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Online issues of Fidelis et Verus (Faithful & True) Catholic newspaper.  Subscribe for $10.00 worldwide. mascmen7@yahoo.com   PO Box 350333; Ft. Lauderdale, FL 33335-0333 USA                   Phone/fax 1-954-583-5108

Issue 45, 04/12/99. Vision of destruction of Manhattan by Muslim atomic bombs launched from ship in harbor, vision of World War III, Catholic statistics worldwide, Lourdes Secret, Visions of St. Teresa Benedicta (Edith Stein).

Issue 48, 03/15/00. Bible code indicates 2006 Atomic holocaust, missing links in JFK assassination, how America got it's name, U.S. soldiers in Korea end up in Soviet gulags in 1950's when captured by communist forces. 

Issue 49, 05/31/00 is under What's New. Clinton appoints Reno as Emergency Czar.

Issue 50, 07/25/00. Third Secret of Fatima released amid charges of forgery by Vatican officials, Mehmet Ali Agca, assassin of Pope John Paul II said he was hired by Vatican officials,  Fatima Message of October 13, 1917 by the Blessed Virgin Mary, Vision of Eternal Father, U.S. Catholic Church abolishes Sacraments of Penance and Matrimony and forms a New Church. 

Issue 51, 10/03/00. Russian Army Colonel Lunev says Russia plans a nuclear bombardment of U.S. followed by invasion of North America.

Issue 52, 12/27/00. Vision of St. Joan of Arc, Catholic theologians and newspapers that are dangerous for your faith as well as the Hebrew dominated mass media in USA.

Issue 53. 03/21/01. Gnostics. Satan controls Church changes as prophesized at Fatima, Secret Russian Military Buildup with new submarines, planes and missile systems, Rome bans Extraordinary Ministers.

Issue 54, 05/14/01. Marie Rose Ferron, Stigmatist of Woonsocket, RI (1902-1936). Cutting funeral costs, George Washington's vision of USA future in 1777, Visions of Hell.

Issue 55, 06/29/01. Aurora Borealis covers United States which is a sign from God that War is near. 

Issue 56, 09/12/01. List of 125 Masonic priests, bishops and Cardinals in Italy, List of 135 ex-communicated Catholic members of US Congress.

Issue 57, 11/22/01. Vision of World War III, Catholic Radio, Muslim beliefs. 

Issue 58. 02/24/02. Only a few paragraphs available.

Issue 59. Comet and Planet X on collision course with earth.

Issue 60, 05/13/02. Bishop Of Altoona, PA defies Pope, powerful Russian Stealth Satellite System Terminator.

Issue 61, 06/29/00. Corruption in Catholic seminaries. 

Issue 62. 08/25/02. Mass destroyed by Archbishop Cranmer and Modern Church, Rules to restore US to one nation under God, China and the Vatican.

Issue 63, 10/12/02. Pope condemns use of Eucharistic ministers and laity acting as clerics. Biographies of Satanic Cardinals in Vatican who caused a lot of destruction.

Issue 64, 01/25/03. Israel Mossad and CIA implicated in JFK assassination.

Issue 65. 03/31/03. Names pro-abortion Catholic US Senators.

 Issue 66,  06/30/03. Cardinal Dulles says US Church needs regeneration. Dangers posed by Left Behind books and videos. Why are Americans dumb robots? Paul Revere's Prophecies.

 Issue 67, 08/24/03. 30,000 Communist priests have done their job well by infiltrating seminaries.

 Issue 68, 11/01/03 Cardinal George backs traditional liturgy.

Issue 69, 01/27/04 reveals that Lyndon Johnson's lawyer arranged the assassination of President Kennedy and that Hebrews (ethnicity) who call themselves Jews (a religion) own almost all major mass media outlets in the United States of America. 

Issue 70, 04/10/04 discusses the Vatican worries over Kerry's candidacy for U.S. president as he denies key Catholic doctrines, the boom in seminary enrollments worldwide, dangers from Russian-Chinese military union, doctrine of the Holy Trinity.

Issue 71, 06/25/04 gives the new guidelines from US bishops on how to treat Catholic politicians who deny key Catholic doctrines and morals. Also, has latest Catholic statistics world wide. New bishop in Vietnam and a Chinese bishop released.

Issue 72, 10/01/04 notes N Korean ability to destroy West Coast with 12 Soviet submarines recently purchased, Pope's advice to U.S. bishops, catechism on the Glory of God, 2 pages of books for sale, appeal for funds to keep publishing Fidelis et Verus. 

Issue 73, 11/07/04 gives latest Catholic statistics of 1.07 billion Catholics, Putin's startling speech, latest world Catholic news, 12 pages of Catholic, patriotic and conspiracy books for sale.

Issue 74, 02/17/04 lists members of a group ruling Church at present, death of Sr. Lucia dos Santos, the Fatima visionary, new indulgence for venerating the Eucharist, Roman instructions on processing marriage annulments.

Issue 75. details prophecies of this Pope Benedict XVI, Providence of God explanation, list of Pope John Paul II accomplishments, Bibles for sale.

Issue 76, 09/08/05 details Chinese success at developing a 6,000 mile range submarine launched nuclear missile, Vatican questionaire for you re: Eucharist Synod in October, Benjamin Franklin and George Washington warn that Jews will destroy this nation unless they are barred, visions of Mary in Germany.

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