May 21, 2011 A.D. Issue 91. Founded Palm Sunday 1985 in Palmdale, California by Most Reverend Alphonse Gallegos, Auxiliary Bishop of Sacramento, California and approved by Roman Cardinal Silvio Oddi. Subscribe for $10.00. E-mail: Website: . Phone or fax is 1-954-583-5108 noon to 3am Eastern US time. Mailing address: Children of Mary; PO Box 350333; Ft Lauderdale, FL 33335-0333 USA. We accept major credit cards; M/C, Visa, A/E, Discover and checks drawn on US/Canadian banks, money orders or cash of any nation. We have readers in many nations including the Vatican, Eire, UK, Greece, Spain, Italy, Malta, Poland, Russia, N Ireland, Australia, India, Malaysia, Philippines, Kenya, Ghana, Aruba, Canada, and Mexico suffering 35,000 dead in last 4 years because of USA appetite for hard drugs which our lawless government does zero to stop led by a Kenyan born, Russian communist trained president leading clueless Americans led by the Jewish dominated mass media into a coma unaware of the coming financial collapse and the resulting breakdown of law and order beginning in the ghettos of the Northern cities.

Pope Benedict XVI’s second volume of Jesus of Nazareth rolled off the presses in early March to the satisfaction and gratitude of Israeli Prime Minister Binyamin Netanyahu, who said in a letter to the pontiff, "I commend you for forcefully rejecting in your recent book a false charge that has been a foundation for the hatred of the Jewish people for many centuries"----that the Jewish people were responsible for killing Jesus.

Not to be outdone, Abraham Foxman, national director of the Anti-Defamation League said in a statement "This is an important and historic movement for Catholic-Jewish relations, as Pope Benedict XVI is now moving ahead with implementing the second phase of Vatican II. It is especially significant because it deepens and gives historians context crucial in having the doctrine expressed in Nostra Aetate translated down to the pews.

No matter how hard Pope Benedict ties to placate and accommodate global Zionist forces, the more they will hold him in contempt as it appears Netanyahu and Foxman might have more influence in high church circles than us loyal Catholics in the pews. In the US, Catholic democrat politicians who are heavily funded by Jewish donors espouse the Jewish line on everything approving abortion, homosexual marriage, embryo research, global warming, no oil drilling in USA, tax the rich (small businessmen), no nuclear power, ship manufacturing overseas, state control of business (communism/socialism) etc.

New English missal translation will be available October, 1, 2011 and begin in Advent 2011. The Missal in the original Latin has been updated three times since Vatican II in 1969, 1975, and 2000. It has been translated into English in 1973, 1985 and 1997. The 1985 translation is now used in entire English world as the 2000 Latin edition promulgated new norms for translations. The 1997 English translation never received Roman approval. The initial norms for translation in 1969 called for "dynamic equivalency" the best possible form of the vernacular or target language. The new norms outlined in Liturgiam Authenticam call for rendering the Latin to the vernacular "in the most exact manner". Since new missals will not be available until October 1, most of the newly translated prayers and the ordinary of the Mass as well as a large number of educational materials can be downloaded from the US bishops’ website: http://www.usccb.orh/roman-missal as a huge educational effort is needed to prepare the faithful for the changes.

Relevant Radio began in 2000 in the Chicago and Minneapolis-St.Paul areas and now has 12 stations and 21 affiliates in 12 states—was founded by three local businessmen in Green Bay who started a local radio station in November 2000. Mark Follett one of the businessmen envisioned a network of Catholic radio stations throughout the United States but 10 years later layoffs have occurred and they are running a tighter ship to stabilize what they now own. We have no plans to drop stations and depend on our listener’s generosity. Average listener listens six hours a week. They are working for greater collaboration with all US Catholic radio stations including EWTN and Immaculate Heart Radio. Stephen Gajdosik, president of the Catholic Radio Association said that Catholic radio is adept at teaching the faith and in making disciples of people.

"Radio, more than just teaching, helps disciple people," he said, "and we are missing a little bit of that in church today. We don’t disciple well; we teach well, but we don’t disciple well. The Holy Spirit has this desire for Catholic radio, and Relevant Radio has played a wonderful part in that, by filling in areas, by building up stations in small towns and major markets across the station. But those areas might not have Catholic radio today were it not for Relevant Radio." By Carlos Briceno in Naperville, Illinois. NCR. Ed. Catholic radio has expanded a lot in last decade. Protestants still have way more stations.

