News from the Vatican and other Catholic sites in English. Site has other languages available if you go to their home page.          

This site has the pictures and audio voice analysis to prove that an Italian actor appeared in public pretending to be Pope Paul VI from 1972-78. Cardinals Antonio Casaroli, Giovanni Bennelli and Jean Villot imposed this Deception of the Century so they could change the Church into another form more to their liking. Villot eventually poisoned Paul VI's successor, John Paul I who was going to reverse the groups changes.


1. . Official site of Our Lady of the Roses Shrine. Phone is 1-718-961-8865. PO Box 52; Bayside, NY 11361 United States of America.

2A. Compact disks and cassettes of the Russian Orthodox Church and Ukrainian Catholic Church. They use the same liturgy.    

2B. 1972 to 1978, Pope Paul VI was kept drugged as a prisoner at the Vatican by Cardinal's Villot, Benelli and Casaroli. They were Freemasons and changed the Church to their liking.  An Italian actor had plastic surgery to make him look like Paul VI and it was an amazing operation but it unraveled in 1978 so both were killed.  The imposter pope has a crooked nose while Paul VI has a straight nose. The ears in relation to the nose are different on the two men as are the voice patterns. This site has the evidence.

2C. Shrine of Our Lady of Guadalupe in Mexico DF, Mexico where Our Lady appeared to Blessed Juan Diego Dec.9-12, 1531 A.D. In Spanish. Espanol solamente.

3. EWTN which is the worldwide Catholic television and shortwave radio network which has programs to listen to on audio, Catholic links to websites plus the latest Catholic news online from the whole world plus the TV/radio schedule and addresses. You can watch this station online if you have an internet connection at the minimum of 25k to 100k.

3C. Necedah, Wisconsin Messages of the Blessed Virgin Mary to Mary Ann Van Hoof from 1950-1975.

3E. is a Catholic television online network.

4. Miami nuns have a large website covering much.

5. The official Vatican site with Papal news and art treasures. 

6. Crouching at the foot of Mount Sinai for 15 centuries, St. Catherine's Monastery shows off its' icons, buildings, the 4th Century Bible, Codex Sinaiticus, Emperor Justinian's wall of the 6th century, and the desert rose shrub that tradition says was the "burning bush" seen by Moses. A final segment tells some interesting lore about Mt. Sinai, like the natural amphitheater near the summit, where tradition says 70 wise men waited while God spoke with Moses.

7. Rev. Malachi Martin, S.J. now deceased has written novels describing the Masonic, communist and satanic forces in Rome seeking to destroy the Catholic Church. He was close to the insiders in Rome.

8.. ARE YOU A NON-CATHOLIC CLERGYMAN WITH INTEREST IN THE CATHOLIC CHURCH?  This site will put you in contact with former Protestant clergy who are now Catholic who will help you in the difficult financial and spiritual transition.

9. Very large site with 300 links, apparitions, rosaries, doomsday threats, incorruptible bodies of saints with no decay.

10. The Miracle will occur in Garabandal, Spain after the Warning of the Great Chastisement to come. This site has the story of the 1965 apparitions and  the Miracle to come. 

11. Another Garabandal site that is not as easy to use as above one.   

12. Oxford University has an endless list of theological sources of all Christian belief systems as well as Islam, Buddhism and Bahai. A big star is by a resource that the editors recommend.

13. Jesus and Mary Speak to Allan Rudio in the Philippines. Covers the Great Warning.

14. Apparitions and Eucharistic Miracles.

15. Secular site of 90 inspirational videos with music, scenery, bouquets of flowers, acres of mountains, waterfalls and sunsets. Desiderata is here. Uses Flash 7 which if you do not have is available from

16. Seeking a Christian mate? This site maybe from a protestant so do not assume all or any are Catholic future mates.

17. Medieval Sourcebook of Catholic and other sources. Large site with many links.

18. is a traditional Catholic site.

19. This site lists schools and seminaries that grant Masters of Divinity degrees. Mostly protestant but a good selection of Catholic sources in USA.

20.   25 Years of Messages from the Blessed Virgin Mary to Father Gobbi, founder of the Marian Movement of Priests

21. Leona Francis Choy convert from Evangelical to Catholic wrote a book and is a lecturer. Her blog:

22. The Catholic Goldmine has many Catholic links.         

24. Traditional Roman Catholic Internet Site is helpful but is schismatic in that the  site encourages Catholics to stop going to the New Mass and encourages hatred of Bishops who really need more prayers and sacrifices to help them become more Catholic and loyal to 2,011 years of Catholic Faith and Tradition.

25. Hundreds of Catholic links.

26. Radio site of Catholic programs.

28. The Knights of Columbus, a social group for Catholic men.

30. Catholic News Service.

32. Mary's gardens. Plant a flower garden with flowers that symbolize the life, mysteries and privileges of the Blessed Virgin Mary.

