important role in politics and society. Saudi Arabia is one of the worst not allowing churches, bibles or any public worship of Jesus Christ. Christians are also imprisoned, abused and murdered in countries such as Laos, Vietnam, China and Eritrea which seceded from Ethiopia. Dozens of Christians are on death row or prison in Pakistan for blasphemy accused of desecrating Islam as it is an easy way for Muslims to drive out Christians by false accusations of blasphemy. Turkey is not allowing Greek Orthodox to use their seminary whose numbers in one century decreased from 2 million to 110,000 and harassing Syrian Orthodox in the southeast who have decreased from 500,000 in 1900 to 3,000 today. 8 million Coptic Christians in Egypt are treated poorly with some being murdered and pig farmers who were Christians having all their pigs killed because of swine flu

Islam is a political movement masquerading as a religion. Muhammad was illiterate but had followers who wrote down what he said. He thought he was possessed by Satan and tried to kill himself several times. He had 13 wives. His favorite was Aisha whom he was betrothed to when she was age 6 and married her when she was age nine so he was a pedophile and a warrior capturing caravans going from Syria to Mecca killing or selling or keeping captive those he captured. He would sleep with a different wife each night. He was born in 570 and in 610 started preaching Islam in Mecca eventually fleeing to Medina where he ruled until he died in 632. He conquered Mecca in 630 which had the black stone of the Meccan god Allat whom Muhammad thought resided in the black stone. His satanic verses period were when he urged all to worship the 200 Meccan gods. He did not think that God could become a man or die so rejected Jesus as God but accepted him as a prophet. He also honored Mary, the mother of Jesus noted in the Qu'ran, the sayings of Muhammad

7 World Trade Center was a 47 story building near the World Trade Center Towers. FEMA issued a report on the building collapse on 9/11/01 in a joint investigation with the Structural Engineering Institute of the American Society of Civil Engineers. FEMA made preliminary findings that the collapse was not primarily caused by actual impact damage from the collapse of 1 WTC and 2 WTC but by fires on multiple stories ignited by debris from the other two towers that continued unabated due to lack of water for sprinklers or manual firefighting. Structural elements were exposed to high temperatures for a sufficient period of time to reduce their strength to the point of collapse. The fires burned out in 20 minutes at any given location from point to point. “Loss of structural integrity was likely a result of weakening caused by fires on the 5th to 7th floors. .. the total diesel fuel on the premises contained massive potential energy but has only a low probability of occurrence. Further research, investigation and analysis are needed to resolve this issue.” The fires, fueled by office contents, along with a lack of water, were the key reasons for the collapse. There was no water pressure for the fireman and the sprinkler system required a manual trigger. This is the first known instance of a tall building collapsing primarily as a result of uncontrolled fires. They discarded thermate because it would take 100 pounds of thermate per steel column which could not have been planted without being discovered. A NM engineer showed that thermate paint on each column would have brought down the building. P3.


Page 4. COMMUNISM IS STILL RULING IN RUSSIA AND CHINA -Fatima Crusader Issue 83 rev..

Only the Consecration of Russia can stop a worldwide Russian ruled Union of Soviet Socialist Republics of which the Union of Socialist States of America (USSA) led by Obama will be a part. Russian rule will implode when China invades Russia as shown in Prophecies by W. Biernacki ($8.50) and then the Chinese will establish the cruelest rule in history led by the Anti-Christ who will rule entire world forcing Christ to return as otherwise all would die.

It was, however, not Communism that collapsed in the Soviet Union, but it was Socialism that underwent a strategically planned demolition in a restructured (perestroika=restructuring) Soviet Union. Now, since the carefully planned metamorphosis of the Soviet Union has brought about the mutation of Communism from the Dictatorship of the Proletariat (working class) into what Gorbachev called the (Leninist) State of the Whole People, the real Communism described by the founding member of the Bolsheviks, Rakovsky, in a January 25-26, 1938 interview is exactly what has emerged in contemporary Russia today.

In order to understand how it is that Russia is not only still Communist, but is more firmly and staunchly Communist than ever, it is necessary to consider exactly and essentially what Communism is.

Rakovsky explains the essence of Communism. “Marxism, before being a philosophical, economic and political system is permitted in a liberalized Marxist state, because “words and facts in Marxism are subject to the strict rules of the higher science: the rules of conspiracy and revolution.” “The State as such is only power. AND MONEY IS EXCLUSIVELY POWER.” THUS IT LOGICALLY FOLLOWS, RAKOVSKY EXPLAINS, THAT “MOSCOW IS SUBJECTIVE COMMUNISM, BUT (OBJECTIVE) CAPITALISM. NEW YORK:Capitalism subjective, but Communism objective.” What he means by 'New York' is “The Financial International, the Capitalist-Communist one (i.e. Communist International...”)

When one thus understands the true nature of Communism, it becomes easy to understand that in spite of all the cosmetic changes in the Soviet Union with all the bourgeois (capitalist) corruption and liberalism, Russia remains Communist.