Summary of the Garabandal Apparitions of the Blessed Virgin Mary (BVM).

In 1961, the Blessed Virgin Mary, under the title of Our Lady of Mount Carmel, and Saint Michael the Archangel, appeared to four girls: Conchita Gonzalez (12) and Mari Cruz Mazon (12), Jacinta Gonzalez (12) and Mari Cruz Gonzalez (11) in a small, mountain village of northern Spain called San Sebastian de Garabandal. Extraordinary phenomena accompanied the visions, which lasted until 1965, as the four girl fell into states of ecstasy becoming completely insensitive to outside stimuli. There were ecstatic marches, ecstatic falls, mystical Communions, the reading of hearts and more, witnessed by thousands.

But paramount to the Blessed Virgin’s appearances was the deliverance of a message which the visionaries revealed on October 18, 1961: "We must make many sacrifices, perform much penance, and visit the Blessed Sacrament frequently. But first, we must lead good lives. If we do not, a chastisement will befall us. The cup is already filling up, and if we do not change, a very great chastisement will come upon us."

This was followed four years later on June 18, 1965, by a second and final message from the Blessed Virgin delivered on her behalf by St. Michael to Conchita: "As my message of October 18 has not been complied with and has not been made known to the world, I am advising you that this is the last one. Before, the cup was filling up. Now it is flowing over. Many cardinals, many bishops and many priests are on the road to perdition and are taking many souls with them. Less and less importance is being given to the Eucharist. You should turn the wrath of God away from yourselves by your efforts. If you ask His forgiveness with sincere hearts, He will pardon you. I, your mother, through the intercession of Saint Michael the Archangel, ask you to amend your lives. You are now receiving the last warnings. I love you very much and do not want your condemnation. Pray to us with sincerity and we will grant your requests. You should make more sacrifices. Think about the Passion of Jesus."

On November 13, 1965, the apparitions ended when Our Lady appeared to Conchita for the last time. Three great supernatural events have been predicted: the Warning, Miracle and Chastisement. The Warning will occur within 12 months of the Miracle and will serve to "correct the conscience of the world" in preparation for that event. It will first be seen in the sky and then felt interiorly by everyone on earth. No one will escape it. It will be of short duration but extremely painful as all will see the wrong they have done and the good they have failed to do.

The Miracle will occur at a grove of pine trees on a bluff overlooking Garabandal. Conchita knows the date and will announce it eight days in advance. All those in the village or on the surrounding mountains will see it. The sick who are present will be cured, sinners will be converted and the incredulous will believe. It will be the greatest Miracle that Jesus will have ever performed for the world. As a result of the Miracle, Russia and other countries will be converted. After the Miracle a visible supernatural sign will remain at the site until the end of time. (ed. I predict it will be the column of light that led the Hebrews out of Egypt.) If the world does not change after the warning and Miracle, then the Chastisement will come. No official approval by Church but Cardinals Ottaviani, Seper and Popes Paul VI and John Paul II gave encouragement for the propagation of the messages. From Garabandal Journal, PO BOX 706; St. Cloud MN.

EWTN Acquires National Catholic Register newspaper. No cash will be exchanged. EWTN will take over the ongoing operational expenses of the Register and will assume the paper’s future subscription liabilities. The Register originated in 1905 in Denver and 15 years ago was acquired 15 years ago by the Legionaries of Christ. Fr. Owen Kerns, the Register’s publisher and editor-in-chief described a "perfect storm" of rising publishing and post office charges for mailing, reduced donations due to failing economy overwhelming the Legion’s abilities to subsidize the costs of publishing the newspaper and managing its website. Average copies printed 27,009 of a full size paper. In early 2010 EWTN partnered with Catholic News Agency (CNA) a Denver based independent Catholic news agency with bureaus in North and South America as well as Europe. EWTN and CNA share news sources and have created a joint news site which now includes Spanish news EWTN Noticias launched in January 2011. EWTN Global TV Catholic Network provides multimedia services to more than 140 nations and territories recently adding an African satellite. The network transmits nine separate television channels in several languages to a worldwide audience. It also operates multiple radio audiences including a network of hundreds of AM and FM stations, A Sirius satellite radio channel and a global shortwave radio service. EWTN’s main website, draws 20 million unique visitors annually. In the 1950’s the Register had a 700,000 circulation.

