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Putin Touts Russiaís Missile Capabilities by Vladimir Isachenkov, AP, Moscow.

President Vladimir Putin boasted Jan. 31 that Russia has missiles capable of penetrating any missile defense system, Russian news reports said.

"RussiaÖ.has tested missile systems that no one in the world has," the ITAR-Tass, Interfax and RIA Novosti news agencies quoted him as saying at a news conference. "These missile systems donít represent a response to a missile defense system, but they are immune to that. They are hypersonic and capable of changing their flight path."

Putin said the new missiles were capable of carrying nuclear warheads. He wouldnít say whether the Russian military already had commissioned any such missiles.

He said he had shown the working principles of the missile systems to French President Jacques Chirac during a visit to a Russian military facility.

"He knows what Iím talking about," news agencies quoted Putin as telling reporters after state-run news channels had cut their live broadcast of the news conference.

In April 2004, Chirac became the first Western leader to visit Russiaís top-secret Titov space control center, which is also involved in launches of its intercontinental ballistic missiles.

Putin said that the new missiles were capable of changing the altitude and the direction of their flight, making it impossible for an enemy to intercept them.

"A missile defense system is designed to counter missiles moving along a ballistic trajectory," Putin was quoted as saying.

Putin and other Russian officials have boasted of the new missiles in similar comments in recent years, but they havenít identified them or given any further details other than about their ability to change their flight path on approach to a target.

Most analysts viewed the earlier announcements about "hypersonic" missile systems as Moscowís response to U.S. missile defense plans.

Military analysts have said that the military had experimented with a maneuvering warhead during a missile launch several years ago, but voiced doubt about Russiaís ability to deploy such weapons anytime soon.

Analysts said the new warheads designed to zigzag on their approach to targets, could be fitted to new land-based Topol-M missiles and the prospective Bulava missiles, now under development.

Our Lady of Fatima warned about Russiaís danger to the entire world. Our Lady at Bayside, New York warned that the current non-threatening Russia is a ploy to gain financial support from the world. Once their economy improves they will revert to open communism and a world threat.

Russia now has gas and oil lines into Europe which produce much revenue and give Russia a hammer to use when they want to exert control over Europe. With Russiaís new alliance with a rapidly arming China, the time is drawing near for a communist thrust forward utilizing the manpower of China directed by Russian Generals, Russian ships, submarines and aircraft stationed in Cuba.

China has built huge storage facilities in the Bahamas near Cuba and Florida as well as at both ends of the Panama Canal and other Carribean nations. The picture is emerging of an attack from the Carribean including Cuba, Bahamas, Panama by air, ship and submarines.

The Katrina disaster at New Orleans shows the U.S. is incapable of responding to an emergency in a timely way. Our Lady at Bayside said, "You do not have much longer to exist as a free nation."

With all our troops in Iraq, Korea, Europe, Afghanistan this would be a perfect time for the Russians/Chinese to strike their blow as we are defenseless at home. No Army or National Guard is available in spite of all the money spent on the military.

Mystical City of God by Venerable Mary of Agreda.

The four volume edition, 2,676 pages has been out of print for 2 years which has greatly impeded our apostolate as we have been inundated with daily e-mails and phone calls from all over the world asking us if we have a set for sale. After futile calls to the Blue Army publisher, another publisher has agreed to republish the set with an agreement made with the Blue Army. The perfect bound sets will be available in April or May 2006 and will cost $79.95 plus $9 shipping in USA if ordered prior to the reprinting as the publisher is asking us how many sets we are willing to pay for and have printed.

Gulag by Anne Applebaum, Doubleday details the horrors of Soviet Work Camps.

We borrowed the 586 page book from the library. When workers were needed to build a canal, power plant, railroad etc. Stalin would have the future workers arrested. If 30,000 were needed, Stalin would order that the local communist party, secret police arrest people at random no matter who they were to fulfill the quota to complete the work force. The feeding regime dictated by Moscow detailed the grams of each food item that each class of workers would receive. The slave laborers had to build their own shelters and wear their own clothes isolated from civilization thousands of miles away. If you were considered an enemy of the state, you would get the hardest work.

Over 28 million died in these slave labor camps including many Americans and British who had moved to Russia when communism was considered the new paradise on earth. Since communism was a Jewish invention, Stalin who was not Jewish eventually executed all the Jewish communists who operated all the major ministries of the government bureaucracy which ran the state controlled economy and who numbered far more than what Hitler murdered.

You will not hear this story on television because the mass media is dominated by Jews who are embarrassed by their failed experiment with an earthly paradise which quickly evolved into the communist terror of the Soviet Union.

This is one cartoon of Mohammed that is causing a world-wide furor. It shows him with a fuse attached to a bomb under his hat which is a reference to Muslim suicide bombers. The Muslim religion forbids any representations or pictures of Mohammed in a bid to avoid idolatry. This subject shows how easy it is to set off a war. All the cartoons are below. Some are difficult to comprehend as to their meaning.

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A major policy document published by the U.S. Defense Department identifies China as the emerging world power most likely to threaten the U.S. status as the worldís only superpower, and the document calls for several steps to counter that potential threat.

The document says Chinaís military buildup puts regional military balances at risk and that the United States needs counter strategies to deal with any move by China to deploy military capabilities that could threaten what it calls traditional military advantages.

China has increase itsí defense spending at least 10 per cent in all but one of the last 10 years. The document says the United States must develop the capability to sustain its forces over a long distance, improve the military capabilities of partner states in Asia and their ability to work with U.S. forces, and improve multi-lateral intelligence, communications, missile defense and related capabilities.