The same is happening to a lesser degree in “economically “liberalized” China which remains dominated by and firmly in the grip of iron Communist party rule. Rakovsky explained that Communism cannot be the victor if it will not have suppressed the still-living Christianity.


What Caused Molten Steel at the World Trade Center on 9/11?

Minutes before the South Tower collapsed, streams of molten metal poured out of a window on the 80th floor. Glowing pools of molten material were photographed in the rubble at ground zero that evening. “You'd get down below and you'd see molten steel running down the channel rails, like you're in a foundry, like lava.-NYC Firefighter. For several weeks after the collapse, recovery crews continued to pull red hot, sometimes still molten, steel from the pile at ground zero. What produced the 2750 F temperatures needed to melt steel? Jet fuel and open air fires do not even come close to reaching those temperatures. Thermate can produce 4,000 F and can easily produce an incendiary fire that can easily cut through thick steel beams and produce large amounts of molten iron, rich in aluminum & silver. Thermate is composed of ironoxide, aluminum and sulfur. Scanning electron microscopy and x-ray spectroscopy of WTC dust samples found many aluminum-rich iron microspheres, once molten droplets which had solidified in air, strong evidence of the use of explosives. Nothing in the official reports can explain the molten metal or iron microdroplets in the dust. Only the use of incendiary explosives in a controlled demolition can account for the molten steel and the microspheres at ground zero. On 9/11 hundreds of witnesses reported hearing, feeling and seeing explosions typical of controlled demolitions. The powerful blasts pulverized the concrete and blew it outward with great force. Firefighter Richard Banaciski: “There was just an explosion in the south tower. It seemed like on television when they blow up these buildings. It seemed like it was going all the way around like a belt, all these explosions.” Nick Rockefeller, a member of our ruling Royal family, stated 11 months prior to 9/11 to Aaron Russo on a youtube video that a Great Event would occur to enable US-Muslim wars

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Taizé Leader Presents Pope With Chinese Bible

Community Distributed 1 Million Copies in 2009

By Anita S. Bourdin

VATICAN CITY, APRIL 27, 2010 ( When Brother Alois Loser, the leader of the ecumenical Taizé community, met with Benedict XVI last week, he brought with him a Bible in Chinese.

Last Thursday, Brother Alois presented to the Pope the ecumenical community's latest initiative to aid the Christian community in China by publishing and distributing free of charge one million Bibles throughout the country.

In a letter written from China, Brother Alois explained that the project is a "a sign of friendship and gratitude to the Christians in China."

The initiative, carried out through Operation Hope, was announced in 2008 at a meeting of young people in Brussels. Brother Alois noted at that time that the community would publish 200,000 complete Bibles and 800,000 New Testaments with the Psalms.

The Bibles were printed in Nanjing, China, and from there the books were sent in successive stages throughout the country during 2009.

Brother Alois has met annually with Benedict XVI for the last five years, thus following in the footsteps of Taizé's founder, Brother Roger, who met every year with John XXIII, Paul VI and John Paul II.

Since the first months of his new ministry, accompanied by other brothers, Brother Alois has also visited other Christian leaders, such as Orthodox Patriarch Bartholomew of Constantinople, the members of the Ecumenical Council of Churches gathered in Porto Alegre, Brazil, deceased Russian Orthodox Patriarch Alexis II and the Anglican Archbishop of Canterbury, Dr. Rowan Williams.

"With these visits, I would like to show that with my brothers we seek passionately communion among Christians," explained Brother Alois. "In Taizé we would like to contribute to give greater visibility to the communion that, in Christ, already exists among all the baptized."


Fidelis et Verus has been published since Palm Sunday 1985 in Palmdale, California. Subscribe for $10. Our address is: PO Box 350333; Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33335-0333 USA. Phone or fax 1-954-583-5108. E-mail: Website: Our website is a library of all Catholic classics available online from Bibles to Mystical City of God. All Bayside messages and books are available to read online. 30 Catholic book publishers catalogs are online. Videos from cover Obama's grandmother stating she was at his birth in Mombasa, Kenya as well as pictures of his Kenyan birth certificates from both Coast Provincial General Hospital in Mombasa, Kenya and the civil authorities. Obama was at birth 7 pounds, one ounce; 18 inches long, 6 inches across the shoulders. His footprint is on birth certificate as well as the doctor's name who delivered Obama as well as the attending physician of the natal unit. Local Imam named baby Hussein. There are videos of Russian patriarch Kirill's installation with the somber voices of the great choirs and many priests and bishops in their golden robes and crowns. Vatican Radio has a video showing Pope congratulating Patriarch Kirill with hopes that we will be re-united soon. This is the best Catholic site online by far.

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Number of Catholics on the Rise

Vatican Releases Statistical Yearbook

VATICAN CITY, APRIL 27, 2010 ( The Vatican announced today that its publishing house has released a new edition of the Statistical Yearbook of the Church, comprising information from 2000 to 2008, including that the number of Catholics in the world is now 1.16 billion.