Fr. Keith Newton, former Anglican bishop of Richborough has been named to head the new Anglican oridinariate within the Catholic Church. He was ordained a Catholic priest along with two former Anglican bishops, Fr. John Broadhurst and Fr. Andrew Burnham. All three will probably be ordained bishops to help begin the transition of Anglicans into the Catholic Church using the Anglican liturgy.

PROPHECIES by Wladyslaw Biernacki, a prophet has been approved by all the Polish bishops and Pope John Paul II. His book is $8.50 plus $4 shipping in USA and has astounding predictions of the future many of which have already happened as this book was printed in 1976. Wladyslaw had frequent visits from Jesus who one day took him on a trip thru the universe meeting bands of roving lost Jews, Jehovah Witnesses, Muslims, Rabbis, bishops and priests, all of whom tried to attack him but he warded them off by making the sign of the cross. The Three Days of Darkness are detailed which occur during the third world war when Chinese Forces invade their ally Russia with Russian generals surrendering and going on Chinese side as they advance towards Moscow. Polish NATO forces race to east of Moscow to stop the Chinese but are decimated in a terrible bloody battle so Polish forces retreat 100 miles towards Moscow and are attacked by a Chinese barrage of atomic tipped missiles but Poland utilizes the improved patriot missile defenses which stops the missiles and deflects the missiles back upon the Chinese destroying their armies and making an explosion felt worldwide which knocks the earth of its axis for three days during which no one will be able to stand up or see much unless they have blessed candles. God’s enemies will be killed by lightning and fierce storms with devils visible to those who need to reform as the globe roams aimlessly in space. It is ironic the Russians of today are trying to stop this missile shield threatening a return to the cold war as stated by Russian President Dmitry Medvedev 18May2011.

"The Antichrist was born in the Middle East in 1977 close to the border between Israel and Egypt. His mother was an elderly Jewish prostitute. He is the devil incarnate. For the moment, he is still hiding, biding his time. At present, most of the Antichrist’s time is spent travelling around different parts of the world. In 1984 he was in Poland for a while with his mother. It has been revealed to me that after the Chastisement the world population will be reduced to 1 billion with Chinese being the most numerous racial group as a relatively high proportion of them will survive the Chastisement. The Antichrist is an incarnate angel, even though a fallen angel. Already, he is wonderfully clever, talented and beautiful to look at---and yet he has a heart which is utterly corrupt and depraved! And towards the end of the twenty year of peace, the Antichrist will in quite a short space of time rise to power amongst the peoples of China. Once in power, the Antichrist will deploy the Chinese armies to extend his dominion over the entire globe, even conquering Poland. He will then set himself up as pope---or strictly speaking as an anti-Pope. For now, it will become apparent that the Antichrist is the most cruel and evil ruler that the world has ever seen. He will persecute Christians mercilessly, and inflict dreadful and sadistic tortures upon them. He will poison wells, and commit other abominable crimes. Providentially, however, the reign of Antichrist will suddenly be cut short. He will be complete master of the whole world, along with his agents the Chinese, for just four years. And then at the very height of his power, the Antichrist will be defeated by Christ Himself, in His Second Coming and will be thrown down into Hell forever." There are many more revelations including the Third World War details and the end of the world, which are so riveting you will not be able to put the book down. Costs $8.50. US shipping $4. Order from: Catholic Books & Tapes; PO Box 350333; Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33335-0333. Phone/fax 1-954-583-5108. Web:

Limited work space has prevented us from expanding our efforts. No space for helpers. No space for more books and publications. We have constant interference by our public housing management stating we are a fire hazard and too crowded with printers and electronic machines. My response has been to scream at them so they retreat for a while until the next official ventures forth to stop us. I have been looking at Clewiston, FL properties 100 miles from here near Lake Ochochobee and the center of sugar cane crops and processing. 5 billion tons in 2010. Montura Estates is a 6 mile square of lots with utilities and wells, 25 minutes drive from Clewiston. Most are 1.25 acre lots. Latest offering are a 3 bedroom, 2 bath, 1200 square foot, 1985 mobile home on a wooded lot. $17,500 as is. Paved road, septic sewer, cable, metal roof, Second and best offering is a mobile home with furniture, central electric, ceiling fans, 1412 square feet, large covered front porch, septic sewer, softener well water, central electric, paved road, lot completely fenced, 1.25 acres on a wooded lot with many mature oak trees. $35,900. There are two more available similar with more buildings for $45,000 and $50,000. Realtor said it is very difficult to get a bank loan on a mobile home. Looks difficult but will keep looking and hoping.