The report categorizes China as an "emerging power," along with Russia and India. But it says China is the most likely of the three "to compete militarily with the United States." It says Russia is in transition, and the U.S. wants to work with it on shared goals, such as fighting terrorism and the proliferation of weapons of mass destruction. The report says India is emerging as "a great power and a key strategic partner" for the United States.

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Last Supper wall hanging tapestry which measures 34" x 26" and comes ready to hang on a wooden rod with decorative ends.

The Holy Face is taken from an artistís conception of the Holy Face of Jesus as imprinted on the Shroud of Turin. Tapestry measures 25.5" x 31" and comes ready to hang with an ornate wooden rod.

Shepherds Page Throw Coverlet features the call of the Shepherds by the angels on the first Christmas night. Designed in the style of the ancient art of illumination, the coverlet is woven to look like the page of a manuscript. An intriguing colorful border surrounds an image of the angel appearing to the shepherds, and at the base is a Latin quote from Scripture. The coverlet tapestry measures 54" x 70".

Lent begins March 1, 2006 and Easter Sunday is April 16.

The Lenten discipline consists of three separate parts;

Corporal or External Fast including the abstinence from certain foods, drinks, and amusementsm i.e. music and oarties during Lent. These points of fast should be stressed today especially with the mania of entertainment besetting our society;

Spiritual or Internal Fast which consists of abstinence from "all evil"---sin. Saint John Chrysostom taught that the "value of fasting consists not so much in abstinence from food but rather in withdrawal from sinful practices," And Saint Basil the Great explains; "Turning away from all wickedness means keeping our tongue in check, restraining our anger, suppressing evil desires, and avoiding all gossip, lying and swearing. To abstain from these things---herein lies the true value of fast!"

Spiritual Change achieved by the practice of virtues and good works must be the main objective of our fasting. The Fathers of the Church insisted that during Lent the faithful attend the Lenten church services and daily Mass. In the course of the centuries, our fasting discipline has undergone numerous and radical changes. Today, unfortunately, the observance of the Lent is but mere formalism, reduced to abstinence on certain days and without any stress on oneís spiritual growth or the amending of oneís life style.

It is urgent that we return to the pristine spirit of the Great Fast which is so sorely needed in our materialistic world. Listed below are suggested practices that may be used along with your usual Lenten family traditions of sacrifices and penances.

Corporal or External Practices. A. Take less of what you like and more of what you dislike at meals today. B. Take nothing to drink between meals. C. Do not use seasoning in your food today. D. Do not use any sweeteners with your food or drinks today. E. Avoid listening to the radio at all today. F. Take nothing to eat between meals today. G. Avoid any secular television programs. Instead watch your religious videos or DVDís or read the Passion of Christ in your Bible or missal. H. Take only one helping of each item at meals today. I. Say an extra Rosary.

Spiritual or External Fast Practices. a. Do not do any unnecessary talking; instead, say short ejaculations throughout the day such as; Jesus and Mary I love you. Save souls. B. Exercise your patience today in all things. C. Donít make any complaints today. D. Restrain any anger and go out of your way to be kind to the person who caused your anger. E. Donít be distracted with someone elseís business. F. Avoid any gossip today. Instead say an extra Rosary to overcome this great fault. G. When asked to do something extra, do so with a joyful and pleasant attitude today. H. Speak in a pleasant tone to everyone today. I. Avoid using the phone today. J. Tell the truth in all your dealings today. K. Avoid any vanity or self-seeking today.

Spiritual Practices (virtues and good works). A. Practice humility today in all your actions. B. Be generous today; help someone in need. C. Look for ways to be helpful throughout the day. D. Do a job that needs to be done without being asked. E. Be courageous; walk away from any impure situations today. F. Do not be idle at all today. Always be doing something for others or for your spiritual or physical growth. G. Go out of your way today to help or talk to someone who is usually difficult. H. Volunteer for an extra job today. I. Say an extra Rosary today for the conversion of a sinner. J. Visit someone who is sick or lonesome today. Offer to say the Rosary with them. Mary in her Magnificat stated that "All nations shall call me blessed". This prophecy has been fulfilled. There are Catholics or Orthodox in every nation on earth Some nations were Catholic or Orthodox at one time such as England, Morocco, Egypt, Syria, Turkey, Bosnia, Albania, China for a few Emperorís reigns. Muslim Quran Holy Book reverences Mary. I cannot think of any nation that has not had at one time a Catholic, Orthodox or Muslim presence of at least a few followers. Thus, all nations have called Mary blessed.

Children of Mary Status. We have had limited income which has hindered printing. We have 5 cartons of paper and 2 bottles of toner which we feed into a cartridge with a hole we soldered a year ago. The cartridge has held up over a year. The secret is not to over fill the cartridge with toner which prevents it from mis-printing. We just put in a small amount of toner each time the printing ceases.

We were receiving book orders from the internet but that has dwindled to nothing since December. We get a lot of cranks asking for books that have not been printed in centuries. We do the research and the would be buyer backs out so we will not be so helpful anymore as it wastes time and money.

A nun retyped the Shepherds Are Lost and put it on a disk minus the pictures which we are adding on our website. The following items are now on a disk and are on our webste Warnings From the Beyond, Shepherds Are Lost; Early Church Fathers, 38 volumes; Summa Theologica, Mystical City of God 4 volumes.

We still have our 28 pages of books for sale plus the Tan and Catholic Book Publishing book lists. The other publishers are only on our website as many publishers have 100 page catalogs. Below:Gay seminarians being investigated by Rome.

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