Over these nine years, the Catholic presence in the world has grown from 1.045 billion in 2000 to 1.166 billion in 2008, an increase of 11.54%. Considering the statistics in detail, numbers in Africa grew by 33%, in Europe they remained generally stable (an increase of 1.17%), while in Asia they increased by 15.61%, in Oceania by 11.39% and in America by 10.93%. As a percentage of the total population, European Catholics represented 26.8% in 2000 and 24.31% in 2008. In America and Oceania they have remained stable, and increased slightly in Asia.

The number of bishops in the world went up from 4,541 in 2000 to 5,002 in 2008, an increase of 10.15%.

The number of priests also increased slightly over this nine-year period, passing from 405,178 in 2000 to 409,166 in 2008, an overall rise of 0.98%. In Africa and Asia their numbers increased (respectively, by 33.1% and 23.8%); in the Americas they remained stable, while they fell by 7% in Europe and 4% in Oceania.

The number of diocesan priests increased by 3.1%, going from 265,781 in 2000 to 274,007 in 2008. By contrast, the number of regular priests showed a constant decline, down by 3.04% to 135,159 in 2008. Of the continents, only Europe showed a clear reduction in priests: in 2000 they represented 51% of the world total, in 2008 just 47%. On the other hand, Asia and Africa together represented 17.5% of the world total in 2000 and 21.9% in 2008. The Americas slightly increased its percentage to around 30% of the total.

Non-ordained religious numbered 55,057 in the year 2000 and 54,641 in 2008. Comparing this data by continent, Europe showed a strong decline (down by 16.57%), as did Oceania (22.06%); the Americas remained stable, while Asia and Africa grew (by 32% and 10.47%, respectively).

Female religious are almost double the number of priests, and 14 times that of non-ordained male religious, but their numbers are falling, from 800,000 in 2000 to 740,000 in 2008. As for their geographical distribution, 41% reside in Europe, 27.47% in America, 21.77% in Asia and 1.28% in Oceania. The number of female religious has increased in the most dynamic continents: Africa (up by 21%) and Asia (up by 16%).

The Statistical Yearbook of the Church also includes information on the number of philosophy and theology students in diocesan and religious seminaries. In global terms, their numbers increased from 110,583 in 2000 to more than 117,024 in 2008. In Africa and Asia their numbers went up, whereas Europe saw a reduction.

Thus, Catholic faith is dying in Europe which is turning Muslim as Catholics have no children. Catholics are growing by leaps and bounds in Africa and Asia. China's young are converting to the Catholic Church rapidly and now number at least 60 million. They were 3 million in 1946. Most schools in Hong Kong are Catholic run supported by the government and produce many leaders.


Page 7. On page 8 below are a few pages from a 50 cent pamphlet on a summary of the coming Three Days of Darkness. Postage is $1.00. Fidelis et Verus;PO Box 350333; Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33335-0333.

Letter from architect re: collapse of World Trade Center.

  1. With a few hundred degrees of heat, steel expands, distorts, looses strength and building collapses. That is why we have to protect steel with fireproofing, usually drywall.

  2. At the World Trade Center, the plane loaded with fuel crashed into the building. Collapse was caused not by plane crashing into building but by fire from gasoline on plane. The fireproofing of the building was damaged by plane crash, the fuel ignited and weakened the steel and after a period of time the floors above the crash floor collapsed.

  3. Several floors collapsed unto the floor where the crash occurred (see video). The upstairs floors falling onto the crash floor forcing that floor with the superimposed floors to collapse. I have seen this in other cases where the top floors collapse. When it happens it is usually during construction.

  4. Regarding “explosion”. Take a stack of books, drop them on floor and it will sound like an explosion.

  5. Steel that is covered up by drywall or other material is usually never painted.


    New York Times in Death Spiral Trying to Take Catholic Church with them.

The New York Times took out a $250 million loan from a Mexican billionaire at 14.5% interest which will be due shortly. Their executives have awarded themselves $10 million bonuses as a golden parachute to live on once the Mexican seizes the paper. The Times has been working with the lawyer who obtained over $1 billion from Catholic bishops for their sexual coverups including some accusing Pope Benedict XVI when he was working in Munich. Vatican response has been ridiculous not even addressing the issues but accusing the Devil instead of themselves. Cardinal Bernard Law who covered up and transferred homosexual priests in Boston who molested teenage altar boys sits enthroned in the Basilica of St. Mary Major in Rome when he should be in solitary confinement in the Walpole, Massachusetts state prison. US Bishops finally now have a no tolerance policy. It took your donations of $7 billion and 50 years before the bishops got it. Slow learners, the Church's best and brightest? I doubt it. They were probably part of a Roman clique as only priests who attended seminaries in Rome are allowed to be a bishop. Most of these sexual escapades happened over 40 years ago yet you would think from the Jewish mass media coverage that these crimes just happened yesterday. Mass media totally ignores teachers in public schools having sex with their students which would be a juicy story with great interest but Jews prefer to focus on the Catholic Church, their enemy, which is trying to stop abortion, gay marriage, immorality while Jewish mass media promotes and glorifies homosexual marriage, abortions and immoral relationships. My seminary professor in Boston in 1958-62 period said one day: “The Church must be Divine because it has survived over 1,900 years being run by a bunch of stupid ass holes.”


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