Obama attacking Catholic institutions with vigor. Belmont Abbey College (Catholic) was accused by Obama EEOC of discrimination for refusing to cover contraception in its employee health plan. Besides the Belmont Abbey case, the Obama Administration is making rules that eliminate conscience protections and mandate coverage of morally offensive procedures or drugs as part of the new "Obamacare" health law. Other Obama actions include his forcing states student health plans to pay for contraceptives, force employers including Catholic institutions to recognize gay "marriage" and sweeping new powers granted to the states to regulate colleges and universities. The Illinois Catholic Conference denounced a new same-sex civil union bill in Illinois stating it was "a sneak attack" on Catholic and other religious institutions. Obama is the most anti-Catholic president in US history.

Notre Dame President Fr. John Jenkins gave Obama a degree as he continues to prosecute 88 students who protested the award to Obama. He said the students must be put on trial because Notre Dame must have "one consistent set of rules for demonstrations on campus---no matter what the cause." Fr. Jenkins will join Ted Kennedy, VP Joe Biden, Nancy Pelosi, Mario Cuomo and other Catholic abortionist politicians with Obama, FDR, Stalin and Lenin in Hell below before this century ends.

Excerpts from one of the Notre Dame88 being prosecuted for protesting abortionist Obama award. "We are called the Notre Dame 88. It seems that our sacrifice has been forgotten even though our case is ongoing. I expected a fine, a few hours in jail, but Notre Dame decided to have us prosecuted to the fullest extent possible, and we may be sentenced to a year in jail and fined $5,000 for our supposed "crime" of standing up for what our bishops teach about the intrinsic evil of abortion: ‘Catholic institutions should not honor those who act in defiance our fundamental moral principles. They should not be given awards, honors or platforms which would suggest support for their actions." ("Catholics in Political Life"). We are asking all good Catholics to help end our unjust persecution. Please write your bishop and ask for this agony to end. Please write to Notre Dame President: Fr. John Jenkins; 400 N. Main Bldg.; Notre Dame, IN 46556 and ask him to end our prosecution. Please pray for us, for the unborn, for our bishops and for the University of Notre Dame to truly become pro-life. From: Dr. Terese M. Rachor Beste; Fenton, Michigan.

Vietnam and the Holy See do not have full diplomatic relations which ended with the 1975 Red take over but Vietnam has now accepted a ‘non-residential pontifical representative" Archbishop Leopoldo Girelli, 57 who also is the apostolic nuncio to Singapore and apostolic delegate to Malaysia and Brunei. He had been the apostolic nuncio to Indonesia.

National Catholic Register 10 best films of 2010. Babies, Get Low, Inception, Lourdes. The King’s Speech, The Social Network, Top Story 3, True Grit, Waste land, Winter’s Bone. 13 more worth noting. 127 Hours, Alamar (To the Sea), The Fighter, The Ghost Writer, The Oath, Oceans, Restrepo, The Secret of Kells, Tangled, Waiting for ‘Superman’, Kids & Up, Teens and UP, Adults. By Steven D. Greydanus editor and chief critic at