33.  Monastery of Christ in the Desert. Nearest city is Santa Fe, New Mexico.


35.  Explanation of Purgatory. Very good. For the love of the poor souls.

36.  You! A Catholic Youth magazine founded by Paul Lauer who also helped found our apostolate.  He now is the publicist for Mel Gibson's The Passion of the Christ  film.

37.  Eparchy of Parma. Byzantine Rite. Bishop's latest letter and answers to questions about the Byzantine Rite of the Catholic Church.

39. Mary Immaculate Queen Center, Fatima, Magazine, Books.

41. Catholic news service based in Rome.

43. Informational Traditional Catholic site with books and tapes.

44. Christian Music files you may play now plus Catholic links.

51. America Needs Fatima.

52. Ukrainian Parish

53. A friend in Donetsk, Ukraine is a travel guide. Very reasonably priced and very knowledgeable in Ukrainian history. Speaks English, Ukrainian & Russian. If the link does not work write him at 

55. Ukraine

56. US Catholic Bishops

57. Excellent source for Church documents.

58. Catholic Information Network has links to documents issued during pontificate of John Paul II.

59. Catholic Liturgical Library.

61. The Catholic Distance University

62. Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate

63. Unmarried serious Catholics online

64. The Family Rosary online

71. The Finest in Christian Glass Gifts

73. Basilica of the National Shrine of the Immaculate Conception

74. Catholic Familyland-Fests & Family Conferences

75. Secular news sites that are excellent




4. FreeRepublic

5. Freeworldalliance

6. New Russian news site.

7. Very comprehensive Russian site which seems to favor Bolshevik Hebrews.

8. Infowars

76. College textbooks.

1a. This site searches 50 sites for the cheapest prices for textbooks which can be very expensive so due diligence is called for to save money.



4. Barnes and Noble

5. Journey Education Marketing


Catholic or Patriotic links.

91. Coalition in support of the Latin Mass

92. For finding out of print Catholic books. E-mail:

93.    The Jesuits

94.   The Propagation of the Faith

95.   Answering your questions on the Catholic Faith

97.   Sponsor child in the Catholic Missions

98.   Make Rosaries

99.   Catholic Relief Services

100.   The Family Rosary


104.   Free blessed Padre Pio Pendant call 1-800-224-0330

105.   Vocation information for Sisters of St. Francis

106.   Lodging guide for Italy's Monasteries

107.   Food for the poor in Third World

108.   St. Joseph's Indian School

109.   Missionary Oblates of Mary Immaculate

113a. Mormon Church (LDS) has put genealogy data of 600 million names online. 

113b. Utah Lighthouse Ministry publishes books detailing how Mormonism is a 19th century fraud dreamed up by Joseph Smith who had 85 wives. Muhammad had 13 wives. His Book of Mormon is stolen mostly from the King James version of the Bible. The remainder is fabricated. The Temple ceremonies are borrowed heavily from Masonic ceremonies. The rest is fabricated.

113c. Instructions from the LDS Church Handbook (Mormon Church) on how to remove your name from the LDS rolls.

114. Bible Browser

121. Priestly Fraternity of St. Peter follows the 1962 Roman Missal and is sponsored by the Pope.

122. Vatican Books

123. Papal Blessing Parchments for special occasions such as weddings, baptisms, etc.

123. Catholic Yellow Pages.

124. More Suppressed News and History

125. Musings on the Carmelite contemplative life in a monastic faith community. Eloquent sophisticated site.

126. Highly recommended book on the final warning. We have not read it yet. By Kay Keating.

128. Bible software.

129. Free Websites, e-mail, domain names, church listings.

130. Pope John Paul II Cultural Center in Washington, DC

133. Congregation for the Clergy in Rome. Has links to the Fathers of the Church, papal encyclicals all online if you download offline available on their website. 

134. National Catholic Register.has Catholic news and Catholic news links plus links to many U.S. Catholic diocesan newspapers.

135. Large Catholic site.

136. Holy Love messages.

140. This creative site addresses family issues from several perspectives.

141. Catholic Missions of Northern Alaska needs your help. Also has about 50 Catholic links. Phone: 1-907-374-9532

142. Catholics United for the Faith answers your questions on the Catholic faith.

143. Envoy is apologetics, evangelization, theology, laughter. 100% Catholic. 100% Fun.

144. The Catholic online university.

145. Arch of Triumph of the Immaculate Heart of Mary under construction soon.

146. Meet Orthodox Roman Catholic Singles!

147. Your one source for Catholic Social Doctrine.

148. A Catholic Bible Study and Weight Loss Program.

150. The Catholic, Great Books, Classical Home school Program. Nursery to 12th Grade. Parent-selected Courses.

151. Used, out of print and in print traditional Catholic books.

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