Scorecard of Catholics in Congress on 9 issues 2007-2011. The following voted 100% for the Catholic position in the U.S. House of Representatives. California-Dan Lungren-R, Devin Nunes-R, George Radonovich-R, Edward R. Royce-R, Florida-Lincoln and Diaz Balart-R who are brothers, Tom Rooney-R, Georgia-Phil Gingrey-R, Jim Marshall-D, Illinois-Jerry Costello-D, Indiana-Joe Donnelly-D, Brad Ellsworth-D, Iowa-Steve King-R, Louisiana-Joseph Cao-R, John Fleming-R, Steve Scalise-R, Michigan-David Lee Camp-R, Thaddeus McCotter-R, Missouri-Blaine Leutkemeyer-R, Mississippi-Gene Taylor-D, Nebraska-Jeff Fortenberry-R, New Jersey-Frank LoBiondo-R, Chris Smith-R, New York-Peter King-R, North Carolina-Virginia Foxx-R, Walter B. Jones-R, Patrick McHenry-R, Ohio—Steve Austria-R, John A. Boehner-R, Bob Latta-R, Jean Schmidt-R, Pat Tiberi-R, Oklahoma-John Sullivan-R, Pennsylvania-Kathy Dahlkemper-D, Tim Murphy-R, Texas-Kevin Brady-R, Michael McCaul-R, Washington State-Doc Hastings-R, Wisconsin-Paul Ryan-R. Very few voted for Catholic values even though Catholics are 1/3 of the 435 representatives. Catholic states send Democrat Catholics to Congress who always vote against the Catholic position because the Democrat party is totally funded by liberal Jews who demand obedience to their Bolshevik views. In the 100 member U.S. Senate the following voted 100% for the Catholic position. George LeMieux-R-Florida, Jim Risch-R-Idaho, Sam Brownback-R-Kansas, Jim Bunning-R-Kentucky, David Vitter-R-Louisiana, Mike Johanns-R-Nebraska, George Voinovich-R-Ohio. There are 24 Catholics in the U.S. Senate and 12 who call themselves Jewish. 64 are mostly protestant with a few not stating any religion.

Dominican Sisters of Mary, Mother of the Eucharist were founded 13 years ago with four sisters. Now they have over 100 and counting. Age old secrets of their phenomenal growth. 1. Unwavering orthodoxy. 2. Constant prayer. 3. Traditional habit. 4. Teaching apostolate. Expecting 12 more aspirants in August has forced them to start another priory so they need help to do so. 4597 Warren Rd; Ann Arbor, MI 48105. Phone 734-930-4222 Web:

World Trade Center buildings may have been destroyed by Mini-Nukes or some type of explosives according to the website of Architects and Engineers for 9-11 Truth. 1. Destruction proceeds through the path of greatest resistance at nearly free-fall acceleration. 2. Improbable symmetry of debris distribution. 3. Extremely rapid onset of destruction. 4. Over 100 first responders reported explosions and flashes. 5. Multi-ton steel sections ejected laterally. 6. Mid-air pulveration of 90,000 tons of concrete and metal decking. 7. Massive volume of expanding pyroclastic-like clouds. 8. 1200-foot diameter debris field: no "pancaked" floors found. 9. Isolated explosive ejections 20-40 stories below demolition front. 10. Total building destruction: dismemberment of steel frame. 11. Several tons of molten metal found under all three-high-rises. 12. Evidence of thermite incendiaries found by FEMA in steel samples. 13. Evidence of explosives found in dust samples. 14. No precedent for steel-framed high-rise collapse due to fire. On the other hand, the collapse of the WTC buildings exhibited none of the characteristics of destruction by fire which would have included: 1. Slow onset with large visible deformations. 2. Asymmetrical collapse which follows the path of least resistance. 3. Evidence of fire temperatures capable of softening steel. 4. High-rise buildings with much larger, hotter, and longer lasting fires have never "collapsed". Plus, our Dear Leader David Rockefeller knew 11 months prior to 9-11 that a GREAT EVENT would occur in which we will be able to seize the oil of Iraq, Iran, Venezuela (we now have Venezuela surrounded by air base agreements) and the Caspian Sea pipelines. Since he knew, did he arrange it or his CFR/Trilateral Commission/Bilderberger minions?

IMPOSTER POPE was an Italian actor who had face surgery to appear as Pope Paul VI 1972-78 while the real pope was kept drugged in his apartments by Cardinals Jean Villot, Agostino Casaroli and Giovanni Benelli who ruled the church during that period. Both the pope and actor were murdered August 6, 1978 as the face lift of the actor was deteriorating. All of this is documented on these websites.

Free copies of the Kenyan birth certificates of Barack Obama who is an imposter president who just furnished a fake birth certificate. He was trained at Patrice Lumumba University in Moscow, Russia by the Russian Academy of Sciences to be a communist and atheist. Clever Russians outfoxed us as they are best at chess moves. Order from us. Addresses at top of page one. Natural born in USA is required which means both parents are American born which eliminates Obama, Marco Rubio, Bobby Jindall, Mitt Romney all of whom have at last one parent born in another country. In order the nations are Kenya (British citizenship), Cuba, India, and Chihuahua, Mexico for Romney.

The Conversion of Russia will never occur unless the Pope obeys Our Lady of Fatima who demanded that in order to convert Russia, the Pope must consecrate Russia to the Immaculate Heart of Mary in union with all the bishops of the world on the same day. When that act is finally done the Russian Orthodox Church will re-unite with the Catholic Church and result in a more glorious Church according to Jesus at the Bayside, New York apparitions. God, the Father wants all the credit for the conversion be given to Mary which is why He demands the conditions listed above. Popes seem to be in a coma at present.

Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter was founded in 1988 at the initiative of Pope John Paul II to foster, promote and defend the ancient Tridentine Mass and its seven sacraments according to the liturgical traditions codified in 1962. Pope Benedict XVI in Summorum Pontificum granted the right to this Latin Mass and Sacraments to every priest and layman in the Church. Copy available from us in a tabloid copy of Fidelis et Verus. There are now 220 priests and deacons and 130 seminarians working in 17 countries on six continents. By 2005 the final wing of their seminary in Denton, Nebraska was completed. Chapel elements of stained glass and an organ need to be purchased. 42 dioceses in USA have the Fraternity in 48 apostolates. Contact info: The Priestly Fraternity of St Peter; Griffin Rd; PO Box 196; Elmhurst, PA 18416-Ph (570) 842-4001-fax (570) 842-4001; is their e-mail address.


Q. What do you mean by the Providence of God? A. The providence of God is his eternal will, by which He disposes of all things whatsoever that come to pass, according to His own pleasure, and conducts his creatures in the way He sees most proper towards the ends and purposes for which He created them. It includes three things: First, His infinite wisdom, by which He knows all His creatures, and all the good of which they are capable, and the ends to which they can serve, as also the ways and means by which they can acquire that good, and arrive at those ends, with the impediments that can hinder them from either. Secondly, His infinite goodness, which inclines Him to will and choose for them those means of acquiring the ends for which He creates them that are the most proper and conducive thereto, and the most fit and best proportioned and conformable to the nature and capacity of each creature, and to remove or diminish the hindrances they may meet with in doing so. And, thirdly, His infinite power, by which He most effectually puts in execution, in time, those means, which, from all eternity, he knew and made choice of, for enabling His creatures to obtain the ends He thus proposed to Himself in creating them. Thus the scripture says, "O Lord God, thou hast done the things of old, and hast devised one thing after another, and what thou hast designed hath been done; for all Thy ways are prepared, and in Thy providence thou hast placed Thy judgments," Judith. Ix. 4. "For in His hands are both we and our works, and all wisdom, and the knowledge and skill of works." Wisd. Vii. 16. "Wherefore, give not thy mouth to cause thy flesh to sin, and say not before the angel, there is no providence, lest God be angry at thy words and destroy all the works of thy hands," Ecclus.v.5.

We need any help you can send no matter how small to continue publishing as there are so many expenses which are needed to keep going in this modern age. Wireless adapters, new fax, paper, cartridges for printer, stamps, gas to deliver paper and book orders and collect mail at post office, phone and DSL bills, credit cards as we spend more than we take in which like our government cannot continue indefinitely. Send any help to Children of Mary; PO Box 350333; Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33335-0333. E-mail: We accept Mastercard, Visa, Discover, American Express credit cards. Our phone or fax is 954-583-5108 noon to 3am Eastern U.S. time. Our website is which has been hacked several times in April by unknown forces who hate the truth. We were able to restore the website online the first time on April 2 by republishing the website and on April 22 after a lot of phone calls and finally solving problem myself by deleting Kenyan purple html code from our website and deleting the empty spaces after the deletions. The April 22 problem was caused by the Nairobi Standard newspaper which had an article headlined, "Kenyan Born Obama Wins Election" which had underlying html code which negated everything on our website. Pretty clever devils in Kenya. Present guess as to next president is U.S. Representative Michele Bachmann as she is the only social and financial conservative in present GOP list of candidates. More candidates may surface to change the scenario for the 2012 election.

Cardinal McCarrick of Washington favorably quotes Cardinal Dulles’ poor excuse why bishops do not oppose Catholic politicians who support the murder of babies in the mother’s womb:" the Church incurs a danger of alienating judges, legislators, administrators whose good will is needed for other good programs such as the support of Catholic education and the care of the poor." US government funds Catholic Relief Services worldwide distribution of food etc. and Catholic colleges building and other programs but not the K-12 grades so Catholic abortionist politicians are protected because of money.



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